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Wild Hearts – Complete Kemono Guide

Wild Hearts is the Monster Hunter-esque game developed by the creators of Dynasty Warriors. But instead of monsters you now have Kemono. For those of you that have never played Monster Hunter, it is a co-op action-adventure game. Where you and your friends take down giant building-sized monsters and collect their parts. With these parts, you can then upgrade your weapons and armour to defeat even more giant and scary monsters. Rinse and repeat.

In Wild Hearts, you live in the land of Azuma, where giant beasts infused with the power of nature live. They are called Kemono. Kemono are the embodiment of nature’s power and they have been rampaging over the once-prosperous Azuma. How can you hope to take down such massive foes? Well, we’ll let you know here.

This is the complete guide to all the Kemono in Wild Hearts. In here we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Kemono, where to find them and how to beat them.


Kemono List

There are a total of 20 different Kemono in Wild Hearts so far. And are divided into – Giant Kemono and Small Kemono. Giant Kemono are more formidable foes that you’ll need to hunt down during Wild Heart‘s main storyline. While small Kemono are, for the most part, harmless. You can ignore them or interact with them to get useful loot.

This list will cover all the Giant Kemono.

Golden TempestRagetailSapscourage
SporetailFumebeakCobalt Lavaback