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Camper Van: Make It Home – Relaxing Adventure

A Cosy Organisation Sim That’s Fully Funded And Out Now On Kickstarter

Camper Van: Make It Home brings you on a virtual van life adventure. Escape the repetitive city life and embark on a journey of personal discovery and organisation.

Much like the indie expo game award winner, Unpacking; Camper Van: Make It Home highlights the joy of putting your possessions in the perfect place. All while living and exploring in your cosy camper van. The gameplay mechanics are similar to Unpacking. Think of it as one part organisation puzzle game and the other part is decorating and interior design.

You’ll unpack your life and organise your objects in your camper van, all while uncovering a personal story of how you got there.


Unique Camper Van Organisation

Life on the road doesn’t have to be hard but it definitely is an organisational challenge to see how to fit all your belongings in a van. Your bed might have to double as a sofa or a table during the day, before transforming into a cosy and safe space to sleep at night.

It also helps you take stock of your life, to take only the things with you that really matter. Embrace the satisfaction of organising all the items in your luggage. Find the ideal place where each object fits perfectly. Play at your own pace, and without pressure.


Explore And Adventure

Your new home on wheels can take you anywhere, from the mountains to the snow or the beach. The world is your oyster and you’ll need to adapt your van to fit each situation. Get new vans as the game progresses, and explore the beautiful landscapes. And even decorate your outside area to match your interior, to fully appreciate life in the great outdoors.

Along the way, you’ll join our protagonist on her journey of self-discovery. Her story is told through the object she carries with her, the things she collects and the items she chooses to leave behind.


Travel With A Friend

Life as a nomadic traveller doesn’t necessarily have to be lonely. You can choose to take with you on your journey a very special companion. Who will show you another way to love and interact. Right now on the Camper Van: Make It Home page they’re allowing you to choose from a dog, cat and iguana.


Camper Van: Make It Home

Camper Van: Make It Home is developed by Spanish indie game developers, Malapata Studio. “We create video games with paying special attention to details.” It is their first game on Kickstarter and it was fully funded in 16 hours! Yay. If you’d like to support them on Kickstarter you can before May 6th 2023 here.

The game is currently aiming to launch on December 2024 on Steam – Windows and Mac, as well as on iOS and Android. If they achieve their console stretch goal, Camper Van: Make it Home will also be available for the Nintendo Switch.