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Dredge – Exotic Fish Locations

Dredge is a calm single-player fishing adventure game with a sinister undercurrent. If you’re looking for a spooky mystery without zombie hordes or paranormal ghouls then this fishing alternative might be for you. In Dredge, you’ve just moved to the remote archipelago, ‘The Marrows’. There are plenty of areas to explore and quests to complete all while visiting neighbouring island regions – each with its own unique opportunities, inhabitants, and secrets.

The Dredge Recording Rarities Pursuit quest is given to you by the Travelling Merchant on the Pontoon. In it, you’re tasked with finding four rare, exotic fish:

  • The Oarfish
  • The Gulper Eel
  • The Goliath Tigerfish
  • The Coelacanth

These exotic fish are spread worldwide, and they’re very difficult to find. However, with substantial rewards for completing this pursuit sidequest, they’re worth pursuing. In this guide, we’ll help you find Recording Rarities’ exotic fish location in Dredge.



Location: Gale Cliffs, P-3 | Depth: Abyssal | Time: Any | Equipment: Abyssal Rod

Players that are on the hunt for an Oarfish should make their way to O3 in the Gale Cliffs. It is right in the middle of the one-eyed fish’s hunting territory. Here, you’ll find a waterfall, that is covering a secret entrance. Sail through the waterfall to enter a small alcove. There is a single disturbance in the water within this alcove which houses the Oarfish.


Gulper Eel

Location: Stellar Basin, F-4 | Depth: Hadal | Time: Any | Equipment: Hadal Rod

The Gulper Eel is in Stellar Basin, in the trench extending Northeast from the central pit where the tentacled horror kills anything that gets too close. However, it’s not actually in the danger zone, so you should be fine.

If you need help finding the hotspot where it’s waiting, go to the abandoned Research Outpost inside the basin and look West, scanning it with your telescope. You’re looking for a silhouette with a curved tail and a large shape at the front like a big claw (it’s the former).


Goliath Tigerfish

Location: Twisted Strand, E-12 | Depth: Mangrove | Time: Any | Equipment: Mangrove Rod, Explosives

This Tigerfish is in the maze of Twisted Strand. What you’re looking for is the large, open dead-end marked on the map at coordinates E-12. Bring explosives – this dead end is cut off by a tree you need to destroy. Once you’ve blown it up, you’ll be able to access this little aquatic cul-de-sac with the Goliath Tigerfish inside.



Location: Devil’s Strand, Q-12 | Depth: Abyssal | Time: Any | Equipment: Abyssal Rod, Explosives

The primordial Coelacanth is at the Easternmost island of Devil’s Strand. Approach from the East side on the border of map coordinates Q-12 and Q-13, and you’ll see a watery strait cutting through the island, blocked on both sides by boulders. Blow up the rocks on either side to enter, and the Coelacanth’s fishing spot is in the middle of that little strait.


Recording Rarities Pursuit Rewards

After completing the Recording Rarities Pursuit, you’ll receive two Research Parts each time that they tell the Travelling Merchant that they found a fish. This means that there are a total of eight Research Parts up for grabs, which can be used to upgrade your vessel.

Dredge is out now and is available for PC – Steam, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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