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Coral Island – Artisan Products Guide II (Loom, Mason Jar, Mayonnaise Machine, Mill)

Coral Island is a farming sim set on a tropical island. There’s a wide variety of crops and products available for you to grow and collect there. Sell them to help the town’s economy. Or maximise your profit by taking some of these raw ingredients and processing them into superior artisan products. Turn what into flour, seeds into oil, milk into cheese and more.

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Because there are so many artisan products in Coral Island we’ve split up this guide. Here in Part 2, we’ll be covering the Loom, Mason Jar, Mayonnaise Machine and Mill.

Disclaimer: Coral Island was released on the 11th of October 2022 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!


Artisan Equipment

In order to turn your raw ingredients into artisan products you’re going to need to obtain some specialist equipment first. Most of the equipment can be unlocked by levelling up and then crafting them and placing them on your farm to use.

Each artisan machine will take one item at a time. Because some products require several days to process it’s recommended for you to have more than one machine going at a time.

Artisan MachineProducesCrafting IngredientsUnlock
Bee House Honey 50x Wood
15x Bronze Ore
Bug Catching Lvl. 6
Cheese Press Cheese
Goat Cheese
30x Wood
30x Scrap
2x Bronze Bar
2x Silver Bar
Ranching Lvl. 4
Dehydrator Hay
Dried Ocean Scavengeables
30x Scrap
2x Silver Kelp Essence
5x Sea Salt
2x Bronze Bar
Diving Lvl. 4
Keg Barley Beer
Cane Nectar
Gesha Coffee
Green Tea
30x Wood
20x Scrap
2x Bronze Bar
1x Silver Bar
Farming Lvl. 6
Loom Cotton Cloth
Llama Yarn
Wool Cloth
30x Wood
25x Scrap
4x Gold Bar
Ranching Lvl. 6
Mason Jar Butter
Goat Butter
Rice Vinegar
Salted Egg
30x Wood
12x Glass
Farming Lvl. 3
Mayonnaise Machine Mayonnaise 20x Wood
20x Scrap
2x Bronze Bar
Ranching Lvl. 2
Mill Almond Flour
Rice Flour
Wheat Flour
Gourmet Salt
50x Wood
20x Scrap
2x Bronze Bar
Purchase from Carpenter (2000g)
Oil Press Almond Oil
Canola Oil
Truffle Oil
30x Scrap
20x Glass
2x Silver Bar
2x Hardwood
Farming Lvl. 8
Tap Maple Syrup
Nutty Sap
40x Wood
3x Bronze Bar
Foraging Lvl. 4
Yogurt Machine Yogurt
Goat Yogurt
30x Stone
25x Scrap
2x Silver Bar
Aging Barrel Aged Beer
Aged Coffee
Aged Sake
Century Egg
Complete Rare Artisan sesajen at the Lake Temple


A Loom makes cloth and yarn from cotton and wool.

Artisan ProductsIngredientTimeSale Price
Cotton ClothCotton (Fall/Winter)12 Hours210g
Llama YarnLlama Wool from Llama (Barn Animal)12 Hours1,165g
Large Llama YarnLarge Llama Wool from Llama (Barn Animal)12 Hours1,945g
Wool ClothWool from Sheep (Barn Animal)12 Hours365g
Large Wool ClothLarge Wool from Sheep (Barn Animal)12 Hours595g

Mason Jar

A Mason Jar makes products like jams, pickles, tempeh, salted egg and butter from fruit, vegetables and animal products.

Note: This list is organised by the product that will give you the best profit by season.

SeasonArtisan ProductsIngredientGatherTimeSale Price
AllLarge Salted Quail EggLarge Quail EggQuail (Coop Animal)5 Hours565g
Large Goat ButterLarge Goat MilkGoat (Barn Animal)5 Hours510g
Salted Quail EggQuail EggQuail (Coop Animal)5 Hours355g
Goat ButterGoat MilkGoat (Barn Animal)5 Hours315g
Large Salted Duck EggLarge Salted Duck EggDuck (Coop Animal)5 Hours235g
Large ButterLarge MilkCow (Barn Animal)5 Hours205g
Pickled GinsengGinsengForage6 Hours150g
Salted Duck EggDuck EggDuck (Coop Animal)5 Hours145g
ButterMilkCow (Barn Animal)5 Hours130g
Large Salted EggEggChicken (Coop Animal)5 Hours115g
Pickled GingerGingerForage6 Hours85g
Pickled Bamboo ShootBamboo ShootForage6 Hours70g
Salted EggEggChicken (Coop Animal)5 Hours70g
SpringPickled ChardChardFarm (Rank D)6 Hours165g
Strawberry JamStrawberryFarm (Rank D)6 Hours150g
Cherry JamCherryForage6 Hours130g
Pickled CarrotsCarrotFarm (Rank F)6 Hours120g
Pickled PotatoesPotatoFarm (Rank F)6 Hours115g
Pickled PeasPeasFarm (Rank D)6 Hours90g
Pickled LettuceLettuceFarm (Rank D)6 Hours80g
Pickled TurnipTurnipFarm (Rank F)6 Hours70g
Pickled CucumberCucumberFarm (Rank E)6 Hours65g
TempehSoybeanFarm (Rank E)6 Hours50g
Spring/SummerPickled RadishRadishFarm (Rank E)6 Hours175g
Banana JamBananaFruit Tree (Rank E)6 Hours85g
SummerMelon JamMelonFarm (Rank E)6 Hours340g
Peach JamPeachFruit Tree (Rank C)6 Hours245g
Starfruit JamStarfruitFarm (Rank E)6 Hours165g
Pickled Red CabbageRed CabbageFarm (Rank D)6 Hours160g
Jackfruit JamJackfruitFruit Tree6 Hours125g
Pineapple JamPineappleFarm (Rank D)6 Hours105g
Pickled OkraOkraFarm (Rank E)6 Hours90g
Pickled WatercressWatercressForage6 Hours90g
Pickled Bell PepperBell PepperFarm (Rank E)6 Hours75g
Blackberry JamBlackberryFarm (Rank D)6 Hours70g
Blueberry JamBlueberryFarm (Rank F)6 Hours70g
Pickled ShallotShallotForage6 Hours60g
Tomato JamTomatoFarm (Rank E)6 Hours55g
Pickled CornCornFarm (Rank F)6 Hours45g
Summer/FallDragonfruit JamDragonfruitFruit Tree (Rank E)6 Hours150g
Papaya JamPapayaFruit Tree (Rank D)6 Hours115g
Kiracha SauceHot PepperFarm (Rank F)6 Hours60g
FallPickled Bok ChoyBok ChoyFarm (Rank D)6 Hours310g
Apple JamAppleFruit Tree (Rank C)6 Hours220g
Pickled GarlicGarlicFarm (Rank C)6 Hours160g
Watermelon JamWatermelonFarm (Rank C)6 Hours160g
Rice VinegarRiceFarm (Rank F)6 Hours105g
Fig JamFigForage6 Hours85g
Pickled EggplantEggplantFarm (Rank E)6 Hours60g
Pickled ArtichokeArtichokeFarm (Rank D)6 Hours55g
Pickled CeleryCeleryForage6 Hours45g
Cranberry JamCranberryFarm (Rank F)6 Hours40g
Pickled BeetBeetFarm (Rank E)6 Hours40g
Fall/WinterLemon JamLemonFruit Tree (Rank C)6 Hours105g
WinterPickled Black Beauty EggplantBlack Beauty EggplantForage6 Hours85g
Pickled Brussel SproutsBrussel SproutsForage6 Hours60g
Pickled KaleKaleForage6 Hours60g
Tea Berry JamTea BerryForage6 Hours60g
Rose Hip JamRose HipForage6 Hours55g
Winter/SpringAvocado JamAvocadoFruit Tree (Rank C)6 Hours100g

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Mayonnaise Machine

A Mayonnaise Machine makes mayonnaise from eggs.

Artisan ProductsIngredientTimeSale Price
MayonnaiseChicken Egg from Chicken (Coop Animal)5 Hours90g
Large MayonnaiseLarge Chicken Egg from Chicken (Coop Animal)5 Hours150g
Duck MayonnaiseDuck Egg from Duck (Coop Animal)5 Hours190g
Large Duck MayonnaiseLarge Duck Egg from Duck (Coop Animal)5 Hours310g
Quail MayonnaiseQuail Egg from Quail (Coop Animal)5 Hours470g
Large Quail MayonnaiseLarge Quail Egg from Quail (Coop Animal)5 Hours750g


A Mill can be constructed on the farm to produce sugar, salt and flour.

Artisan ProductsIngredientGatherTimeSale Price
Almond FlourAlmondWinter, Fruit Tree12 Hours290g
Amaranth FlourAmaranthFall, Farm (Rank E)12 Hours40g
Rice FlourRiceFall, Farm (Rank F)12 Hours80g
Gourmet SaltSea SaltForage Diving12 Hours40g
SugarSugarcaneSpring, Farm (Rank D)12 Hours40g
Wheat FlourWheatSummer, Farm (Rank F)12 Hours60g


Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and create the idyllic farm of your dreams, where you’ll tend crops, nurture animals, and build a bond with the natural world around you. Help revitalize the nearby town and its surrounding coral reefs, and forge relationships with a vibrant community of more than 70 fellow people who call Coral Island home.

Coral Island is currently out on Early Access on PC – Steam and Xbox Game Pass.


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