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Roots of Pacha – Complete Farming Guide

Roots of Pacha is a recently released farming and life sim set in the stone age. If you’re looking for a Stardew Valley-esque game but with a different spin on the concept then this game is for you. In most ways, Roots of Pacha plays similarly to other games of this genre. You can farm, grow crops, go fishing, fall in love and get married. But you’ll be doing all that with stone tools and a friendly bison by your side.

In this guide, we’ll go through the basics of farming in Roots of Pacha. Which crops grow in what season, where to farm, where to find the seeds and how to get the best harvest for your clan.


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Farming Basics

Crops In Roots of Pacha


Farming Basics

In Roots of Pacha, you’ll start off with two main plots of land to start farming. Both are located on the left side of the village. To get started you’ll first need to clear debris from the land and till the soil. And then you can plant the seeds and water them.

Each crop needs to be watered each day until they’re fully grown. But you won’t need to water them if it’s raining that day. Once grown you can pick them up to gather them. Some crops can be harvested multiple times during the season.

Note: When no longer in season, both the wild plants and any that were planted on the farm will disappear, unless using Myco which allows the plants to gain one more harvest into an off-season.

These are the basic tools to get you started:

Handaxe – Remove wood and grass. Till soil for farming.
Waterskin – Water the tilled soil. Water one square at a time until upgraded.
Seeds – Gather from the wild on the ground.


Farming Knowledge

In Roots of Pacha, your clan is based in the stone age and as such you don’t know much about farming off-hand. But the more that you farm and grow crops the more “Knowledge” your clan will obtain.

Each time you successfully grow a plant and gather its crop you’ll be able to increase your knowledge of it. At knowledge level 2, you’ll learn more details about each plant. Such as seasonality and growth time of the plant, these will all appear in the Journal.

Each knowledge level you obtain will increase the chances of harvesting a higher-quality item. They will be rated in quality starting from – Wild, Normal, Good, Better, and Best. Higher-quality harvests yield more stamina when consumed and more contribution points when donated to the Clan.


Buying Seeds

In the beginning, you’ll need to gather seeds for your farm in the wild. But later on, you can build a Plant Nursery so that you’re able to purchase seeds.

To start your Plant Nursery you’ll need to talk to Igrork, after harvesting your first crop. He loves to tend to plants but is now too old. If you give Igrork 5 of any harvested crop he’ll unlock the Plant Nursery (after 2 days).

Once the Plant Nursery has been built you can talk to Igrork to purchase seeds for 20 Contributions each. He’ll only sell seeds you’ve already collected at least once, so you still have to explore during each season for the first year.



If you’re interested in increasing the crop quality of your farm then you’re going to want to invest in Fertilizer. Fertilizers can improve the quality, speed and even yield of the crops you plant. Simply lay it into the soil before you plant your seed to reap its benefits.

Fertilizer is made in a Composter.

8x Compost2x Any Harvest24 HrsChance of Higher Quality Crops
8x Compost1x Any Harvest
1x Poop
16 HrsChance of Higher Quality Crops
8x Compost2x Poop8 HrsChance of Higher Quality Crops
8x Feather Meal2x Any Feather16 HrsIncreases Speed of Growth
8x Horn Meal2x Horns16 HrsChance of Higher Crop Yield
8x Powder Meal2x Bones16 HrsRetains moisture for the next day
8x Powder Meal2x Shell16 HrsRetains moisture for the next day
8x Powder Meal1x Bones
1x Shell
12 HrsRetains moisture for the next day
4x Myco2x Mushrooms16 HrsLets a crop live in off-season
8x Quality Compost1x Any Harvest
1x Horse Manure
24 HrsChance of Higher Quality Crops
8x Quality Compost1x Horse Manure
1x Poop
24 HrsChance of Higher Quality Crops
8x Quality Feather Meal1x Horse Manure
1x Feather
24 HrsIncreases Speed of Growth
8x Quality Horn Meal1x Horse Manure
1x Horns
24 HrsChance of Higher Crop Yield
8x Quality Powder Meal1x Horse Manure
1x Bones
24 HrsLets a crop live in the off-season
8x Quality Powder Meal1x Horse Manure
1x Shell
24 HrsRetains moisture for the next day