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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Get Simba and Nala

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s Pride of the Valley update came out yesterday and with it Simba and Nala. Simba, the King of Pride Rock and his Queen Nala are from Disney’s beloved Lion King. And just like the other members of your Valley need some help coming back.

To get Simba into your Valley you’ll actually need to have Nala there first. There are a couple of steps in the game to get both of these characters into your Valley. In this guide, we’ll go through the Pride Lands Realm as well as both their Questlines. You’ll need to complete the Eyes in the Dark Quest as well as the Stars To Guide Us Quest to bring them both back to the Valley.


Enter The Pride Lands Realm

Requirements: 10,000 Dreamlight

Start by first entering the new door that has been unveiled in Dreamlight Castle. Head up to the second floor and look for the door with a painted lion on it. It’s next to the Frozen door. Unlock the door with 10,000 Dreamlight.


Eyes in the Dark Quest (Nala)

Entering the Pride Lands Realm will trigger the start of the Eyes in the Dark Quest. Here you’ll meet Nala and see that she’s roaring at the eyes in the darkness surrounding the Dried Out Oasis. She’ll tell you a pack of Hyenas has been tracking her, and she needs your help.

To do this you’ll need to find a way to block the path of the Hyenas so that they won’t come closer. After a brief conversation, Nala will head off to hold back the Hyenas and you’ll need to get started on that path. You can block it by growing Thorn Bushes.

Growing Thorn Bushes

Requirements: 5x Thorn Bush Seeds

Thorn Bushes grow all around the Dried Out Oasis and resemble pale Night Thorns. To get the seeds to grow simply dig out the Dried Thorn Bushes with your Shovel to obtain Thorn Bush Seeds. You’ll need 5x seeds.

Once you have the seeds, head to the ledge at the back of the Dried Out Oasis. There should already be holes in the ground for you to plant the seeds in. Plant all five seeds and water them once for the bushes to grow.

Head To The Jungle To Find Simba

Simba is in the Jungle past the cave. To get through simply clear the entrance by digging up the tree stumps, then speak to Nala. She’ll tell you to say Hakuna Matata if Simba bares his teeth at you.

On the way to the Jungle, you’ll find a waterfall blocking your path. You’ll need to lower the big log on the left of the waterfall to get across. To do this simply use your Pickaxe to break the rocks underneath the log. Then you should be able to cross.

Simba is in the next area but remember to say ‘Hakuna Matata’ when speaking to him. Let the conversation flow and then follow Simba to watch his reunion with Nala.

Feed Simba and Nala

Requirements: 3x Slimy Bugs, 6x Colourful Bugs, Red Bugs = 3x Bug Platter

Nala is hungry and Simba wants to show her the food in the jungle. Namely the bugs of the jungle. He’ll ask you to find Slimy Bugs and Colorful Bugs

  • Slimy Bugs can be fished out of the river next to Simba with your Fishing Rod. You’ll need to catch 3x Slimy Bugs.
  • While the Colourful Bugs can be found back at the Dried Out Oasis in sparkling dirt areas. Dig them up to find the Colourful Bugs. Dig up 6x Colourful Bugs.

After returning to Simba it seems like we’ll need even more bugs. So you’ll need to dig up the Red Bugs from the tree stumps in the area we rescued him from. Once you dig a stump up, the Red Bugs will shoot out and scuttle around the area. Catch them by interfering with their path and picking them up.

When you’ve caught all the bugs, you can cook up a Bug Platter for the couple. There are a few steam pipe-type things opposite Simba and Nala that can be used to cook on. You’ll need to cook 3x Bug Platters.

Scare Of The Hyenas

Requirements: 10x Softwood, 5x Hardwood, 2x Iron Ingots

After her bug snack Nala will hear the Hyenas again. Eventually, you come up with a plan to Trick the Hyenas into thinking there are a lot more lions than they think. To do this you’ll need to head back to the Valley while Simba and Nala hold them off.

Speak to Scrooge McDuck, and he’ll give you an old Sound System that needs some repairs for you to use to scare the Hyenas away. Repair the Sound System at the crafting station with 10 Softwood, 5 Hardwood, and 2 Iron Ingots.

Go back to the Pride Lands Realm with your fixed Sound System and successfully scare off the Hyenas.

Build Pride Rock

Requirements: 15,000 Coins

After scaring the Hyenas away, Nala will want to come to the Valley. All you need to do is make a place for her to stay! Go back to the Valley and place Pride Rock down for 15,000 coins for Nala to live.


Stars to Guide Us Quest (Simba)

We’ve got Nala in the Valley but where’s Simba? In order to do that you’ll need to complete his quest Stars to Guide Us. Note that you cannot get Simba into your Valley before completing Nala’s Eyes In The Dark quest.

Help Out Simba

Requirements: 5x Softwood, 5x Fiber, 2x Purified Night Shards.

Head back to the Pride Lands Realm to talk to Simba. Simba will tell you that he’s stressed about the responsibilities of being King, and misses his dad’s guidance. Follow Simba to the sky lookout and he’ll explain he hasn’t seen the stars in a while, because they’re blocked by clouds. He tells you he doesn’t want to come to the Valley until he can see the stars again.

You’ll learn the clouds blocking the stars must be magical which just means one thing – talk to Merlin about it. Head back to Valley and walk to the wizard and he’ll give you a Walking Stick to enchant. Craft the magical enchantment at the crafting bench using 5 Softwood, 5 Fiber, and 2 Purified Night Shards.

Return to the Pride Lands Realm and give Simba the Walking Stick. The clouds will magically clear and Simba will see the stars again.

Revitalise The Dried Out Oasis

Requirements: 3x Jungle Fern Seed, 3x Waterfall Plant Seed, 3x Clearing Tree Seed

Before Simba can leave the Pride Lands he wants to revitalise the Dried Out Oasis at the beginning of the Realm. Head back there with Simba and talk to him to help him do that. To bring life back to the Oasis it’s going to need some plants.

Collect 3 Jungle Fern Seeds, 3 Waterfall Plant Seeds, and 3 Clearing Tree Seeds by digging up the sparkling plants in the Jungle region.

  • Jungle Fern Seeds can be found by digging up the small purple plants
  • Waterfall Plant Seeds are tall green plants.
  • Clearing Tree Seeds are small samplings.

Return to the Dried Out Oasis and give the seeds to Simba, who will ask you to plant them. Plant them like you would any normal seed anywhere in the Oasis. Once you’ve planted all of them, Talk to Simba. And he’ll ask you to break a rock to let water flow back into the Oasis. Do so and you’ll revitalise the Oasis!

Talk to Simba and he’ll join you in the Valley!