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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Wildest Inventions

Nintendo has been all about creative freedom in their games but we never thought it would come to The Legend of Zelda. But in their latest game Tears of the Kingdom, they’ve introduced a new fusing mechanic that allows you to combine various materials together. I think the creators probably intended for you to make bridges or some sort of weapon but it seems like the community has taken it a step further.

I’m talking full working Gandum-style mechas, skateboards to get around, bomber aeroplanes all the way to a full Trojan Horse, a laser snake and of course a giant sword penis. Here are some of the wildest creations we’ve seen so far in Tears of the Kingdom.


An Ion Cannon

Ion Cannon ready!
by u/ardeesan in tearsofthekingdom

We’re staring off slow with flying death machines. The citizens of the Hyrule field won’t know what hit them when this laser contraption comes hurtling out of the sky. Is it a bit of an overkill? Maybe, just a tad.


Cock Rockets (NSFW)

between a rock and a hard place
by u/xXdont_existxX in tearsofthekingdom

Oh, the indignity of being taken out by these bad boys. I think if there was a way to make a penis, someone was going to make one. But objectively this is just a great use of the equipment.


Plank Dude In Two Forms (NSFW)


Fire Form


Water Form

My most beautiful creation…
by u/wanderXV in tearsofthekingdom

Korok Torture

Torturing Koroks has quickly become a fan hobby of the Tears of the Kingdom universe. Is it to get back at Hestu’s final gift? Maybe. Or do we just want to see how far we can go? Probably a little bit of both.


Korok Rotisserie


Korok Crucifixion


Zero Gravity Machine


Death by Fire


Might want to watch out for Twitter user @Oyffie… Engineering brilliance but scary disturbances.


A Fully Functioning Rocket

[TotK] Made a multistage rocket (operated manually) by using interlocking log beams
by u/bishlo in zelda

Get this person a scholarship to MIT because they’re an aeronautical engineer. This is some fine craftsmanship and knowledge about rocket schematics. Not only does this rocket ascend smoothly but it goes through four separate stages of launch. Safely bringing Link about a hundred feet in the air.


So. Many. Mechs.

Walking robot test: FAILURE…?
by u/twolf201 in tearsofthekingdom
Playing Besiege has its benefits…
by u/Fragazzo in tearsofthekingdom

Land Vehicles

I created a car
by u/BaconOfTree in tearsofthekingdom
The Master Trike – fast, cheap, fun to drive and surprisingly capable offroad
by u/blue-bird-2022 in tearsofthekingdom

Horses are so 2017 now we can take to the land in modern-day machinery! Travel in style with your own car contraption. Or if you want to feel the wind on your face then the trike might be the vehicle for you. But if you’re hellbent on causing destruction then always pick tank.


Bokoblin Death Cage

I now present: The Bokoblin Death Cage
by u/nintenglo in tearsofthekingdom

No one is exempt from the torture devices! And that includes those annoying Bokoblins that are always throwing stones and laughing at you. Well, who’s laughing now! It’s not you because you’re on fire.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Wild Creations, Korok Torture, Vehicles

I think we can all agree that Nintendo has given us too much power, and we have not used that power responsibly. But we can also all agree that these people can be given their engineering degrees now. Although some might need a psychological evaluation as well. You know who I’m talking about you Korok torturers.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out now on the Nintendo Switch.