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Dredge – Complete Fish List Guide

A chill and calming fishing game with a touch of chilling adventure? Then Dredge is the game for you. In this game, you’ll captain your fishing trawler to explore a collection of remote isles, and their surrounding depths, to see what lies below. Explore each area while completing quests and visiting neighbouring island regions – each with its own inhabitants, and secrets.

There are over 125 deep sea denizens that you can fish up from the depths to sell to the locals and complete quests. In this guide, we’ll go through all the fish in the game, where you can find them and what equipment you’ll need to catch them. For a closer look at the exotic fish check out that Dredge guide here.


Fishing Locations in Dredge


The Marrows

NameDepthTimeEquipmentMax. Size
Blue MackerelCoastalDayRod/Net30 cm
Grotesque Mackerel
(B. Mackerel Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net30 cm
Lumpy Mackerel
(B. Mackerel Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net30 cm
Many-Eyed Mackerel
(B. Mackerel Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net30 cm
CodCoastalDayRod/Net1,20 m
All-Seeing Cod
(Cod Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net1,20 m
Fanged Cod
(Cod Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net1,20 m
Three-Headed Cod
(Cod Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net1,20 m
Arrow SquidCoastalNightRod/Net35 cm
Brood Squid
(A. Squid Aberration)
CoastalNightRod/Net35 cm
Snag Squid
(A. Squid Aberration)
CoastalNightRod/Net35 cm
Grey EelShallowAnyRod/Net1,00 m
Barbed Eel
(G. Eel Aberration)
ShallowDayRod/Net1,00 m
Host Eel
(G. Eel Aberration)
ShallowDayRod/Net1,00 m
Gulf FlounderShallowDayRod/Net50 cm
Cyclopean Flounder
(G. Flounder Aberration)
ShallowDayRod/Net50 cm
Riddled Flounder’
(G. Flounder Aberration)
ShallowDayRod/Net50 cm
Black GrouperShallowNightRod/Net50 cm
Tusked Grouper
(B. Grouper Aberration)
ShallowNightRod/Net50 cm
Voltaic Grouper
(B. Grouper Aberration)
ShallowNightRod/Net50 cm
StingrayShallowAnyFishing Rod1,10 m
Shard Ray
(Stingray Aberration)
ShallowAnyFishing Rod1,10 m
SailfishOceanicDayRod/Net3,00 m
Sallow Sailfish
(Sailfish Aberration)
OceanicDayRod/Net3,00 m
Bronze WhalerOceanicDayRod/Net3,00 m
Bloodskin Shark
(B. Whaler Aberration)
OceanicDayRod/Net3,00 m
Blacktip Reef SharkOceanicNightRod/Net2,50 m
Cleft-mouth Shark
(B. R. Shark Aberration)
OceanicNightRod/Net2,50 m
Common Crab0.0 m – 25.0 mAnyCrab Pot20 cm
Fiddler Crab0.0 m – 10.0 mAnyCrab Pot25 cm

Gale Cliffs

NameDepthTimeEquipmentMax. Size
Oceanic PerchCoastalDayRod/Net20 cm
Gnashing Perch
(O. Perch Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net20 cm
Tiger MackerelCoastalDayRod/Net40 cm
Flayed Mackerel
(T. Mackerel Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net40 cm
Bearded Mackerel
(T. Mackerel Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net40 cm
Black Sea BassCoastalNightRod/Net40 cm
Scouring Bass
(B. S. Bass Aberration)
CoastalNightRod/Net40 cm
StonefishShallowAnyRod/Net40 cm
Gelatinous Stonefish
(Stonefish Aberration)
ShallowDayRod/Net40 cm
Blackmouth SalmonCoastalAnyRod/Net1,00 m
Decaying Salmon
(B. Salmon Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net1,00 m
Conger EelShallowNightFishing Rod2,00 m
Sprouting Eel
(C. Eel Aberration)
ShallowNightFishing Rod2,00 m
Devil RayOceanicNightRod/Net1,50 m
Withered Ray
(D. Ray Aberration)
OceanicNightRod/Net1,50 m
SturgeonOceanicDayRod/Net2,50 m
Translucent Sturgeon
(Sturgeon Aberration)
OceanicDayRod/Net2,50 m
WreckfishShallowDayFishing Rod2,00 m
Shattered Wreckfish
(Wreckfish Aberration)
ShallowDayFishing Rod2,00 m
Bony Wreckfish
(Wreckfish Aberration)
ShallowDayFishing Rod2,00 m
Rock Crab0.0 m – 25.0 mAnyCrab Pot20 cm
Decorator Crab0.0 m – 5.0 mAnyCrab Pot20 cm
OarfishAbyssalAnyFishing Rod8,00 m

Stellar Basin

NameDepthTimeEquipmentMax. Size
Aurora JellyfishCoastalNightTrawl Net80 cm
Parhelion Jellyfish
(A. Jellyfish Aberration)
CoastalNightTrawl Net80 cm
FangtoothAbyssalAnyFishing Rod50 cm
Cursed Fangtooth
(Fangtooth Aberration)
AbyssalAnyFishing Rod50 cm
BarreleyeAbyssalAnyFishing Rod50 cm
(Barreleye Aberration)
AbyssalAnyFishing Rod50 cm
Firefly SquidCoastalNightRod/Net30 cm
Radiant Squid
(F. Squid Aberration)
CoastalNightRod/Net30 cm
Red SnapperCoastalDayRod/Net65 cm
Blood Snapper
(R. Snapper Aberration)
CoastalDayRod/Net65 cm
Giant AmphipodHadalAnyFishing Rod45 cm
Ruptured Vessel
(G. Amphipod Aberration)
HadalAnyFishing Rod45 cm
LoosejawAbyssalAnyFishing Rod80 cm
Perished Loosejaw
(Loosejaw Aberration)
AbyssalAnyFishing Rod80 cm
SnailfishHadalAnyFishing Rod50 cm
Calcified Snailfish
(Snailfish Aberration)
HadalAnyFishing Rod50 cm
Coral GrouperShallowDayFishing Rod1,20 m
Consumed Grouper
(Coral Grouper Aberration)
ShallowDayFishing Rod1,20 m
Glowing OctopusShallowNightRod/Pot60 cm
Medusa Octopus
(G. Octopus Aberration)
ShallowNightRod/Pot60 cm
AnglerfishAbyssalAnyFishing Rod50 cm
Bursting Anglerfish
(Anglerfish Aberration)
AbyssalAnyFishing Rod50 cm
BarracudaShallowDayFishing Rod1,00 m
Savage Barracuda
(Barracuda Aberration)
ShallowDayFishing Rod1,00 m
Hammerhead SharkOceanicAnyFishing Rod3,00 m
Gazing Shark
(H. Shark Aberration)
OceanicAnyFishing Rod3,00 m
Crown of Thorns0.0 m – 5.0 mAnyCrab Pot3,00 m
Blue Crab0.0 m – 5.0 mAnyCrab Pot50 cm
Spiny Lobster5.0 m – 50.0 mAnyCrab Pot60 cm
Gulper EelHadalAnyFishing Rod2,00 m

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Twisted Strand

NameDepthTimeEquipmentMax. Size
Grey MulletCoastalAnyRod/Net1,00 m
Entwined Mullet
(G. Mullet Aberration)
CoastalAnyRod/Net1,00 m
TarponShallowAnyRod/Net1,60 m
Bistered Tarpon
(Tarpon Aberration)
ShallowAnyRod/Net1,60 m
Sergeant FishMangroveDayRod/Net1,00 m
Vortex Interloper
(S. Fish Aberration)
MangroveDayRod/Net1,00 m
GarMangroveDayRod/Net2,00 m
Clawfin Gar
(Gar Aberration)
MangroveDayRod/Net2,00 m
Longfin EelMangroveNightFishing Rod1,60 m
Twinned Eels
(L. Eel Aberration)
MangroveNightFishing Rod1,60 m
CatfishMangroveNightRod/Net1,20 m
Nightwing Catfish
(Catfish Aberration)
MangroveNightRod/Net1,20 m
Horseshoe Crab0.0 m – 10.0 mAnyCrab Pot35 cm
Giant Mud Crab5.0 m – 25.0 mAnyCrab Pot50 cm
Goliath TigerfishMangroveAnyFishing Rod2,00 m

Devil’s Spine

NameDepthTimeEquipmentMax. Size
Armored SearobinShallowDayRod/Net60 cm
Ossified Searobin
(Searobin Aberration)
ShallowDayRod/Net60 cm
Cusk EelVolcanicNightRod/Net1,20 m
Infernal Eel
(Cusk Eel Aberration)
VolcanicNightRod/Net1,20 m
Snake MackerelCoastalAnyRod/Net60 cm
Serpentine Mackerel
(Snake Mackerel Aberration)
CoastalAnyRod/Net60 cm
Pale SkateVolcanicDayRod/Net1,20 m
Defaced Skate
(Pale Skate Aberration)
VolcanicDayRod/Net1,20 m
Ghost SharkAbyssalAnyFishing Rod1,40 m
Rapt Shark
(Ghost Shark Aberration)
AbyssalAnyFishing Rod1,40 m
Frilled SharkVolcanicAnyFishing Rod2,00 m
Twisted Shark
(F. Shark Aberration)
VolcanicAnyFishing Rod2,00 m
Volcano Snail0.0 m – 10.0 mAnyCrab Pot40 cm
Squat Lobster0.0 m – 25.0 mAnyCrab Pot60 cm
Spider Crab0.0m+AnyCrab Pot1,50 m
CoelacanthAbyssalAnyFishing Rod2,00 m

Open Ocean

NameDepthTimeEquipmentMax. Size
AnchovyOceanicAnyTrawl Net15 cm
Anchovy King
(Anchovy Aberration)
OceanicAnyTrawl Net15 cm
Scarlet PrawnOceanicAnyNet/Pot20 cm
Blackfin TunaOceanicAnyRod/Net1,00 m
Razormouth Tuna
(B. Tuna Aberration)
OceanicAnyRod/Net1,00 m
ViperfishAbyssalAnyFishing Rod40 cm
Decrepit Viperfish
(Viperfish Aberration)
AbyssalAnyFishing Rod40 cm
Collapsed Viperfish
(Viperfish Aberration)
AbyssalAnyFishing Rod40 cm
MoonfishOceanicNightFishing Rod1,50 m
Skeletal Moonfish
(Moonfish Aberration)
OceanicNightFishing Rod1,50 m
RattailHadalAnyFishing Rod1,20 m
Congealed Rattail
(Rattail Aberration)
HadalAnyFishing Rod1,20 m
Ocean SunfishOceanicDayFishing Rod2,50 m
Charred Sunfish
(O. Sunfish Aberration)
OceanicDayFishing Rod2,50 m


Dredge is a single-player fishing adventure with a sinister undercurrent. Sell your catch, upgrade your boat, and dredge the depths for long-buried secrets. Explore a mysterious archipelago and discover why some things are best left forgotten.

Dredge is out now and is available for PC – Steam, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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