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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Beautiful Makeovers

Disney Dreamlight Valley, not only has wonderful Disney friends but it has a beautiful and customisable world for you to decorate. Redo your town plaza with paths, trees, gardens and even a shopping district. Or build yourself a whole restaurant or snow park. The Valley is your oyster and there’s an infinite amount of possibilities you can create. If you’re stuck with ideas or overwhelmed by choice these beautiful makeovers can help you.

Be inspired by everything that you can do in the Valley right here!


Revamp Your Plaza

Reddit: u/Cozy.catlady

This stunning plaza is complete with full pavement, a clocktower and a fountain for your Disney Valley residents to wander around in. I love the little details such as the bicycle, the little book and the bushes around the fountain. I think we can all agree that these three buildings – Remy’s Restaurant, House and Scrooge’s Shop look great together.


A Fall-Themed Picnic Area

It’s never too early to decorate for fall and the colours at the Sunlit Plateau are always pumpkin-spice-ready. Gather some homey wood and brown items, a wine barrel or two and settle down for a cosy picnic. Some extra trees and flowers wouldn’t go amiss either.


Tree-Lined Walkways


One of the easiest decorating ideas would be just to revamp your walking paths in the Valley. Simply arrange some trees for that lush canopy walkthrough. Set up some benches and of course, lighting along these paths is everything. You can even boost your walk with flowers and hedges to make walking through your Valley a dream.


Neon Beach Club

Reddit: u/ObsidianKarasu

Don’t know how to decorate around those shadowy Pillars in the Valley? Why not just use them as your decor? More specifically as the centre stage of your neon-palmed beach club. Complete with DJ booth and scarecrow bartender! Make sure to keep to the beach theme with glowing corals and then let’s get this party started!


A Cozy Outdoor Reading Nook


This poof area set has been a hit since it was released in the recent Disney Dreamlight Valley update! You can use it in your house as a homey room space. But coupled with this gazebo and you have the most magical outdoor reading space. Scatter some books around and maybe even set out a tea tray nearby. A perfect space.


Tropical Island Paradise


The beach in Dreamlight Valley is full of possibilities. Build your own tropical paradise complete with Moana’s beach hut, a full table of food and of course a pool and a place to lie down in the sun. Don’t forget to add in those coconut drinks and some tiki torch lights!


Cozy Winter Market


Last Christmas update we got some wonderful furniture to create your own little Christmas market. It may not be Christmas right now but up in the mountains, you can keep Christmas alive all year long. Set up a cosy cocoa stand, and bring in Kristoff and Goofy’s store. And even line the path with a Christmas tree or two!


Decorate On The Water


Disney Dreamlight Valley has given us a ton of customisation options so that we can pretty much decorate every part of the valley. Even the ocean! I actually didn’t know this until writing this article but you can set up those rocks and lilypads in the shallow waters near skull island.

Just a note that this is more for the aesthetics than the function so make sure to finish Ariel’s friendship quests and get her walking before you do this.


Set Up An Ice Camp


The Frosted Heights can be a cold and unwelcoming place, but it doesn’t have to be! Make yourself a wintery home away from home with this igloo camping setup! Complete with this functional grill and small wooden furniture. It’s a perfect wintery vacation for all the residents of the valley!


Giant Outdoor Library


If you’ve played Animal Crossing: New Horizons then building indoor spaces outdoors will be an old hat to you. If you haven’t then it simply involves using big wall-type structures to create “rooms” outside. In this case, we have a full library outside! Just set up some carpets, bookshelves and of course books and couches. This might not be fun when it rains but I’m sure Disney magic will keep everything dry!


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