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Roots of Pacha – Prophecies Guide

Roots of Pacha is a stone age life and farming sim. And just like in the olden days, Prophecies were a big deal and in order for your Clan to succeed you’ll want them all to come to pass. Luckily for you most of them can be done by just progressing normally through the game.

Prophecies act as a sort of in-game achievement and will unlock after a few days of gameplay. Each Prophecy requires four tasks to be completed. Once you’ve done one of each you can return back to the Jungle and record them down. Completing each Prophecy will reward you with an accessory, a new building, seed and most importantly expand the Jungle area.

Here’s a guide on how to complete all the Prophecies in Roots of Pacha.


Prophecies List


A Rock Solid Palate

“The kinds of dishes they made expanded with their tools. Then they took the time to perfect them.”

Reward – Spices Bracelet: +5 Food Making

They proudly named the many plates they madeCook 6 different dishes
Cook dishes once you build your own hut and get access to a Kitchen.
They made tools that improved the way they cookedPurchase 3 cooking utensils
You can purchase cooking utensils from Tare once you’ve got a Kitchen.
They perfected the quality of their cookingCook a bronze quality dish
Cook with higher quality Crops to get a higher quality Dish.
They contained the fire to improve their bakingDevelop the Clay Oven
Get the idea for the Clay Oven once you’ve fully upgraded your Hut.

Befriending Beasts

“They approached the animals of Pacha’s lands and formed friendships that would last for generations.”

Reward – Gentle Touch Bangle: +5 Animal Friendship

Some animals wanted to live with themTame an animal
Complete the Animal Friendship Idea to obtain the Flute with which you can use to tame an animal.
They traveled far with the help of the animalsRide an animal
Tame an animal and develop the Animal Riding Idea.
Some animals greeted them like a friendPet an animal
Tame a small Wild Animal like a Bunny to adopt them as a Pet.
They competed to show whose animal was the fastestParticipate in a race
Participate in the first Animal Race by completing the “A New Kind of Competition” Smoke Signal.

Better Together

“The clan was tightly knit and cooperated to achieve what they couldn’t have done alone.”

Reward – Impression Brooch: +5 Gift Giving

Guided by the spirits, they travelled to a new landComplete Rite of Passage
Speak to all 27 people that currently are in the clan.
They spent time getting to know each otherReach Friendship Lvl 2 with 6 Pachancs
Speak to a member of the Clan and give them gifts to get their friendship level up.
They took the time to celebrate through the seasonsAttend 3 Festivals
They worked together and became prosperousReach 98.000 Clan Prosperity

Farming Knowledge

“They found the seeds and planted them over and over, deepening their knowledge and discovering new ways to care for them.”

Reward – Green Thumb Ring: +5 Plant Growth Speed

The plants they grew took a more resilient shapeDomesticate 12 plants
Domestication occurs once your knowledge of a Crop has reached a certain level. Check out our farming guide here.
They were rewarded for deepening their knowledge of plantsObtain a bronze quality harvest
The rarity of a Crop increases with the more Knowledge you have. Plant a Crop with multiple yields to achieve this.
They realized the benefit of inviting bees to their gardensPollinate a plant with bees
Grow and gather a Sunflower to get an Idea for a Bee Hive. Then place a beehive on your farm.
They prospered enough to create rivers in their landsDevelop Irrigation
The irrigation idea unlocks after the Upgrade on the Bronze Tool Station.

Fire in Their Hearts

“They met a clan that lived in the great mountains of the north. They became friends and shared knowledge and resources.”

Reward – Ring of Buzz: +5 Honey Making

They got to know each other betterReach Friendship Lvl 2 with a Mograni
Be friends with either Zeda, Anda, Touk, Vallah, Cohh or Havri.
They worked together to build a home filled with sweetnessDevelop Beekeeping
They traded that which was native to their clansTrade with the Mograni
Trade with Zeda once you’d developed the Trading idea.
They explored the culinary arts the northern clan shared with themCook a Mograni dish
Once you reach Friendship Lvl 2 with someone from the Mograni Clan, they will send you a unique recipe. Collect them through the Smoke Signals panel.

Flowing With Water

“They met a clan that lived in the great waves of the south. They became friends and shared knowledge and resources.”

Reward – Luring Bracelet: +5 Fish Rarity

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They got to know each other betterReach Friendship Lvl 2 with a Yakuan
Be friends with either Inza, Brub, Krak, Ash, Kocha, Javvi or Pellek.
They worked together and started fishing in a new wayDevelop the Harpoon
They traded that which was native to their clansTrade with the Yakuan
Trade with Brub once you’ve developed the Trading idea.
They explored the culinary arts the northern clan shared with themTrade with the Yakuan
Trade with Zeda once you’ve developed the Trading idea.

Food for Next Season

“They processed the food they grew and gathered to make it last longer, and hunger became a thing from the past.”

Reward – Brooch of The Gatherer: Gathering Yield +5

They used the power of the sun to preserve their foodUse the Solar Dryer
Complete the Smoke Signal titled “Working Together”. Use it by placing a valid Crop, Fruit or Fish on it.
They used the smokey power of the fire to preserve their foodUse the Smoker
Complete the Smoke Signal titled “Shallow Waters”. Use it by placing any Fish in it.
They sipped the fruits of their labour with easeUse the Press
Use it with a juice-giving Crop, like Tomatoes or Carrots.
They ground grains and mixed with easeUse the Hand Mortar
Process a grainy Crop to make Flour or Plant Meal.

Food for Next Year

“They kept discovering ways to process their food finding new flavours along the way.”

RewardTasting Armlet: +5 Temporary Buffs Duration

They made their juices and grain drinks bubbleUse the Brewer
Unlock and complete “Brewer’s Research Quest”.
They made their milk curdleUse the Cheese Cloth
You’ll need to have a Fermenter to get the idea for the Cheese Cloth. Use it to turn Milk into Cheese.
They aged and added spices to the food they preservedUse the Cask
Use it to age any Wine or Cheese with Hardwood.
They preserved their foods in a sour waterUse the Pickler
This idea comes from Era, she will require one fermenter, one brewer, and three of any alcohol (wine, beer, or mead) to research it.

One With The Wild

“They explored the regions, gathering, fishing, and discovering the living creatures of Pacha’s lands.”

Reward – Earring of The Will: +15 Max Stamina (+20 when bonded)

The lands of Pacha were bountifulGather 5 items from Pacha’s lands
Gather from the ground/trees (Herbs or Fruits).
The waters of Pacha were bountifulCatch 5 water animals from rivers
Check out our fishing guide here.
The plants of Pacha aboundedDiscover 5 plants
Collect Seeds from 5 different plants.
The animals of Pacha aboundedSee 5 animal herds
Interact with 5 different animal species (Forest/Savanna).

Protected by The Spirits

“In the caves, they got close to the spiritual world and faced Pacha’s challenges.”

Reward – Cave Lioness Ring: +5 Endurance

A totem challenged them to guide the lightComplete the Owl’s challenge in the caves
A totem challenged them to be playfulComplete the Monkey’s challenge in the caves
A totem challenged them to be shrewdComplete the Bear’s challenge in the caves
Their ancestors gave a hand and contributed to their prosperityComplete the Armadillo’s challenge

Rock Piler

“The clan settled in a new land and left their mark by growing their village and farm.”

Reward – Earring of the Woods: +5 Hardwood Chance

They found a way to track the time and the days of the yearBuild the Sundial and Calendar
They designed a place for their animals to live with themBuild an Animal Shed
The Animal Shed is the final product of the Animal Taming Idea
They dedicated a space to create their artBuild the Art Station
They invented a place to store food for them and their animalsBuild a Granary

Sharing With Animals

“The clan shared their home and food with animals, who gave them many gifts in return.”

Reward – Cheetah Bracelet: +5 Riding Mastery

Some animals shared what they laid or produceObtain an animal produce
Domesticate an animal and have them move into the Animal Shed. Wait for them to give you some produce (Fur/Milk)
Some animals shared their coats with themObtain Fur
Fur is obtained from tamed Bisons and Guanacos: both are found in the Savanna. You need Blade Shears.
Some animals gave them rich nutrients for their plantsObtain Manure
Tame a Horse who will produce Manure.
They witnessed animal births in their villageBreed an Animal
Develop the Animal Breeding Idea so that you gain access to the Breeding Pen. There, you’ll be able to breed to Animals of the same species and with whom you have a friendship of 6♥ or higher.

The Keeper of Seeds

“They discovered many seeds from all regions, learning to propagate them, and to make them grow stronger and faster.”

Reward – Green Toe Ring: +5 Harvest Yield

They found many plants for their fieldsGather 20 Seeds
They learned how to get their own seedsDiscover the Plant Nursery
Check out our Plant Nursery guide here.
They found ways to help the seeds they planted grow strongerMake Fertilizer (Compost)
Check out our Fertilizer guide here.
They even grew trees from seed to plant in their fieldsPlant A Tree
After building the Plant Nursery you can buy a Sapling from Igrork.

What Lies Beneath

“They ventured deep in the caves to find new materials and invent new ways to use them.”

Reward – Cavernous Bangle: +5 Ore Yield

They found black rocks to create new toolsObtain 5 Obsidian Ores
Found after the Owl’s rooms.
From glittering rocks they harnessed powerObtain 5 Gold Ores
Found after the Monkey’s rooms.
They merged the cold rocks to make them strongerDevelop Smelting
Many colorful rocks were found deep within the cavesObtain all gemstones
Get all 7 gemstones in the last section of the Caves.


Be a part of a thriving stone age community. Discover “ideas,” domesticate crops, befriend animals, and contribute to the growth of your village. Play with friends in co-op or explore the early days of civilization in single-player.

Discover, gather, and farm vegetables and herbs. Explore the surrounding wilderness to find animals to befriend and domesticate; fish the shallow and deep waters to see what lies in their depths; and mine the darkest caves filled with mysteries and secret powers.

Roots of Pacha by Soda Den is out now on PC – Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5. With an Xbox version to arrive in 2024.


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