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Sun Haven – Best Armor Sets In The Game

Sun Haven is an RPG life sim where you can make friends, grow crops, build a house and more. Some days are peaceful while others may be spent in battle. To progress through Sun Haven you’ll need to defeat all manner of beasties, be they lobsters or dragons. To do this you’re going to need a trusty sword or crossbow and when all else fails armour up!

In Sun Haven there’s a wide variety of armour that you can get. Some of them are easy and can be obtained by simply crafting them, while others need to be bought or obtained by other means. In this guide, we’ll show you the best, as well as how and where to get them.

Disclaimer: Sun Haven is still in Early Access and as such this information is subject to change. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates.



An Armour Set in Sun Haven consists of four pieces of equipment: Helmet, Chest Plate, Gloves and Legs. The armour pieces are generally focused on boosting a player’s Health, Defence and sometimes Spell Damage or Attack.

Wearing a matching set by itself does not provide the players with a bonus per se. However, if you acquire the Uniformity-skill, it will increase their damage dealt by 4 / 7 / 10%, depending on your investment into the skill.


Withergate Armor Set

Required Level: Combat 40

Armour PieceEffectObtain From Dynus’ Altar Room
Phantom Plate Helmet+8 Def
+20 HP
+15 Atk
Complete Rare Altar
Phantom Chest Plate+18 Def
+45 HP
Complete Farming Altar
Phantom Plate Gloves+6 Def
+20 HP
+25 Atk
+10% Farming
Complete Cooking Altar
Phantom Plate Legs+14 Def
+30 HP
+5% Spd
+5% Jump
30% Chance ‘Air Skip’ is free
Complete Foraging Altar
Phantom Cape (Optional)+1% Gold GainComplete Gold Altar

The Withergate Armour has some amazing stat bonuses but it is probably one of the hardest armour sets to get. In order to achieve all the pieces you’re going to have to complete the various Altars for Dynus. For a full guide to completing all his offerings check out our article here.

This armour set is good for both close and long-range combat in Sun Haven. By wearing this Phantom Armor, you’ll be almost invincible.


Anubis Armor Set

Required Level: Combat 40

Armour PieceEffectPurchase from Batrick
Anubis Headpiece+13 Def
+28 HP
+5 Atk
1500 Candy Corn
Anubis Chest Plate+25 Def
+50 HP
+5 Atk
1500 Candy Corn
Anubis Gloves+9 Def
+25 HP
+5 Atk
1500 Candy Corn
Anubis Legs+18 Def
+35 HP
+5 Atk
1500 Candy Corn

The Anubis Armour Set is a great one for both a boost in Attack and Defence. Unfortunately, the only way to get it is to buy it from Batrick in the Withergate Mines. This means that you’re going to have to farm a whole lot of Candy Corn to buy the full set. You’ll need 6,000 Candy Corn for all the pieces which you can get from farming and mining.


Sunite Armor Set

Required Level: Combat 40

Armour PieceEffectRecipeCraft Time
Sunite Helmet+8 Def
+28 HP
7x Sunite Bar24 hrs
Sunite Chest Plate+13 Def
+28 HP
9x Sunite Bar24 hrs
Sunite Gloves+5 Def
+15 HP
+22 Atk
6x Sunite Bar24 hrs
Sunite Legs+11 Def
+22 HP
7x Sunite Bar24 hrs

The Sunite Armor Set like the Sunite Sword from our weapons guide is the strongest sword in Sun Haven. To craft it, you will need a total of 29 Sunite Bars which you can get from Sunite mined at Level 41 and onwards in the Sun Haven Mines.

The Sunite Armor may not have the additional stat bonuses of the other armours but by comparison, is much easier to get. It is also suitable for long and short-ranged combat.


Best Mage Armor Set

Required Level: Combat 20

Armour PieceEffectRecipeUnlock
Spectre Helmet+4 Def
+25 HP
+9 Magic
12x Spectre Slime
9x Fabric
8x Wool
Recipe from Outfitter-Skill
(Mining Tree)
Sunite Chest Plate+12 Def
+30 HP
+9 Magic
18x Spectre Slime
10x Fabric
10x Wool
Recipe from Outfitter-Skill
(Mining Tree)
Spark Gloves+5 Def
+10 HP
+15 Mana
+5 Magic
5x Fabled Fabric
40x Lightning in a Bottle
Craft on Elven Loom
Aerodynamic Plate Legs+5 Def
+8 HP
+2 Atk
5x Feather
5x Fabric
Recipe from Outfitter-Skill
(Mining Tree)

This set was created by Reddit user Arhen_Dante. It combines pieces of Armor from different Sun Haven sets. And getting this set is quite hard since you spend a lot of time crafting each piece. But you will be surprised how much this set of Armor will increase the effectiveness of your Spells and your Mana pool.



You’ve just arrived in Sun Haven, a medieval town full of people from all walks of life doing their best to make their beloved town thrive as it once did. As a farmer, miner, fisher, warrior, craftsman, and even a mage, you’ll find that adventure awaits you here. Sun Haven is currently out on Early Access on Steam for PC.