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Sun Haven – The Complete Mining Guide

Sun Haven is a fantasy farm sim that takes everything you love about Stardew Valley and makes it magical. Just like your favourite farming and life sim, you’ll be able to farm crops, fish, fall in love and mine caverns for ore and resources. You’ll need the ore for crafting and to smelt into bars, as well as collect the valuable precious stones to sell. Mining is one of the key components in Sun Haven and something that you’re going to find yourself doing a lot.

In this Sun Haven guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about mining, where to find all your resources, how to progress deeper into the mines, the mining skill tree, pickaxes and more!

Disclaimer: Sun Haven is still in Early Access and as such this information is subject to change. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates.


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Where To Mine

Mining can be done at the mine near the Quarry just outside of Sun Haven, in Nel’Vari and Withergate.

Sun Haven Mine

The Sun Haven Mines are found at the right bottom corner (southeast) of Sun Haven. The mines go down up to 50 levels with a treasure chest unlocking for every 10 floors conquered. However in order to explore deeper you’ll need to unlock gates with keys.

The first keys you’ll find are Rusty Keys, these are dropped when breaking stones or defeating monsters in the mine. While these keys can unlock some levels in the mine, they won’t unlock them permanently. So you’ll have to rediscover them all over again every time you leave. In order to unlock mine levels permanently you’ll need crafted keys.

These keys can be crafted using an anvil and will permanently unlock floors in the mines.

FloorsKey UnlockOres Found
1Already UnlockedCopper Ore
Sapphire (Floor 1+)
2-10Copper KeyCopper Ore
Ruby (Floor 9+)
Water Crystal (Floor 6+)
11-20Iron KeyIron Ore
Gold Ore (Floor 16+)
21-30Adamant KeyAdamant Ore
Amethyst (Floor 25+)
Diamond (Floor 29+)
31-40Mithril KeyMithril Ore
41-50Sunite KeySunite Ore
Fire Crystal

To complete the Sun Haven Mine you will need a total of:
10 Copper Keys, 9 Iron Keys, 10 Adamant Keys, 9 Mithril Keys and 9 Sunite Keys


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Nel’Vari Mines

Nel’Vari Mines progress quite a bit differently from the Sun Haven Mines. The enter you’ll be able to choose whether to give an Adamant Key, a Mithril Key, or a Sunite Key to Wilt. The different keys change the size of the mine. The better the key quality the more chances you have of getting into bigger rooms.

There are 4 different mines – Ruins, Flower, Mushroom, and Beehive – that you can be taken to which have different enemies and appearances. This is randomly chosen each day.

Once exiting the mine, another key of any type is required to enter again.

The Materials that you can find in the Nel’Vari Mines are:
Mana Shards, Dragon Scales, Elven Stone


Withergate Mines


To access these mines you need to fill Dynos’s Altar of Mining. That will grant you a key to open the door to the mines and smelt Glorite. Here is our full guide to completing Dynus’ Altar.

There are only 5 rooms in this mine and you will find Glorite in all of them.


How To Mine

To start mining you’re going to need a pickaxe. Simply select and aim the pickaxe towards a rock node and click the action button. Hold to continue mining the same rock and once its bar is drained it will let out some items.

Grab the items by walking nearby them. And depending on the type of node it will either release coins, stones, crystals, ores or gems.

Efficient mining with ‘Vacuumulus’ spell in our game, Sun Haven.
by u/whitemagedm in Unity3D

If you have the Vacuumulus spell on hand you’ll be able to summon a vortex that will destroy rocks and collect their minerals as well.


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Mining Equipment

You’ll need pickaxes to break rocks and certain rocks require stronger pickaxes to break. There are so far seven pickaxes in the game that you can craft or buy at the store.

PickaxeCraft (Anvil)Buy (Solon)Sell
Rusty Pickaxe100g50g
Copper Pickaxex7 Copper Bar (2hr)1000g630g
Iron Pickaxex9 Iron Bar (4hr)4000g1,950g
Adamant Pickaxex10 Adamant Bar (8hr)18,000g5,000g
Mithril Pickaxex10 Mithril Bar (16hr)50,000g7,700
Sunite Pickaxex10 Sunite Bar (24hr)
Glorite Pickaxex10 Glorite Bar (24hr)

Mining Skill Tree

There are currently 5 skill trees: Exploration, Farming, Mining, Combat, and Fishing. Skills can be unlocked with Skill Points that are gained by increasing each skill’s corresponding experience level.

Within the skill trees, you can also unlock Spells and Abilities that allow you to take different actions in the game.

I Stone SplitterStone nodes have a 30% chance to drop 1/2/3 extra stones.
 Blast SmithingIncreases crafting speed of Anvils and Furnaces by 10/20/30%.
 SavingsGain a bonus of 40/80/120 gold each day.
 Hidden GemsStone nodes have a 5% chance to drop a Sapphire. (Max 2/3/4 Sapphires per day)
II Stone CrusherIncreases damage to rocks, ores and gem nodes by 5/10/15%.
 Tool MasteryIncreases speed of all tools by 4/7/10%
IndustrialCrafting any item grants you 4/6/8% bonus gold. (Recipes that craft more than 1 item at a time only count once) (Multiplayer Global Skill)
Monster HunterIncreases your damage to monsters in the mines by 10/15/20%.
III Rich DepositsOre nodes have a 10/20/30% chance to drop 1 extra ore.
Smelting MasteryGain a 4/8/12% chance to smelt an extra bar at the Furnace.
Long ArmIncreases your item pick-up range by 15/30%.
Quick EscapeEnemies in the mines have a 4/8/12% chance to drop a rusty key when slain.
IVVacuumulusUnlock the Vacuumulus spell. Emit a powerful shockwave around you, dealing 15/20/25 damage to surrounding enemies and rocks. Costs 40/35/30 Mana, No Cooldown, (Damage scales with attack and spell damage)
Jewel CrafterUnlock the recipe to craft Jewelry Crafting Table at the Crafting Table. The Jewelry Crafting Table can be used to craft rings and amulets. (Multiplayer Global Skill)
Tomes of ManaUnlock the ability to craft Mana Tomes at the Anvil. In addition, Mana Tome recipe costs are 0/15/30% cheaper. (Multiplayer Global Skill)
DungeoneerEnemies in the mines grant a bonus 3/6/9 Mining experience when slain.
VCoal MinerStone nodes have a 2/4/6% chance to drop coal.
OutfitterUnlock Archer Armor/Archer & Mage Armor at the anvil.
Portal CrafterUnlock the recipe to craft Selling Portals at the Anvil.
Mystic MinerBreaking a stone node with a pickaxe restores 1/2/3 mana.
VIPrecious StonesIncreases the selling price of all gems by 15/30/45%.
Armor SmithIncreases the selling price of armour and jewellery by 5/10/15%.
Worthwhile RestorationGain 3 gold for every 30/20/10 mana restored.
Crystal CollectorEnemies in the mines have a 25% chance to drop a Fire Crystal when slain. (Max 4/7/10 Fire Crystals per day)
VIIWide SwingIncreases your pickaxe’s swing range by 10/20/30%.
Master ArmorerAll crafted armour now additionally grants it 1/2/3 bonus attack damage or 1/2/3 bonus spell damage, depending on armour type.
Feng ShuiGrants 4 bonus gold for each decoration in your house each night. This bonus caps at 20/60/100 decorations, of 80/240/400 gold each night.
Looter’s FortuneDestructible objects in the Mines have a 20/40/60% chance to drop an extra item and give 2/4/6 Mining experience.
VIII Crushing BlowGrants a 15/20/25% chance for your pickaxe to deal 25/30/35% splash damage to nearby nodes.
Master CraftsmanCrafted armour now additionally gains 1 of 4 powerful bonus stats.
ResourcefulCurrency bonuses and currency caps gained from the Mining Skill Tree are increased by 10/20/30%.
Miner’s LuckEach day, gain 1 of 5 powerful buff effects while within the mines. These buffs are 100/150/200% effective.
IX Weak SpotIncreases the chance to critically strike nodes when mining by 5/10/15%.
 Efficient SmithReduce the crafting cost of items at the Anvil by 10/15/20%.
 Tomes of SkillUnlock recipes for Skill Tomes at the Anvil. Skill Tomes grants 1 skill point to any profession. In addition, Skill Tome recipe costs are 0/10/20% cheaper.
 Crystal EssenceBreaking a gem node with a pickaxe restores 4/6/8 mana.
X Blast MiningOre nodes have a 4/6/8% chance to drop 5 additional ores.
UniformityWearing a full set of the same armour increases your damage dealt by 4/7/10%.
 Smart InvestorGain 2% of your total gold every night as bonus gold. (Max of 400/800/1200 gold each night)
 Treasure HunterTreasure chests respawn 2x/3x/4x more often in the mines. Opening any treasure chest grants 1 max HP permanently. (Multiplayer Global Skill)


You’ve just arrived in Sun Haven, a medieval town full of people from all walks of life doing their best to make their beloved town thrive as it once did. As a farmer, miner, fisher, warrior, craftsman, and even a mage, you’ll find that adventure awaits you here. Sun Haven is currently out on Early Access on Steam for PC.