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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Unlock All The Characters (Updated)

Not since Kingdom Hearts have we had such an RPG as Disney Dreamlight Valley. In Dreamlight Valley you’ll work together with all your favourite Disney and Pixar characters to restore the magic back to the valley.

Once an idyllic land, Dreamlight Valley‘s residents lived in harmony, until they were struck down with The Forgetting. Coming in the form of Night Thorns, the Forgetting grew across the land and severed the memories of all who lived in Dreamlight Valley.

Now it’s up to you to rescue your favourite Disney and Pixar characters and bring peace and magic back to the Valley. From the iconic Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Moana, Wall-E and even Remy. Here’s our guide on how to unlock and save all the people of Dreamlight Valley!

Disclaimer: Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in Early Access and as such this information is subject to change. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates.


All The Characters

Some characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley will need to be unlocked, but there are others that are already in the village and just need to be rescued. So far Merlin, Goofy and Scrooge McDuck don’t really need rescuing but they will have some quests to show you the ropes in Dreamlight Valley.

As for the rest here’s how to get them:

Mickey MouseMinnie Mouse
Scrooge McDuckRemy
Ariel Ursula
KristoffDonald Duck
Anna & ElsaMoana & Maui
Wall-EMother Gothel
ScarBuzz & Woody
OlafSimba & Nala

Mickey Mouse

Location: Dreamlight Valley

How to Rescue Mickey

  1. Find all the tools at the beginning of the game
  2. Enter Mickey’s house at the Plaza
  3. Clear the thorns from his house
  4. Dig up the recipe for Crackers at the Chez Remy Building. Find the glowing dig spot to get it.
  5. Return to Mickey and plant up some Wheat to bake the crackers
  6. Give him the crackers to unlock him

Minnie Mouse

Location: Dreamlight Valley

How to Rescue Minnie

  1. Help Mickey by preparing some of Minnie’s favourite meals
  2. Set up a pinic
  3. Craft the Dreamlight Magnifier: x1 Memory of Minnie, x6 Tinkering Parts, x2 Hardwood, x1 Emerald
  4. Bring Minnie back to the Valley
  5. Build Minnie’s House after completing Mickey’s Friendship Level 8 Quest

House Construction Cost: 5,000 Star Coins


Scrooge McDuck

Location: Dreamlight Valley

How to Rescue Scrooge McDuck

Restore his shop with 1,000 Star Coins



Location: Ratatouille (Dream Castle, 1st Floor Right)
Unlock Cost: 3,000 Dreamlight

Remy Unlocks: Unlocks Chez Remy Restaurant and new quests and recipes

How to Unlock Remy

  1. Help Remy cook by cleaning and cooking dishes

House Construction Cost: 2,000 Star Coins



Location: Dazzle Beach
Unlock Cost: 1,000 Dreamlight
Pre-Requisite: Unlock the small raft on Dazzle Beach (Goofy Quest)

How To Unlock Ariel

  1. Sail to the small island were Ariel is located and talk to her
  2. Build her home back in Dreamlight Valley
  3. Find Prince Eric (TBC)


Location: Mystical Cave at the Upper Right Side of Dazzle Beach
Unlock Cost: 1,000 Dreamlight
Pre-Requisite: Complete Merlin’s ‘Friendship is Everything’ Quest

How To Unlock Ursula

  1. Merlin will ask you to go save Ursula at some point
  2. Talk to Ursula and she will give you a magic crystal key to use to unlock the sealed entrance to the cave in the middle of the beach
  3. Interact with the relics on the ground and solve the riddle
  4. Answers to the riddles.
    Riddle 1: Place a Peridot Gem, Aquamarine Gem, Garnet Gem on the statues
    Riddle 2: Plant a carrot, wheat and tomato crop at the feet of the statue. Water and wait for them to grow before harvesting
    Riddle 3: Cook a Veggie Spaghetti and eat it.
  5. Fish in the water on your left-hand side where you see an orange ripple to get the Orb.
  6. Place the Orb in the cursed pillar to set Ursula free

House Construction Cost: 10,000 Star Coins



Location: Forest of Valor
Unlock Cost: 3,000 Dreamlight
Pre-Requisite: Mickey Friendship Level 8, Dazzle Beach Unlocked

Kristoff Unlocks: Materials Stall (Sells Coal, Sand, Stone, Fiber, Sticks, Bricks, Snowballs)

How To Unlock Kristoff

  1. Find Kristoff in the Forest of Valor towards the Pillar located at the back of the Forest
  2. Speak with him and he’ll tell you about Donald Duck being lost.
  3. Rescue Donald Duck (details below) and Kristoff will join you

Donald Duck

Location: Forest of Valor
Unlock Cost: 3,000 Dreamlight
Pre-Requisite: Mickey Friendship Level 8, Dazzle Beach unlocked

How To Unlock Donald Duck

  1. Find Kristoff in the Forest of Valor
  2. Find Donald’s Duck Feather in front of the portal in the grove and bring it back to Kristoff
  3. Find Merlin. Craft a Magic Feather: Emerald, Dream Shard, Donald’s Feather and Vine (all in the Dark Grove)
  4. Return to the Forest of Valor and let the Magic Feather guide you to Donald

Anna and Elsa

Location: Frozen Realm (Dream Castle 2nd Floor Middle)
Unlock Cost: 4,000 Dreamlight
Pre-Requisite: Forest of Valor Unlocked

Anna Unlocks: Ability to destroy Small Mushroom Stumps
Elsa Unlocks: Ability to break Ice Shards

How To Unlock Anna and Elsa

  1. Chase the Fire Spirit and put out some fires using your Magic Watering Can
  2. Craft Stone Soup: x3 Stones, x1 Basil, x1 Oregano
  3. Wake up the sleeping Earth Giant
  4. Clear the path with a Pickaxe and Shovel
  5. Fish out Anna’s Magic Ring from the calm pond nearby. Cast your fishing line at the orange ripple.
  6. Give Anna her ring back and go meet Elsa
  7. Craft Wind Chimes: x3 Iron Ingots, x15 Softwood, x3 Twine
  8. Then you can bring both of them back to your village

Moana and Maui

Location: Moana (Dream Castle, 1st Floor Middle)
Unlock Cost: 3,000 Dreamlight

Moana Unlocks: Automated Fishing

How To Unlock Moana

  1. Repair Moana’s boat by giving her Planks and Silk
  2. Speak with Maui to enchant your pickaxe
  3. Answer questions about Maui
  4. Board the boat with Moana and explore the oceans to complete her quest

House Construction Cost: 2,000 Star Coins

Maui Unlocks: Ability to break the Teal rocks on the beach

How To Unlock Maui

After Moana leaves invite Maui by bringing him any 3-star meals and he’ll move in

House Construction Cost: 5,000 Star Coins



Location: Wall-E
Unlock Cost: 3,000 Dreamlight

Wall-E Unlocks: Free Crops From the Peaceful Meadow

How To Unlock Wall-E

  1. Free Wall-E from the sand by finding the handle to the fridge (NE of the fridge)
  2. Open the storage container for an extra set of wheels for Wall-E
  3. Help Wall-E clear the trash in his realm
  4. Dig 7 plots and plant and water the seeds from the storage containers nearby
  5. Speak to Merlin who will direct you to Scrooge McDuck
  6. Trade 2 Garnet Gems for a Fire Extinguisher from Scrooge
  7. Speak to Goofy and fish inside the ponds in the meadow for a boot
  8. Speak to Mickey and get a bouncy ball from his house
  9. Return to Wall-R and give him the gifts and he’ll return to the Valley with you

House Construction Cost: 2,000 Star Coins


Mother Gothel

Location: Glade of Trust
Unlock Cost: 5,000 Dreamlight
Pre-Requisite: Unlock Dazzle Beach and/or Forest of Valor

How to Unlock Mother Gothel

  1. Talk to Mother Gothel and then to Merlin
  2. Strike up a deal with Ursula – Talk with Merlin and Kristoff
  3. Get the Orb of Trust in the Here and There by walking across the broken bridge
  4. Place the Orb in the Pillar of Trust to break the curse
  5. Mother Gothel will then be freed from her prison


Location: Elephant Cave
Unlock Cost: 7,000 Dreamlight
Pre-Requisite: Unlock Sunlit Plateau

How to Unlock Scar

  1. Head to the giant Elephant Cave in the Sunlit Plateau and enter inside
  2. Talk to Scar and he’ll be unlocked. He’ll start wandering the Valley and you can already upgrade his friendship at this point. In order to get his friendship quests you’ll need to complete this quest though.
  3. Head over to the mouth of the river to find an entrance to Vitalys Mines
  4. Once you enter go left. Continue and follow the track for the mine cart until you reach an intersection where the paths on your left and right will be broken. Head right
  5. Once you find the path divided again head left. The final part of these mines is where you’ll see a slope leading upwards on the left
  6. Read the note on the barrel and then head back to camp
  7. Get the recipe at camp for Root Beer, Dried Ginger and Crackling Candies
  8. Talk to Merlin
  9. Make him an Extra Fizzy Root Bear (Dried Ginger, Sugarcane, Vanilla)
  10. Put the Root Beer and Crackling Candies on the barrel back at the cave and it will restore the flow of water in Sunlit Plateau
  11. Head into a Dark Grove near the entrance of Elephant Cave. Follow the Forgetting through to get the Lifeless Orb of Nurturing
  12. Take the orb to Merlin, and he’ll craft him a Miracle Growth Elixir (x1000 Dreamlight, x10 Rich Soil, x10 Vitalys Crystal)
  13. Plant the Orbnear the Pillar of Nurturing in the Sunlit Plateau
  14. Wait for a few real-life days after planting the orb to finish the quest

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