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Havendock – A Colony Beginner’s Guide

Havendock is a cosy colony sim survival game set at sea. Build a haven for castaways, manage resources, and live your best life on the ocean. Collect resources and build a thriving oceanic community sought after by seafarers.

Released a few days ago on Early Access, Havendock brings the best elements of survival games and washes it with a layer of charm. Handle resource management and base building as you try to survive in the middle of the sea and build a thriving town.

As with all survival games, things can get a bit dicey if you don’t manage your resources and people well. Survivors can become unhappy and even get sick. And you won’t be able to lead your castaways into high-tech society. Here are a couple of beginner tips and tricks to building a healthy and happy colony in Havendock.


It’s All About Resources

As a lone man out on the sea, gathering resources is a crucial step to starting your colony. You can do this at the beginning by just clicking on materials as they float by. Akin to a similar base building and survival game – Raft.

You’ll need to collect as much as you can but to start building you’re going to want to focus on – wood, metal and food. As you progress, you’ll unlock automation technologies to streamline this process so you don’t need to spend your time just gathering.

When you get enough going you’re going to want to build some storage containers to better organise everything that you’ve collected. As well as upgrade your tools to improve the speed and quantity of resource collection.


Start With These Facilities

Living spaces are the first thing that new voyagers are going to need. Once you have some people in your community you can assign them to various tasks like cooking and pumping water. This brings me to the next point, you’re going to want to focus on building facilities for food and water.

Places like farms and animal pens will handle the food part, while water distillers will help handle their thirst. You’ll also eventually need to build a workshop but the first three facilities should be your highest priority.

Keep an eye on these three elements as well throughout the game because you’ll regularly need to upgrade or increase them the more the population grows.


Maximise Food

We’ve mentioned it previously that hunger is one of the key points to manage in your colony. To keep your settlers well-fed and content, you will need to farm and cook. To ensure you can meet the needs of your settlement cultivate a variety of crops to ensure a steady food supply.

After farms, the second food item you can diversify into is animals. Build animal pens to raise and care for different creatures. Well-fed and happy animals provide valuable resources and assistance in your work. Chickens will provide eggs and if you have an incubator they can also provide more chicks. While cows will make milk. Ensure that you have enough supply to feed them all!

And lastly in order to maximise your food, build multiple kitchens to increase meal production and reduce wait times. You can also research new recipes and cooking techniques later on to enhance meal quality and variety.


Organise Your Settlement By Facility

Maximise the efficiency of your seafaring colony by grouping facilities together. Such as farms and animal pens, housing etc. together This will help increase the efficiency of your settlement and help you get a good idea of whats doing well and what needs improving.

But make sure to leave some room between buildings for future expansion and upgrades. It’s easier said than done but you’re going to want to give yourself some flexibility to expand housing and food spaces etc.


Survivor Management

As you welcome new survivors to your settlement, assign them tasks and production roles to keep the community thriving. More settlers mean more needs, but they can also help automate tasks and enhance overall efficiency.

You’ll need to manage them by regularly assessing their happiness, health, and productivity. As well as assign tasks that match settlers’ abilities and preferences. If you’re lacking in one area you can train settlers in various skills to increase their efficiency and adaptability.


Advance your seafaring society

New buildings and materials are required to progress in Havendock. Research is essential to providing for the basic needs of your new citizens. As you progress, research will evolve into more advanced and luxurious items to maximize the well-being of your people.

Prioritize researching technologies that directly benefit your settlement’s growth and efficiency. And when you can try and have a steady supply of resources to support your scientific endeavors.



Breathe easy and thrive in this cozy colony sim. Build a haven for castaways, manage resources, live your best life on the ocean. Lead your humble settlement into a high-tech society. Out now on Early Access for PC.