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Hogwarts Legacy – House Exclusive Quests Guide

One of the biggest decisions you make in Hogwarts Legacy is made right at the very beginning when you choose which Hogwarts House you want to be in. We have everything about how to choose which house over here. Your Hogwarts House choice has a number of cosmetic effects on gameplay and also changes which of the House Dormitories the player has access to. But most importantly it gives you access to House Exclusive Quests.

Hogwarts Legacy has four house-exclusive quests that can only be accessed by players who have selected that particular House. Not to worry if you don’t want to play the game four separate times because, in the end, all these quests will lead to a similar ending. But for those of you that want to know more without playing then check out the story quests here. Watch out for spoilers.

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Gryffindor – The Hunt for the Missing Pages

Gryffindor Students begin the Hunt for the Missing Pages by speaking to Nearly Headless Nick. He can be found floating around the House Hourglasses in the Gryffindor common room. And will state that he knows about the missing pages and will help you in exchange for you helping him. He’s hoping to join the Headless Hunt and wants to bring something to impress that group.

After this, head to the secret entrance to the Hogwarts Kitchen, below the Great Hall. Enter the Kitchen by ticking the pear on the portrait down the corridor from the Hufflepuff House’s corridor. In the kitchen, find a piece of rotten roast beef inside a barrel. As ghosts’ sense of taste is very faint, they need strong-tasting and often foul food to achieve any semblance of flavour.

Next, deliver the ‘gift’ to the Headless Hunt which you can find at a Pumpkin Field near the Hogsmeade Cemetery. Unfortunately, they deny Nearly Headless Nick for not being completely Headless. But you will get consent to speak with Richard Jackdaw, that is if you can find his head.

Find Richard Jackdaw‘s head by smashing the pumpkin he is hiding in. The pumpkin will slightly grow and bounce as you get closer to it. Use the basic cast to smash it. Do this five times, and you will finally be able to talk to Richard Jackdaw, ending the quest.


Hufflepuff – Prisoner of Love

Hufflepuff Students begin the Prisoner of Love quest by speaking to the Portrait of Eldritch Diggory, the former Minister of Magic. Which can be found in the Hufflepuff common room. He seems to know something about the book from the Restricted Section and believes it’s connected with a murder case his niece investigated years ago and that you should solve the case to locate the missing pages.

Head out of Hogwarts to Upper Hogsfield and find Helen Thristlewood, niece of Eldritch Diggory and a retired Auror, in her cottage. Helen explains the murder case of how a boy named Richard Jackdaw went missing and a girl named Anne was accused and condemned to life in Azkaban.

Anne was attempting to solve some sort of riddle Jackdaw gave her that would lead to her meeting up with him but was unable to solve it. Helen believes she may have solved it by now, but she’s in Azkaban and is reluctant to speak to people after years of torment at the hands of Dementors.

After this, you will travel to Azkaban with Helen. Head over to Anne’s cell and speak with her. She will tell you and Helen that Jackdaw has hidden something in a cave near Upper Hogsfield. Back in Upper Hogsfield, follow the road down the hill and pass the dam to reach the entrance of a small cave. Once inside, solve the puzzle by using Revelio to identify which wrungs you can pull and then pull them with Accio accordingly.

Locate Jackdaw’s Clue scroll on a pedestal in the left corner. Take it and leave the vault, where you will meet Jackdaw’s ghost. After having a conversation, the mission ends.


Ravenclaw – Ollivander’s Heirloom

Ravenclaw Students begin Ollivander’s Heirloom quest by heading over to Hogsmeade and speaking with Olivander. He asks for your help finding a special wand that was stolen long ago by Richard Jackdaw. Ollivander suspects there are clues to where he hid it at the Hogwarts Owlery.

Head over to the Owlery where you will notice small rings in the alcoves where the owls rest. You can pull these rings using Accio. Find three Jackdaw statues hidden behind these rings. Place the three statuses as prompted below, then head back up to pull down the ringed plates to get two more Jackdaw statues and gold bags.

Place the two statuses with the others to trigger a gust of wind to carry you up. There you will meet the ghost of Richard Jackdaw, who will tell you about the wand and the missing pages.


Slytherin – Scrope’s Last Hope

Slytherin Students begin Scrope’s Last Hope quests with a message from a House Elf. Who tells them to find a second note he has left for them in the Clocktower Courtyard. Head to the courtyard Floo Flame location and find a mysterious note in the Gryffin statue’s mouth. Open it up to learn that the scavenger hunt isn’t over yet, and players should cross the wooden bridge to find another note.

The next note will be on top of a rock on the left after crossing the bridge. Get it by moving a crate into position using the Accio. This note offers a clue to the location of one final note, inside a pumpkin down the hill that must be smashed open using the Basic Cast. This finally leads players to an area near the broken docks to meet Scrope.

The Headmaster’s House Elf wants help retrieving a ring from a cave and claims that their previous master “Apollonia Black” knew something about the lost pages and used to use the cave as a study. Follow the coastline to a cliff face below Hogwarts, where you will find a small cave you can swim into. Head on into the cave and investigate the pedestal by the mural. Accept a toast to open the path forward and check Apollina’s Journal, at which point Jackdaw shows up, and the quest ends.



Hogwarts Legacy will take place in the late 19th century a world apart from the famous Harry Potter books. The older era offers a lot more creative freedom, without being burdened by the existing meta.

You’ll play as a student attending Hogwarts in late 1890, attending classes and learning magic alongside other students. “You have received a late acceptance to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and soon discover that you are no ordinary student: you possess an unusual ability to perceive and master Ancient Magic. Only you can decide if you will protect this secret for the good of all, or yield to the temptation of more sinister magic.”

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. A PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch version is set for release later this year.