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Coral Island – What’s In The Summer Update?

Coral Island is a re-imagined farming and life sim with a focus on stopping pollution, it’s out now in Early Access. This gorgeous tropical island game is already chock full of content from the ability to grow crops, raise livestock, make friends and revitalize a town.

Since the game’s launch last year on October 11th 2022, we’ve gotten a steady stream of updates. With the biggest being March’s Spring Update. These new updates bring in a ton of content and we’ve been consistently updating our Coral Island guides to match.

If you’d like to know everything that’s coming up for the game’s Summer Update then check out all its features here. Expect a bunch of new customisations, as well as new features, animals and even a festival! There is no exact date for the Summer Update but Stairway Games, the developer has stated that it will come out sometime this month in May 2023.

Without further ado let’s get excited for everything coming to Coral Island!


Summer Update Quick Guide

  • New Ranch Animals – Pigs, Goats, Quails
  • New Fruit Trees – Dragonfruit, Jackfruit, Avocado
  • Fish Pond & Insect House
  • Farm Equipment Upgrade – Auto Equipment Development, Sprinkler III
  • Insect & Critter Traps
  • New Ocean Critters
  • Summer Outfits – Scott, Aaliyah, Yuri, Wakku
  • New Seasonal Event – Pet Day Festival
  • Fire Mine – Osmium
  • Revamped Combat System – New BOS Hideout, New Monsters, Combat Traps, New Weapons – Sword, Hammer, Shield, Spear
  • New Quests – Errands

New Ranch Animals

Looking after farm animals is one of the cutest parts of Coral Island! On your farm, you can currently raise chickens, ducks, cows and sheep. (Not including the horse). Each with its own unique produce item, gathering mechanics and feed.

In Coral Island‘s Summer Update, we’ll be getting a few new animals to add to our growing family. Namely pigs, quails and goats.

  • Pig – Barn Animal, Produces Truffles
  • Goat – Barn Animal, Produces Goat Milk. Milk can be turned into Cheese.
  • Quail – Coop Animal, Produces Quail Eggs.

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New Fruit Trees

More fruit plants are now available at Sam’s General Store! Start growing Dragonfruit, Jackfruit and Avocados!


Fish Pond and Insect House

With a Fish Pond and Insect House on your farm, you’ll be able to save the fish and insects you’ve caught there. Put them in and they’ll be able to breed and produce more of their species.

Purchase the Fish Pond and Insect House from the Carpenters.


Farm Equipment Upgrade

Equipment Development At Lab

Ling at The Lab will now offer you additional equipment recipes. The Summer Update will bring new equipment that will help automate your farming process.

  • Sprinkler attachments – Will auto-fertilise and disperse seeds.
  • Rach Equipment – Auto Petter, Auto Feeder, Auto Collector and Temperature Machines.
  • Farming Equipment – Auto trash collector, Sturdy Music Player etc.
  • Sturdy Computer – Online Shopping, Develop Farm Components – Farm Stats, Fishing Forecast etc.

Sprinkler III

Mastery Level 9 is coming in the Summer Update. Which gives us access to Sprinkler III. This upgraded Sprinkler has coverage of 9×9 (80 tiles).


Insect and Critter Traps

As part of the catching mastery, you’ll now unlock traps used to catch insects and critters. You can place these on the ground and in the ocean. Simply place them down and come back later to see what they catch. By applying a ‘scent‘ you’ll be able to attract the type of insect or critter that you want.

There are 4 traps, 2 for insects and 2 for critters.

Scents are craftable items you can consume or attach to a trap. While active, scents alter the awareness of certain actors of your presence, making them more or less aware of you. Different scents affect different insects and critters.

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New Ocean Critters

There are also new Ocean Critters for you to catch while diving in the ocean. Be sure to save the first one to donate to the museum!


Summer Outfits

It wouldn’t be Summer without some fresh Summer looks! Four of our beloved townies get a fresh new look in Summer – Scott, Aaliyah, Wakuu and Yuri.


New Seasonal Event – Pet Day Festival

In Coral Island, you can celebrate each season with unique festival events! There are two every season giving us a total of eight. Now for Summer, in addition to ‘Beach Cleanup Day‘ on the 27th we now have Pet Day! No information yet on what day it is. But potentially it will be on the 12th.

On Pet Day you’ll be able to participate in four activities: Rodeo, Cow Competition, Chicken Competition, and the main event, the Pet Race. The upcoming Summer update will include the rodeo, cow, and chicken competitions.

The Pet Race will be coming at a later date, with the addition of being able to adopt pets! There’s already an animal shelter in Starlet Town and the developers say that there will be over 20 adoptable pets in the future! These range from dogs and cats to bunnies and even a lizard.

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The Last Mining Gate Will Open – Fire Mines

Coral Island is a tropical land full of magic and mythology. A place for you to mine precious ores and gemstones is also one of mythicism. There are four different gates that you can have access to, with each leading into a different mine. They are the Earth, Water, Wind and Fire Mines.

As of the previous updates the previous Earth, Water and Wind Mines have opened. In Coral Island‘s Summer Update, we’ll get access to the last Fire Mine. This mine will have access to the unique mineral – Osmium.


Revamped Combat System

The Summer Update is finally overhauling combat in Coral Island with new weapons, monsters and combat traps. Including a new location called the BOS Hideout, which will sell combat-based gear and other things relevant to this skill.

There will be 4 new weapon types: The Sword, Hammer, Shield and Spear. Each with its own unique special attack. Build up your special attack meter by continuously attacking enemies. Purchase these new weapons from the BOS shop in the forest.


New Quests – Errands

Errands are dynamic quests that spawn on boards throughout Coral Island. Their great for extra coins and a good way to earn more heart points with townies. Find Errands on the town’s Bulletin Board, there will be an “!” mark above it when Errands are available.



Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and create the idyllic farm of your dreams, where you’ll tend crops, nurture animals, and build a bond with the natural world around you. Help revitalize the nearby town and its surrounding coral reefs, and forge relationships with a vibrant community of more than 70 fellow people who call Coral Island home.

Coral Island is currently out on Early Access on PC – Steam and Xbox Game Pass.


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