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Coral Island – Artisan Products Guide I (Bee House, Cheese Press, Dehydrator, Keg)

Coral Island is a farming and life sim that takes everything you love about Stardew Valley and puts it on a gorgeous tropical island. Grow, collect and nurture the indigenous fauna and flora. Make friends, fall in love and revitalise an ailing town that’s being victimised by corporations.

There is a wide variety of crops that you can grow and pick up in Coral Island. Utilise them to make a fortune selling them in town and help the town’s economy. Or take some of these raw ingredients and process them into superior artisan products. Turn flowers into honey, milk into cheese, barley into beer and so much more.

Because there are so many artisan products in Coral Island we’ve split up this guide. Here in Part 1, we’ll be covering the Bee House, Cheese Press, Dehydrator and Keg.

Be sure to check out Part 2 for more information on the Loom, Mason Jar, Mayonnaise Machine and Mill.

Disclaimer: Coral Island was released on the 11th of October 2022 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!


Artisan Equipment

In order to turn your raw ingredients into artisan products you’re going to need to obtain some specialist equipment first. Most of the equipment can be unlocked by levelling up and then crafting them and placing them on your farm to use.

Each artisan machine will take one item at a time. Because some products require several days to process it’s recommended for you to have more than one machine going at a time.

Artisan MachineProducesCrafting IngredientsUnlock
Bee House Honey 50x Wood
15x Bronze Ore
Bug Catching Lvl. 6
Cheese Press Cheese
Goat Cheese
30x Wood
30x Scrap
2x Bronze Bar
2x Silver Bar
Ranching Lvl. 4
Dehydrator Hay
Dried Ocean Scavengeables
30x Scrap
2x Silver Kelp Essence
5x Sea Salt
2x Bronze Bar
Diving Lvl. 4
Keg Barley Beer
Cane Nectar
Gesha Coffee
Green Tea
30x Wood
20x Scrap
2x Bronze Bar
1x Silver Bar
Farming Lvl. 6
Loom Cotton Cloth
Llama Yarn
Wool Cloth
30x Wood
25x Scrap
4x Gold Bar
Ranching Lvl. 6
Mason Jar Butter
Goat Butter
Rice Vinegar
Salted Egg
30x Wood
12x Glass
Farming Lvl. 3
Mayonnaise Machine Mayonnaise 20x Wood
20x Scrap
2x Bronze Bar
Ranching Lvl. 2
Mill Almond Flour
Rice Flour
Wheat Flour
Gourmet Salt
50x Wood
20x Scrap
2x Bronze Bar
Purchase from Carpenter (2000g)
Oil Press Almond Oil
Canola Oil
Truffle Oil
30x Scrap
20x Glass
2x Silver Bar
2x Hardwood
Farming Lvl. 8
Tap Maple Syrup
Nutty Sap
40x Wood
3x Bronze Bar
Foraging Lvl. 4
Yogurt Machine Yogurt
Goat Yogurt
30x Stone
25x Scrap
2x Silver Bar
Aging Barrel Aged Beer
Aged Coffee
Aged Sake
Century Egg
Complete Rare Artisan sesajen at the Lake Temple

Bee House

A bee house produces honey from flowers. Flowers can be collected around Coral Island or grown on your farm. Most flowers produce regular honey, except titan arum and rafflesia which produce valuable black honey.

Note: This list is organised by the honey that will give you the best profit by season.

SeasonArtisan ProductsGatherTimeSale Price
SpringPoppy HoneyFarm (Rank E)2 Days215g
Peony HoneyFarm (Rank F, Year 2)2 Days110g
Daisy HoneyFarm (Rank F)2 Days105g
Canola HoneyForage2 Days70g
Daffodil HoneyForage2 Days20g
Tulip HoneyForage2 Days20g
Violet HoneyForage2 Days20g
SummerIris HoneyFarm (Rank D)2 Days265g
Sunflower HoneyFarm (Rank F)2 Days180g
Rose HoneyFarm (Rank D)2 Days135g
Gardenia HoneyFarm (Rank F)2 Days120g
White Hibiscus HoneyForage2 Days80g
Hibiscus HoneyForage2 Days50g
Cosmo HoneyForage2 Days40g
Larkspur HoneyForage2 Days40g
Summer/FallLily HoneyFarm (Rank D)2 Days395g
FallTitan ArumForage2 Days2,520g
Fairy Rose HoneyFarm (Rank C)2 Days500g
Orchid HoneyFarm (Rank F)2 Days360g
Blue Dahlia HoneyFarm (Rank D)2 Days225g
Lotus HoneyForage2 Days60g
Hibiscus HoneyForage2 Days50g
Jepun HoneyForage2 Days30g
WinterRafflesiaForage2 Days2,520g
Pansy HoneyForage2 Days30g
Winter/SpringSnowdrop HoneyFarm (Rank C)2 Days330g

Cheese Press

A Cheese Press makes cheese from both cow and goat milk.

Artisan ProductsIngredientTimeSale Price
CheeseMilk from Cow (Barn Animal)5 Hours165g
Cheese WheelLarge Milk from Cow (Barn Animal)5 Hours275g
Goat CheeseGoat Milk from Goat (Barn Animal)5 Hours440g
Goat Cheese WheelLarge Goat Milk from Goat (Barn Animal)5 Hours725g
SyrupSugarcane (Spring)5 Hours45g
TofuSoybean (Spring)5 Hours35g

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A Dehydrator makes hay, chips and dried ocean scavengeables.

Artisan ProductsOcean FloorTimeSale Price
Hay (2x Fiber)2h4g
Dried Sea Urchin10 Hours120g
Dried Heart Urchin10 Hours110g
Dried Olympia Oyster10 Hours110g
Dried Geoduck10 Hours100g
Sea Grapes Chips10 Hours100g
Dried Blue Oyster10 Hours90g
Dried Green Sea Urchin10 Hours90g
Dried Eastern Oyster10m-20m10 Hours80g
Dried Gooseneck Barnacle20m-30m10 Hours80g
Dried Horse Mussel10 Hours80g
Dried King Scallop10 Hours80g
Dried Purple Urchin20m-30m10 Hours80g
Dried Queen Scallop10 Hours80g
Dried Sea Mushroom10 Hours80g
Dried Kumamoto Oyster10 Hours70g
Dried Quahog10 Hours70g
Kombu Chips-40m10 Hours70g
Dried Bay Scallop10 Hours60g
Dried Green Lip Mussel10 Hours60g
Dried Patagonian Scallop10 Hours60g
Dried Razor Clam10 Hours60g
Sea Lettuce Chips10 Hours60g
Dried Black Sea Urchin10m-20m10 Hours50g
Dried Blue Mussel20m-30m10 Hours50g
Dried Calico Scallop20m-30m10 Hours50g
Dried Amber Pen Shell20m-30m10 Hours40g
Dried Belon Oyster20m-30m10 Hours40g
Dried Cherrystone Clam20m-30m10 Hours40g
Dried Jackknife Clam10m-20m10 Hours40g
Dried Mediterranean Scallop10m-20m10 Hours40g
Dried Zebra Mussel20m-30m10 Hours40g
Arame Chips10 Hours30g
Dried Blood Clam10m-20m10 Hours30g
Dried Duck Mussel10m-20m10 Hours30g
Dried Pacific Oyster10m-20m10 Hours30g
Dried Steamer Clam10m-20m10 Hours30g
Seaweed Chips10 Hours4g


A Keg makes beverages like juice, mead, wine, beer, sake, coffee, green tea, and luwak coffee from raw fruit, grains and vegetables.

SeasonArtisan ProductsIngredientGatherTimeSale Price
AllGesha CoffeeGesha Coffee BeanLuwak (Barn Animal)20 Hours1,200g
Large Gesha CoffeeLarge Gesha Coffee BeanLuwak (Barn Animal)20 Hours2,000g
SpringCauliflower JuiceCauliflowerFarm (Rank F)12 Hours340g
Durian JuiceDurianFruit Tree12 Hours340g
Chard JuiceChardFarm (Rank D)12 Hours220g
Strawberry JuiceStrawberryFarm (Rank D)12 Hours200g
Carrot JuiceCarrotFarm (Rank F)12 Hours155g
Potato JuicePotatoFarm (Rank F)12 Hours145g
Pea JuicePeasFarm (Rank D)12 Hours110g
Lettuce JuiceLettuceFarm (Rank D)12 Hours90g
Cucumber JuiceCucumberFarm (Rank E)12 Hours75g
Turnip JuiceTurnipFarm (Rank F)12 Hours75g
Spring/SummerRadish JuiceRadishFarm (Rank E)12 Hours240g
Banana JuiceBananaFruit Tree (Rank E)12 Hours105g
SummerMelon JuiceMelon Farm (Rank E)12 Hours475g
Pineapple JuicePineapple Farm (Rank D)12 Hours405g
Starfruit JuiceStarfruitFarm (Rank E)12 Hours220g
BeerWheatFarm (Rank F)1 Day210g
Red Cabbage JuiceRed CabbageFarm (Rank D)12 Hours210g
Jackfruit JuiceJackfruitFruit Tree12 Hours160g
Okra JuiceOkraFarm (Rank E)12 Hours110g
Bell Pepper JuiceBell PepperFarm (Rank E)12 Hours90g
CoffeeCoffee BeanFarm (Rank D)48 Hours90g
Blackberry JuiceBlackberryFarm (Rank D)12 Hours75g
Blueberry JuiceBlueberryFarm (Rank F)12 Hours75g
Summer/FallDragonfruit JuiceDragonfruitFruit Tree (Rank E)12 Hours145g
FallSakeRice Farm (Rank F)1 Day400g
Apple JuiceApple Fruit Tree (Rank C)12 Hours295g
Barley BeerBarleyFarm (Rank D)12 Hours255g
Pumpkin JuicePumpkinFarm (Rank E)12 Hours220g
Garlic JuiceGarlicFarm (Rank C)12 Hours210g
Watermelon JuiceWatermelonFarm (Rank C)12 Hours210g
Taro Root JuiceTaro RootFarm (Rank D)12 Hours155g
Grape JuiceGrapeFarm (Rank D)12 Hours145g
Bok Choy JuiceBok ChoyFarm (Rank D)12 Hours110g
Basil JuiceBasilFarm (Rank E)12 Hours75g
Eggplant Juice
Fall/WinterLemon JuiceLemonFruit Tree (Rank C)12 Hours130g
WinterGreen TeaTea LeafFarm (Rank C)20 Hours120g
Winter/SpringLychee JuiceLycheeFarm12 Hours165g
Avocado JuiceAvocadoFruit Tree (Rank C)12 Hours120g

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Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and create the idyllic farm of your dreams, where you’ll tend crops, nurture animals, and build a bond with the natural world around you. Help revitalize the nearby town and its surrounding coral reefs, and forge relationships with a vibrant community of more than 70 fellow people who call Coral Island home.

Coral Island is currently out on Early Access on PC – Steam and Xbox Game Pass.


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