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Celebrating The Best Video Game Mums For Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! A day when we can celebrate the unbelievable love and sacrifice that Mums make for their children and loved ones. The caring and nurturing love of a mother knows no bounds and there are a few characters that just embody the term so completely. Whether it’s from a biological parent, an adopted mother or a grandmother. Here are all the best and most memorable video game Mums out there.

— Spoiler Warning For Each Game Listed —


Naru – Ori And The Blind Forest

When Ori becomes separated from the Spirit Tree during the Great Storm, it is Naru who discovers and raises the young spirit as her own child. She shares her food with him, provides him shelter and keeps him safe all; while the forest dies around them.

As food grows more scarce Naru is unable to gather more food and eventually, as they are both starving to death she gives Ori the final piece of fruit. She eventually starves to death without any food. This act made without thought or hesitation as to her own life, is truly an unconditional display of a mother’s love.


Joyce Price – Life Is Strange

Joyce Price is the mother to the deuteragonist of Life is Strange, Chloe Price. At first glance, both mother and daughter seem on opposite ends of the spectrum. Chloe is the headstrong, rebellious teenager, while Joyce is the moral and overbearing mother figure.

But take a deeper look and we learn more about Joyce and her relationship with Chloe. After the unfortunate death of Chloe’s father both mother and daughter had to learn to live without him. Chloe as the child was allowed to act out and be angry. But as the mother Joyce had to swallow her emotions and keep the family afloat.

It must not have been easy but Joyce did as best as she could. She only ever wants the best for her daughter and it can’t be easy to be resented about it. Chloe and Joyce’s relationship is not perfect by any means, but her constant effort to be the best Mum is amazing.


Winter – The Wolf Among Us

Mothers aren’t always around for us growing up but sometimes their love is so encompassing that it stays with us even when they’re gone. Winter is a wolf and is the mother to the protagonist Bigby in The Wolf Among Us.

Winter fell in love with the North Wind and bore him seven wolf cubs. But he quickly grew tired of her and abandoned her and their children. Heartbroken and alone Winter tried to care for her cubs but eventually died. Bigby loved his mother so much that while his siblings left to search for their father Bigby stayed with her body to protect it from scavengers. Unfortunately, he was too small to defend her and that gave him a lifelong want to grow big and eat all the things so that he can make his father pay.

Much like Batman and other superheroes before him, his mother’s love and death are his eventual origin story.


Freya – God of War

Freya, Baldur, Mother, Mother's Day, Mum, God of War, Ragnarok

Sometimes you love your child so much that you can’t bear for any harm to come to them. And that is not always a good thing. Freya in God of War really highlights the complicated thoughts and relationships that come with being a mother.

Her son Baldur was her great love and on hearing that his death was predicted she placed a powerful spell of invulnerability on him. But not only did that spell make him indestructible he was also unable to feel any sensation, even pleasurable ones. Still, she refused to remove the spell from him and it was that, that led to his life of endless torture and his eventual demise.

Even after everything that was done and how much Baldur hated her, Freya still loved him. She was willing to murder, destroy and do anything she needed to do for him and to avenge him. Freya was a mother that acted misguidedly but her love for her son was very much real.


Nyx – Hades

Nyx sometimes referred to as “Mother Night” is a Mum to many in the House of Hades, including the Fates and twins Hypnos and Thanatos. Even with all those children she even takes in Zagreus as her own when his mother Persephone leaves the Underworld.

As a co-ruler with Hades in the Underworld, she is feared and disliked amongst the Olympians. But with Zagreus, she has benevolent and deeply supportive of him. She eventually grants him the “Mirror of Night” to get him the answers he needs and support him on his journey of self-discovery. Even though supporting him means he will have to leave and she will see him less frequently she still encourages him.

Nyx is Zagreus’ greatest defender against his controlling father. Often going behind his back to make things better for her adopted son. She is by no means easy on him herself but she loves him and going up against the God of Hell couldn’t have been easy.


Mad Moxxi – Borderlands

The Borderlands is a terrible place to raise children and Mad Moxxi’s children while morally suspect are on a whole thriving as much as they can be. Mad Moxxi is a badass single mother who is insane, like most people on Pandora. But is extremely caring and protective of her children Scooter and Ellie. Who turned out for all intents and purposes to be genius mechanics.

Pandora is a terrible place with bandits and psychos around every corner and yet her children are thriving and important members of the community. Thanks in no small part to their mother. In fact, while she and Ellie were part of the Hodunk Clan and they wanted to make Ellie the clan wife, Moxxi straight up killed the clan leader and left with her two kids for Sanctuary. BAD-ASS.


Astrid – Spiritfarer

Astrid has no children of her own but is a surrogate grandmother to Stella as well as responsible for preserving the lives of many other children. So that definitely earns her a spot as one of the best mothers in video games.

As a young woman during World War II, Astrid hid Jewish children in the basement of her mother’s restaurant. Her strong assertive nature and political convictions shaped the remainder of her life to helping others. Eventually fighting for the rights of worker’s unions.

Stella met Astrid and her husband at the time Giovanni, while she was a teenager in France. Astrid took her in and became her foster grandmother as Stella had no grandparents of her own.

For our full Spiritfarer story recap check our summary here (new tab).


Ana – Overwatch


Mothers aren’t perfect as much as we like to idealise them and expect them to be. They make mistakes, and their mistakes can cause their child’s life to change forever. But it takes the best of Mums to realise what they did, apologise and change.

Ana Amari a decorated and long-time soldier in the Egyptian military and eventually Overwatch, never wanted her daughter Fareeha (Pharah) to be involved in any war. She was perhaps more harsh than she intended and it caused a rift between them. Ana’s subsequent injury by Widowmaker further increased the rift between them with Ana keeping Pharah at arm’s length.

Eventually, Ana and Pharah were reunited and she apologised for trying to control her life and everything else. While not the perfect story, both mother and daughter are healing the rift between them now.


We hope you enjoyed this list and Happy Mother’s Day to everyone that’s celebrating! Did we miss out on your favourite video game Mum? Let us know in the comments below!