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Casting The God Of War TV Series

The God of War series by Santa Monica Studio and Cory Barlog is one of the best pieces of storytelling in the world. With the videogame characters and scenes surpassing even the most acclaimed TV shows and movies. So it comes as no surprise that Amazon wants to make a live-action God of War TV series.

God of War first launched on the PlayStation 2 way back in 2005 but has since seen a resurgence. The not-quite reboot of God of War in 2018 took the story of the first three games and moved it in a different direction. Our once angry Ghost of Sparta had now mellowed (somewhat) and had become a Dad. And with it goes on a somewhat different journey of regret, loss and fatherhood. It’s a wonderful tale and something that I’m eager to see on live-action TV.

So far Amazon has yet to cast any characters for the God of War TV series. But we’re here to help them with this fan-cast list.


Kratos – Christopher Judge

We’ll start off this list with the obvious choice for Kratos – Christopher Judge. Judge already plays Kratos in the videogame and will already know how to bring Kratos to life in the live-action TV series. There’s also no one else that can bring out that deep Kratos baritone that we’ve come to associate with the character.


Kratos – Dave Bautista

Other actors in line to play Kratos will need to match the burly physique of the God of War. So ex-wrestler and actor Dave Bautista certainly looks the part of Kratos. He plays an excellent burly boy in Guardians of the Galaxy and we think he’ll do a great job with Kratos!


Artreus – Sunny Suljic

Normalise voice actors to play their live-action counterparts! Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic already have the father-son chemistry that is so important to God of War. He looks like Artreus (sans hair) and his appearance in The Killing of a Sacred Deer shows that he can handle the actions of this intense source material.


Artreus – Alex R. Hibbert

If Christopher Judge is to be Kratos we might need another person of colour to play his son. Despite being only 18, Hibbert has already had some amazing performances. Most notably in Moonlight and he was even in Black Panther. His maturity will shine well in Artreus’ later years circa Ragnarok.


Brok and Sindri – Nick Frost and Simon Pegg


Brok and Sindri are the wonderful and helpful comic relief in God of War. But more than that they are deep and complex characters that generally care for Atreus and Kratos. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have a history of providing comic relief in the midst of zombie attacks and alien invasions. Which would make them the perfect fit for God of War’s dark tones.


Freya – Danielle Bisutti

Just like Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic, Danielle Bisutti who voices Freya could also be cast in the live-action God of War TV series. She is originally an on-screen actress and her emotional portrayal of Freya already is exactly what we need. Plus the fact that she already looks the part of a beautiful Goddess.


Baldur – Travis Fimmel

Everyone from the cast of Vikings could be up for grabs for the God of War TV series. But Travis Fimmel looks almost exactly like Baldur. While his onscreen character Ragnar isn’t like Baldur, it could be an opportunity to branch out his acting skills.


Baldur – Jasper Pääkkönen

Another Vikings cast member that could be earmarked for Baldur is Jasper Pääkkönen. The wild, cruel and tortured intensity that Baldur’s character has can be portrayed by the violent Halfden.


Thor – Kristofer Hivju

Known for his memorable performance as Tormund Giantsbane in Game of Thrones, actor Kristofer Hivju has the breadth and depth of acting to play this angry spoiled God. Physically he might need to put on a bit more weight but I’m okay if they lose that look. If anything we know he can do some good war yells.


Odin – Lars Mikkelsen

To play the All Father we need someone who has a commanding presence, that does what he needs to do for survival. If you’re thinking Grand Admiral Thrawn then you’d be correct. The highly recognisable actor Lars Mikkelsen is the perfect cast to play the mani-faceted and complex character of Odin.


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