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Sun Haven – Dynus Altar Offering Guide

Sun Haven is a magical life and farming sim that’s out now in early access. If you’re a fan of Stardew Valley and fantasy then you’re going to want to check out this game. In Sun Haven you can play as a human, demon, elf, angel or other fantastical creature. You’ll spend your days farming, fishing, mining and discovering the otherworldly secrets of Sun Haven.

One such secret lies with Dynus, the Moon Dragon and ruling diety of Withergate. Dynus controls the great powers of darkness and seeks to rule a grand empire. Even expanding the Demon race and his darkness towards the light in Sun Haven. In order to defeat him you can fight him physically or make offerings at his many Altars. There are 9 altars in total each requiring different amounts and types of goods.

In this guide, we’ll go through all of Dynus Altar Offerings requirements and how to get them all.

Disclaimer: Sun Haven is still in Early Access and as such this information is subject to change. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates.


Dynus Altar

There are nine different altars to be found in Dynus Altar Room. If you haven’t been there before you’ll be greeted by the Altar Keeper who will show and instruct you on how to use the Altars. It’s basically just bringing and depositing the requested item in each Altar.

The nine altars are divided into different categories listed here:

  1. Altar of Keepsakes (White)
  2. Altar of Fruit (Red)
  3. Altar of Foraging (Bronze)
  4. Altar of Gold (Gold)
  5. Altar of Cooking (Purple and Blue)
  6. Altar of Mining (Grey)
  7. Altar of Farming (Green)
  8. Altar of Fishing (Blue)
  9. Altar of Tickets (Purple with Lights)

Altar of Keepsakes

Required ItemQuantityHow To Get It
Adventure Keepsake1Buy from Weapon Merchant (2000g)
Riches Keepsake1Buy from Weapon Merchant (2000g)
Romance Keepsake1Buy from Romance Merchant (4000g)
Peace Keepsake1Buy from Sylvius (40 Mana Orbs)

Reward: Phantom Plate Helmet (Req. Combat Lvl 40)


Altar of Fruit

Required ItemQuantityHow To Get It
Raspberries20On trees in Nel’Vari
Peach10On trees in Nel’Vari
Orange20On trees in East and West forest
Blueberries20On trees in West Forest to Nel’Vari,
Dropped from Hornsnakes
Berry10On ground in forests
Apple20On trees on your farm in Sun Haven

Reward: Butterfly Ring – Summons a butterfly companion who protects you from the first instance of damage taken every 30s


Altar of Foraging

Required ItemQuantityHow To Get It
Log300Cutting down trees
Fire Crystal30Sun Haven Mines: Floor 22-30
Dropped by Fire Sprite
Earth Crystal30On ground at Quarry
On ground in East and West Forest of Sun Haven,
Dropped by Rock Sprite
Water Crystal30On ground at East Forest of Sun Haven,
Sun Haven Mines: Floor 6-
Dropped by Water Sprite
Sand Dollar10On ground at the Beach

Reward: Phantom Plate Legs (Req. Combat Lvl 40) – +5% Movespeed, +5% Jump Height, +30% Chance for Air Skip to be cast for free


Altar of Gold

Required ItemQuantityHow To Get It
Coins100,000From loot, sales, chests etc.
Gold Bar10Smelted from Gold Ore in Furnace

Reward: Phantom Cape (Req. Combat Lvl 40) – +10% Jump Height, +10% Increase gold,orbs, and tickets gained from all sources


Altar of Cooking

Required ItemQuantityHow To Get It
Cheesecake1Craft at Cooking Pot: Cheese (1), Milk (1), Sugar (2)
Buy from Cafe (1900g)
Spicy Ramen1Craft at Cooking Pot: Noodles (1), Pepper (1)
Buy from Cafe (1600g)
Sesame Rice Ball1Craft at Cooking Pot: Rice (1), Seaweed (1)
Buy from Cafe (400g)
Pizza1Craft at Cooking Pot: Cheese (3), Tomato (1), Flour (1)
Buy from Bakery (2000g)
Cookie1Craft at Cooking Pot: Sugar (1), Flour (1), Egg (1)
Buy from Bakery (120g)
Coffee1Buy from Cafe (800g)
Tomato Soup1Craft at Cooking Pot: Tomato (1), Corn (1)
Buy from Cafe (500g)
Shimmerroot Treat1Craft at Cooking Pot: Shimmerroot (1), Cinnaberry (1)
Buy from Cafe (9000g)
Energy Smoothie1Craft at Cooking Pot: Water Crystal (1), Apple (1), Orange (1)
Buy from Sylvius (4500g)

Reward: Phantom Plate Gloves (Req. Combat Lvl 12) – Bonus Farming Lvl 2 & Gold Chef Hat


Altar of Mining

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Required ItemQuantityHow To Get It
Stone999Mine Stones on Farm, Sun Haven Mine
Coal50Mine Stones on Farm,
Sun Haven Mine: Coal Node
Copper Ore100Sun Haven Mine: Copper Node
Buy from Mining Merchant (70g)
Sapphire10Sun Haven Mine (Floor 1-): Sapphire Node
Buy from Mining Merchant (300g)
Ruby10Sun Haven Mine (Floor 9-): Ruby Node
Buy from Mining Merchant (500g)
Amethyst10Sun Haven Mine: Amethyst Node
Diamond5Sun Haven Mine (Floor 29-): Diamond Node
Hevenite5Sun Haven Mine: Havenite Node

Reward: King’s Lost Mine Key – Used to unlock Withergate Furnace and Withergate Anvil


Altar of Farming

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Required ItemQuantityHow To Get It
Wheat30Farming: Wheat Seeds from General Store (40g)
Corn30Farming: Corn Seeds from General Store (80g)
Potatoes30Farming: Potatoes Seeds from General Store (100g)
Tomato30Farming: Tomato Seeds from General Store (80g)
Carrot30Farming: Carrot Seeds from General Store (80g)
Pepper30Farming: Pepper Seeds from General Store (300g)
Onion30Farming: Onion Seeds from General Store (80g)
Greenroot30Farming: Greenroot Seeds from General Store (60g)
Honey Flower30
Rice30Farming: Rice Seeds from General Store (90g)

Reward: Phantom Chest Plate (Req. Combat Lvl 12) & Soul Orb Seeds (15)


Altar of Fishing

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Required ItemQuantityHow To Get It
Dorado1Fish from Sun Haven: Everywhere
Duorado1Fish from Withergate: Everywhere
Crab1Fish from Sun Haven: Sea, West Forest
From Small Fishing Nets
Sea Bass1Fish from Sun Haven: Sea
From Small Fishing Nets
Gold Fish1Fish from Sun Haven: Farm, Town, West Forest
From all Fishing Nets
Bonemouth Bass1Fish from Withergate: Everywhere
Chromafish1Fish from Sun Haven: Farm, Town, West Forest
Golden CarpFish from Sun Haven: Town, Sea
Flamefish1Fish from Nel’Vari: Everywhere
Purrmaid1Fish from Withergate: City, Forest
Midnight Isle
Crystal Tetra1Fish from Nel’Vari: City
Sky Ray1Fish from Nel’Vari: Elven Forest

Reward: King Minos’ Emblem


Altar of Tickets

Required ItemQuantityHow To Get It
Tickets5000Sales in Withergate, Wihergate Bulletin Board Quests etc.

Reward: Cerberus Mount Whistle


Sun Haven

You’ve just arrived in Sun Haven, a medieval town full of people from all walks of life doing their best to make their beloved town thrive as it once did. As a farmer, miner, fisher, warrior, craftsman, and even a mage, you’ll find that adventure awaits you here. Sun Haven is currently out on Early Access on Steam for PC.