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Roots of Pacha – How To Unlock All Ideas

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the Stone Age? To discover farming, animal cultivation and bronze tools? Well, you can do all that and more in Roots of Pacha! In this co-op farming sim, you and your clan will work together to survive, thrive and advance your civilization.

You and your clan members will help each other create new items, resources and tools through Ideas. Ideas are an important mechanic in Roots of Pacha and every time you do something you can unlock an idea to advance your Clan. For example, gathering copper in the mines could give you an Idea for crafting more advanced tools. Or the need for a nearby water source could give you an Idea for a Well.

In this Roots of Pacha guide, we’ll go through everything you need to do to unlock all the ideas in the game.


Roots of Pacha Ideas List

IdeaUnlocksHow to UnlockNPCWait TimeMaterials
Animal FriendshipFluteInteract with a wild animalOkka• 1 day• 10x Plant Fiber
Animal RidingAbility to ride Large Animals that trust youTame animalOkka• 2 days
• 10,000 Clan Prosperity
• 10x Plant Fiber
• 3x Any Roots Vegetable
Animal TamingAnimal BarnTame animalCroll• 2 days• 40x Wood
• 30x Stone
Art StationArt Station Building,
New Decorations
Unlocks at Summer 17Reese• 1 day
• 68,000 Clan Prosperity
• 10x Wild Flower
• 10x Hardwood
BeekeepingBeehive RecipeGather Sunflower (Summer, Fall)Zeda• 2 days
• 55,000 Clan Prosperity
• 4x Sunflower
• 12x Wood
Breeding PenBreeding Pen BuildingHave a Male and Female animal of the same species both at rank 6+Tetih• 2 days• 50x Flint
• 30x Wood
• 20x Plant Fiber
BrewerBrewer RecipeUnlocks on Summer 17Ron• 2 days
• 66,000 Clan Prosperity
• 5x Any Juice,
• 5x Hardwood
• 20x Plant Fiber
CalendarUnlock Full CalendarUnlocks on Summer 27 after completing “Sundial” IdeaGin• 2 days• 30x Stone
• 10x Flint
CaskCask RecipeComplete “Brewing” & “Cheese Cloth” IdeasRon• 228,000 Clan Prosperity
Cheese ClothCheese Cloth RecipeComplete “Fermenter” IdeaNokk• 2 days
• 52,000 Clan Prosperity
• 20x Wood
• 5x Any Fur
Clay OvenClay Oven RecipeUpgrade to Large HutTare• 30x Stone
• 10x Obsidian
Cold StorageDoubles Kitchen StorageUpgrade to Medium HutEra• 2 days• 3x Any Pot
• 10x Stone
CompostingComposter RecipeUnlocks on Spring 24Ada• 2 days• 2x Ostrich Feather
• 2x Poop
• 2x Horns
• 2x Any Harvest
FermenterFermenter RecipeUnlocks on Spring 26Nokk• 2 days• 25x Wood
• 3x Any Fish
Flint WorkingAbility to craft Flint ToolsCollect Flint (Found in Caves)Acre• 2 days
• 80,000 Clan Prosperity
GranaryGranary BuildingHave 8 animalsDaari• 50x Obsidian
• 50x Wood
HammeringAbility to craft Copper ToolsGather CopperAcre• 2 days
• 70,000 Clan Prosperity
• 15x Copper
Mortar and PestleMortar and Pestle RecipeUnlocks on Spring 23 by collecting any GrainDaari• 2 days• 4x Grain
• 75x Stone
A New Way Of FishingHarpoonUnlocks on Summer 1Inza• 2 days
• 54,000 Clan Prosperity
• 15x Hardwood
• 20x Flint
Obsidian WorkingAbility to craft Obsidian ToolsGather ObsidianAcre• 2 days• 10x Obsidian
Plant NurseryPlant Nursery BuildingHarvest any cropIgrork• 2 days
• 6,100 Clan Prosperity
• 5x Any Harvested Crop
PressPress RecipeUnlocks on Spring 19Tare• 3 days• 2x Tomato
• 15x Stone
• 25x Wood
SmeltingAbility to craft Bronze ToolsGather TinAta• 120,000 Clan Prosperity• 5x Tin
• 5x Copper
• 5x Gold
• 5x Silver
Spindle WhorlSpindle Whorl EecipeUpgrade Tools Station buildingJukk• 2 days
• 140,000 Clan Prosperity
• 6x Any Fur
• 8x Bones
SundialSundial Building,
Unlocks Clock Display
Complete the “Plant Nursery” IdeaMaeri• 2 days• 50x Stone
TradingTradingUnlocks on Summer 2Zelk• 3 days
• 48,000 Clan Prosperity
• 5x Any Smoked Fish
Water WheelWater WheelHave all other Processors unlocked and placedGarrek• 300,000 Clan Prosperity• 100x Stone
• 60x Hardwood
• 20x Copper
• 25x Tin
WellWell RecipeRefill WaterskinVoda• 1 day• 20x Stone


Be a part of a thriving Stone Age community. Discover “ideas,” domesticate crops, befriend animals, and contribute to the growth of your village. Play with friends in co-op or explore the early days of civilization in single-player.

Discover, gather, and farm vegetables and herbs. Explore the surrounding wilderness to find animals to befriend and domesticate; fish the shallow and deep waters to see what lies in their depths; and mine the darkest caves filled with mysteries and secret powers.

Roots of Pacha by Soda Den is out now on PC – Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5. With an Xbox version to arrive in 2024.


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