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Deliver Us Mars – Beginner’s Guide

Deliver Us Mars is the sequel to 2018’s Deliver Us The Moon that surpasses its sci-fi epic of a predecessor by a long mile. The sequel takes the focus from exploring the Moon to exploring Mars, the red planet that has been the centre of attention in modern space exploration. However, given that it isn’t like your standard RPG platformer, many new players can struggle to enjoy it, which is why we’ve put together the ultimate beginner’s guide!


6 Tips To Follow When Starting Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars can be best summarized as a story-driven game in which progression is closely tied to exploring with the help of different platformer-like mechanics. As such, it is imperative to pay close attention to tidbits of lore scattered across the explorable portion of the red planet and flesh out the game’s core mechanics.

All in all, here are six tips you should follow in Deliver Us Mars that will allow you to maximize your progression and enjoyment.


1.    Holograms Offer Great Value

Source: Gamer’s Little Playground

There are 16 holograms scattered across the open world of Mars. As is the case with most futuristic games, these items hold confidential information regarding lore that helps piece together the bigger picture. Once you get all 16 holograms, you’ll get the ‘Cinephile’ trophy,

Although we won’t delve into the locations of these holograms, do remember to collect them if you ever come across them. You’ll need to use AYLA, your companion, to navigate and decipher the hologram. After that, you’ll be able to view the content inside – viewing the contents of all 16 holograms will reward you with the ‘Take a Look’ trophy.


2.    Learn More About The Martians

When there’s Mars, there are also Martians. The Martians are generally considered to be human-like inhabitants of Mars that have their own history of civilisation. In the context of Deliver Us Mars, these Martians are seen as colonists, and tidbits of their history can be found in collectable items known as AstroTalks.

AstroTalks are essentially chat logs or bits of conversation between the Martian colonizers. These talks shed light on their way of life and core values. Similar to Holograms, they add tremendous depth to the red planet, showing how in the faraway future perhaps, it could be colonized in an attempt to divert human extinction. There are a total of 17 AstroTalks, and collecting all of them alongside other objects of interest will earn you the ‘Chronicler’ trophy.


3.    Take Your Time

Source: Gamer’s Little Playground

As is the case with most open-world story-driven games, it’s important to take your time and really soak in the narrative as you play along. After all, the exciting moments of this game are not action-filled but instead coated with tension and thrill. You will only be able to appreciate them if you earnestly follow the game’s story instead of treating it as a series of tasks.

Once you’ve immersed yourself in the Martian landscape, you’ll also start appreciating the extra-terrestrial scenery more as the desolate landscape will appear fresher to you. After all, even though the mechanics of exploration are similar to those of any open-world game, it’s what you’re exploring that really impacts you.


4.    Manage Your Oxygen

As mentioned before, players find much enjoyment in Deliver Us Mars from the tense situations it likes to build up and create. While some constitute the story’s climactic moments, some are less prominent yet equally important, such as the oxygen meter. Yes, if you’ve been playing the game and haven’t realized how oxygen is a finite resource, then that’s exactly what we mean.

Although initially, oxygen would only be an afterthought, the tension will build up exponentially when you start running out of this precious resource – this will become apparent very quickly.


5.    Learn The Mechanics

Although Deliver Us Mars has platformer elements in it, it is not your regular platformer, given how it takes place on a completely different planet in a vastly unique environment. As such, it’s important to pay attention and experiment with its platformer-esque mechanics that go a long way in solving challenging puzzles once you get the hang of them.

Without delving into many spoilers, a vital mechanic of the game is its climbing mechanic, which gets a bad rep due to how difficult it is to utilize properly. Although it does have a steep learning curve, one could justify it due to the kind of equipment being used in the context that it is used. With that said, do focus on the game’s mechanics, particularly the climbing mechanic.


6.    Replay Any Chapter If Needed

Deliver Us Mars is split into a total of ten chapters, the first of which is considered the game’s prologue. Each chapter can be replayed after being played through for the first time. This is a quality-of-life feature that enables players to either relive the experience or complete it if they missed anything. This could range from important dialogues to certain collectables that always respawn if you haven’t yet collected them.

After all, it’s understandable not to be 100% a chapter right off the bat. Focusing on completionist factors like collectables in the first playthrough of a chapter is often difficult when you’re primarily concerned with surviving till the end. As such, the chapter replaying feature is highly appreciated by the Deliver Us Mars player base.


Final Thoughts On Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars is a unique outer space experience that is a treat for anyone that’s into story-driven games with high stakes. Sometimes it’s not the action-packed missions that excite the player, but the tense plot that gradually unfolds itself in masterfully written ways that do. If you, too, want to experience Deliver Us Mars in a similar spirit, then be sure to keep in mind our six tips – enjoy the story!

Deliver Us Mars is available now on the PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC – Steam, Epic Games

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