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The Best Sims 4 Game & Expansion Packs

The Sims is one of the oldest and most beloved franchises that lets you live outside of your life. Now that the game has gone free to play and you’ve had some time to try it out you may want to enrich your experience with some paid expansion packs.

Since the game’s launch in 2014, there have been 61 official add-on packs that cover a range of topics from the beloved pet series to island living, cottage living, seasonal living and even new jobs and so much more. There are a lot of expansion packs to choose from in The Sims 4 and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. So we’re here to help expand your Sims 4 experience beyond the base game!


Discover University

University life is an experience that is chock full of possibilities but also most importantly freedom. You don’t need to go to your 9-5 and make a living or look after kids. Your only responsibilities here are putting up with your roommate, choosing your courses and of course, living that epic campus life.

Discover University is one of the most fleshed-out expansion packs in The Sims 4. It completely changes the focus on how you play the game. With a greater emphasis on study-life balance, completing coursework and of course, acing your exams. You’ll find some great University outfits to wear to class and of course to parties, complete with drinking/juice games. You can join clubs or even participate in college events. To live that A+ University life.

  • Theme: University living and higher education.
  • New Simology: 1 new life state; 3 new branching careers, 2 new after-school activities, & 13 university degrees; 1 new aspiration, 2 new skills.
  • New world: Britechester.
  • New Build Mode and CAS items: 181 new Build Mode items, and 119 new CAS items

Cottage Living

Cottage Living is one of the more controversial expansion packs because it’s not for everyone. But if you’re a fan of farm sims or your Animal Crossing island has a hard cottagecore aesthetic, then this one is for you. Cottage Living puts a spin on the standard gameplay by letting Sims essentially live off the land and raise animals such as cows and chickens. It’s pretty satisfying, particularly when combined with an optional challenge that requires having actual ingredients on hand to cook a meal.

You can raise animals like cows and chickens and just generally enjoy a more peaceful virtual life. If you’re a fan of the romantic English countryside then Henford-on-Bagley is the place you want to be. The countryside aesthetic is attractive, with great themed outfits to boot.

  • Theme: Rural living and home farming.
  • New Simology: 2 new traits, 1 new aspiration, 1 new skill.
  • New world: Henford-on-Bagley.
  • New Build Mode and CAS items: 160 new Build Mode items, 132 new CAS items.


Vampires are incredibly fun to play, boasting fresh ways to interact with other characters (including mind control), while an impressive skill tree lets you customise powers and weaknesses to make your undead Sim unique. Vampires also offer an alternative playstyle, as they have different everyday needs compared to your average Sim – from staying out of sunlight to deciding whether to feed on humans or if you want to tame your thirst, eat plasma fruit.

  • Theme: Becoming a vampire.
  • New Simology: 1 new life state, 3 new aspirations, 2 new skills.
  • New world: Forgotten Hollow.
  • New Build Mode and CAS items: 130 new Build Mode items, 72 new CAS items.


As a Werewolf you can choose from a variety of options to change your Sim into its wolf form. From their coat colour and pattern to individual facial features like their nose and teeth. In the earlier abilities, you can lean into your wolf side by being able to sleep anywhere on the ground and hunt for food in the wild. But in the future, you’ll be able to transform at will. Watch out because all werewolves have a Furty meter that when filled brings their beast form out on a rampage.

  • Theme: Becoming a werewolf.
  • New Simology: 1 new life state, 5 new aspirations.
  • New world: Moonwood Mill
  • New Build Mode and CAS items: 78 new Build Mode items, 110 new CAS items.

Get Famous

You don’t want to come back from a hard day of real-life work to come home and send your Sim to work, do you? Well maybe if your second job was being famous then you might. If being a superstar interests you then this might be the expansion pack for you. There are a number of ways for you to be famous here either by becoming an actor/actress or by becoming a famous cook or author. Perhaps the most interesting part, though, is the fame perk system and the changes it makes to your Sims’ lives.

Del Sol Valley is the world that comes with this expansion pack and is filled with celebrity life. Complete with exclusive bars and super glam mansions. Increasing your fame will give your Sim perks that are fun to play around with. As for Build/Buy mode, there are some charming building items to play around with and new styles to build with. In addition, there are new glam outfits and costumes on the CAS menu. We recommend this pack if the spotlight is something your Sim has been craving.

  • Theme: Fame and reputation.
  • New Simology: 1 new active career & 1 new after-school activity, 1 new trait, 2 new aspirations, 2 new skills.
  • New world: Del Sol Valley.
  • New Build Mode and CAS items: 259 new Build Mode items, 140 new CAS items.

Island Living

You can’t take off to live on an island paradise but your sim can. In The Sims 4 Island Living expansion pack you not only get one of the more beautiful regions to explore – Sulani, but you have a bunch of fun and new careers as well. You can become a Mermaid, swim with dolphins, explore the ocean, and even a volcanic landscape.

While suburban life can often be dominated by the micromanagement of your Sims, the island world presents a more relaxing and carefree vibe that encourages you to soak in your surroundings. Inspired by the Polynesian culture, Sulani works because it evokes a real sense of place, from the beaches and waterfalls to the residents’ traditions and festivals.

  • Theme: Beach life and nature conservation.
  • New Simology: 1 new life state; 1 new branching career, 3 new part-time jobs, & new Odd Jobs system; 2 new traits, 1 new aspiration.
  • New world: Sulani.
  • New Build Mode and CAS items: 164 new Build Mode items, 136 new CAS items.


The Sims 4 came out in 2014 and by now some of its player base have may already become parents or are thinking of becoming one. If you can’t imagine your life without kids or you want your digital persona to experience life as a parent then this Parenthood pack is a must-have. The pack introduces family gameplay and raising children as part of your Sims 4 gameplay.

Parenting will involve your Sim raising and disciplining their kids – in areas such as manners, responsibility, and empathy – affecting their behaviour and personality growing up, helping to form who they are when they turn into adults. It’s an engaging and rewarding system, which is complemented by smaller features and activities such as school projects and private journals.

  • Theme: Family life.
  • New Simology: 1 new aspiration, 1 new skill.
  • New Build Mode and CAS items: 87 new Build Mode items, 52 new CAS items.

Cats & Dogs

The Cats & Dogs Sims expansion pack is a no-brainer. That is unless you don’t like pets or animals. To each their own but there’s very little downside to having these fluffy friends around. This expansion lets your sim have their own furry friend. There are a lot of breeds to choose from and you can kit them out with personalised accessories. Even their personalities can be tweaked!

There are great customisation options for cats and dogs, allowing you to change everything from their breed to painting their coat. There are a bunch of new interactions that help you bond with your pet. Through hugs, praise, feeding, cleaning and more. The pack has nearly everything you’d need and want if you think that life isn’t complete without a pet.

  • Theme: Family pets and veterinary practices.
  • New Simology: 2 new traits, 1 new aspiration, 2 new skills.
  • New world: Brindleton Bay.
  • New Build Mode and CAS items: 317 new Build Mode items, 188 new CAS items.


The Sims 4 Seasons is an absolute essential one to get of all the expansion packs. Seasons in The Sims 4 affects almost everything in your game and I’d go as far as to say that it will dramatically enhance the way you play the base game entirely. Unlike the other expansion packs, it doesn’t add a new world to the game but changes your existing worlds.

Seasons as you can guess brings about the addition of the four seasons, complete with changes in weather, and the addition of seasonal activities and events. There are hot and cold weather outfits and seasonal outfits such as New Year’s Eve and Harvestfest. Your sims can now play in the rain, rake leaves, and build snowmen. Not to mention the additional massive selection of holiday-related items and themes.

If you want all the bang for your back, then Seasons is the expansion pack to spend your money on.

  • Theme: Weather and holidays.
  • New Simology: 1 new branching career & 1 new after-school activity, 1 new skill & 1 new hidden skill.
  • New Build Mode and CAS items: 158 new Build Mode items, 149 new CAS items.