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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Dazzling Custom Clothes

Disney Dreamlight Valley is wonderful, magical life sim where you can live your best life in a Valley surrounded by all your favourite Disney characters. There’s a lot to do in Dreamlight Valley, there’s quests to solve, plants to farm, or you can spend the day fishing. But what Disney Dreamlight Valley seems to do best is be a decoration sim where you can design your own outdoor spaces, homes and of course clothes!

We’ve already had a look at some of the more beautiful makeovers people have given their Valley. And now we’ll look into what dazzling clothing designs that users have created. Some of these designs are homages to famous dresses across Disney and other games. While others are just plain gorgeous original creations.

Unfortunately Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn’t have the same options as we had in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where we can download a custom pattern from someone else. But hopefully these are enough to inspire you to create your own!


Princess Zelda


A gorgeously intricate dress that’s a dead ringer for Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.




Mulan isn’t one of the characters that we’re guessing that’s coming to the Valley, but it looks like her outfits beat her here! If you’re a fan of the original cartoon then you’ll already know that this is her iconic dress outfit.


The Little Mermaid Movie Dress


This is a great use of The Little Mermaid motifs and basically tells the story of the whole movie in one dress.


Corpse Bride


I love love love this dress and the whole Corpse Bride movie. I’m not sure where the rib cage motif came from but it has been excellently purposed for the creation of this iconic dress.


Megara from Hercules


Megara is one of our favourite spicy, sassy ladies from Disney that gets her heartbroken but falls back in love any way. Also that iconic sultry voice is <3. This dress pays tribute to her dress and it even has the same embellishments.


Gold and Blue Gown


This dress isn’t inspired by any Disney characters but it’ll fit right in at any ball in the Castle. I love the detailing and the colour combination. It’s such a dream dress.


Candy Dress


We’re getting ready for Venellope Von Schweetz to enter the Valley in September! And before she gets here we’ve already got a load of candy items from Wreck-It-Ralph. Welcome her to the Valley in style with this little candy princess creation.




Tiana from The Princess and the Frog has one of my favourite Disney Princess looks! I’m glad people are trying to recreate her iconic dress. And I’m even more excited for the day she comes to the Valley.


Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman has been around for more than 80 years and she and her outfits have changed a lot since then. From star spangled shorts to a full blown gladiator. But this particular recreation is from her initial design way back in 1941, when she sported the skirt and eagle top. All she needs is the gold bracelets and tiara.




Some outfits are so iconic that they need no introduction. But if you’ve never played the Bioshock series then you may not recognise this design. I love how they’ve recreated this simple design, but there’s no mistaking who it is.


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