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Fabledom – A Beginner’s Guide To Building Your Kingdom

Fabledom is a cute and wholesome city-builder game set in a fairytale world. This beautiful world where Fairytales are a reality will be where your Kingdom lies. Follow your citizens’ lives and watch the rise and fall of your relationships with the neighbouring kingdoms. You’ll get to grow your settlement,  use diplomacy to ally or challenge your neighbours, and even find yourself a prince or princess and live happily ever after!

Every up-and-coming royal will find themselves with a lot to do when starting their first kingdom. You’ll need to ensure your citizens are happy, build a flourishing economy and raise an army to defend yourself. That’s a lot of work and we’re here with tips and tricks to get you started in our Fabledom Beginner’s Guide.

Disclaimer: Fabledom is currently out in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions.


Beginning Your Journey

When you begin Fabledom, you’ll select a region on a procedurally generated map. Each area has unique characteristics, so choose one that suits your playstyle. Next, choose between two game modes: Standard or Creative. Standard mode features combat, whereas Creative mode allows for unrestricted building.

Your kingdom starts small, and every ten days, if you have built enough houses, more fablings will arrive to join your kingdom.


Starting Your Settlement

Your humble Kingdom begins with only a few peasants and it’s your job to entice more people to join you. You can choose from a variety of buildings that will need to be connected via pathways.

In Fabledom, strategically placing buildings is crucial for a prosperous kingdom. Select your structures’ locations wisely to maximize efficiency and maintain citizens’ happiness. For example, placing homes near the Laborer’s Hut shortens workers’ commutes, while building roads ensures an organized, efficient settlement.

  • Labourer’s Hut: This is the first building you’ll be making. Assign jobs manually, changing the workforce according to the village’s needs.
  • Homesteads: These homes attract Fablings to your kingdom. Each Homestead comes with a tiny garden which you can personalize to increase your Fables’ happiness.
  • Lumbercamp: This facility produces wood, an essential resource for building structures.
  • Stonecamp: This facility provides the stone required for more advanced buildings.
  • Coal Maker: This facility produces coal, which keeps your Fablings warm during the winter months.

Also, take into account the land beyond your borders. In what direction do you want to expand? Is there a big stone heap in a neighbouring tile of land? Or would it be more economical to move in the direction of the forest?

Do note that if you start heading off in the wrong direction you can always dismantle buildings and roads to get your money back. Not the resources though, unfortunately.


Manage Resources, Especially Food

As your kingdom expands, keep an eye on your resource reserves. Keep track of food, wood, stone, and coal levels to guarantee sufficient supplies for your expanding population. If necessary, assign additional workers to farms to increase food production.

A well-tended farm is essential for supplying food to your settlers. Focus on growing various crops to ensure a diverse diet, which keeps your citizens satisfied and healthy. Keep in mind that crops vanish during winter, so stockpile enough food to survive the icy months. Winter also means that it gets cold so you’ll need to also ensure your citizens have a steady supply of coal to heat their homes.


Trade And Diplomacy

Construct a messenger office to establish contact with neighbouring kingdoms. Exchange resources and form alliances, or challenge your neighbours by raising an army. The diplomatic choices you make will shape your kingdom’s growth and relationships with other realms.

You’ll even be able to expand your Kingdom by choosing a partner from another realm. Each option will net you certain rewards. For instance, in the demo, choosing a princess from another realm will double your crop yields. Your choice in who you marry will affect your kingdom’s growth and prosperity. But note that while romancing a ruler has a positive effect on the realm. Breaking up with a ruler will affect your relationship with them and their realm negatively.


Explore The Realm And Complete Objectives

As you progress in Fabledom, you’ll encounter new territories and magical creatures. Engage in quests and uncover hidden treasures to further expand your kingdom and unlock new building options. This exploration aspect adds depth to the gameplay and offers exciting opportunities for players to discover and conquer.



Fabledom offers an accessible and intuitive way of playing City builders, no excel sheets nor optimization is required to build yourself a kingdom. Set in a strange world where Fairytales became reality, you will witness the growth of your village; follow your citizens’ lives and watch the rise and fall of your relationships with the neighbouring kingdoms.

Out now in Early Access on Steam.