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Hogwarts Legacy – All Choices And Consequences

Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG that has you playing your own original character in the Harry Potter universe. And what’s a role-playing game if there aren’t story changes affected by your choices in the game? Now, this guide is a bit controversial as some people would just like to make their choices based on how they feel at the moment. But if you’re like me with anxiety and want to know all the outcomes for the “right” choice then this guide is for you. Or if you’re simply curious about what would happen if you made another choice, then keep on reading!

There are about eight pretty big story-based decisions you’ll need to make in Hogwarts Legacy. Should you tell the truth or lie? Should you take the relic? Cast Crucio? Find out the results of all your actions ahead!

Spoiler warning for the rest of this article.


Welcome To Hogsmeade

Natty Or Sebastian

Welcome to Hogsmeade is the sixth main quest in Hogwarts Legacy. In this one you venture into Hogsmeade for the first time, and your big choice will be either to be accompanied by Natty or Sebastian.

Choosing either Natty or Sebastian won’t affect the outcome of the quest, but it will affect dialogue during the quest and who helps you against the Armored Troll.

Option 1: “How about Natty?”

If you choose Natty she will be your Hosmeade tour guide and you will get to learn more about her early on. As mentioned earlier she will be the one to join you in battle against the Armored Troll. She will be more of a support ally during the battle

Option 2: “Sebastian, I think”

If you choose Sebastian he will be your Hosmeade tour guide and you will get to learn more about him early on. As mentioned earlier he will be the one to join you in battle against the Armored Troll. Sebastian will be more of a damage dealer during the battle.

Result: Dialogue difference in Hogsmeade with no lasting consequences. The companion you choose will join you in the Amored Troll fight. Natty is more of a support ally, while Sebastian is more of a damage dealer.


The Girl from Uagadou

Tell Natty The Truth Or Not

Early in the game, Natty will ask you to meet her in a small hamlet just south of Hogwarts. When you do, she will mention that she was in Hogsmeade and witnessed the showdown with Rookwood in the 3 Broomsticks. She’ll press you for details regarding why Ranrok, Rookwood, and others are after you.

Option 1: Tell The Truth

If you choose to tell her the truth, she is sympathetic but doesn’t push further.

Option 2: Lie

If you explain you don’t really know what’s behind all of this, she says she understands and lets it go.

Result: No consequences just dialogue difference.


Professor Weasley After Class Dialogue Choices

Lie Or Tell The Truth About Professor Fig

Professor Fig, from the beginning, has told you to keep your adventure with him a secret. This includes you encounter with the dragon, and search for Vault 12. However, during an encounter with Professor Weasley, she will seem suspicious about your arrival and wants to know whether there’s more behind the story. 

Option 1: “There is, in fact” (Truth)

If you decide to tell Professor Weasley the truth, your character will tell her everything in detail. However, Professor Weasley will not discuss this further and leave the matter, saying Professor Fig must have his reasons.

If you choose to tell the truth to Professor Weasley, Professor Fig will simply confront you about whether he heard you tell her about exploring some ruins.

Option 2: “I am afraid there isn’t” (Lie)

If you keep Professor Fig’s words and say there’s nothing to tell to Professor Weasley, she will be suspicious about your arrival but won’t question you anymore. 

If you choose to lie to Professor Weasley, Professor Fig will be amazed by your ability to evade interrogation.

Result: No consequences just dialogue difference.


In The Shadow Of The Undercroft

Tell Sebastian the Truth or Lie

In the Shadow of the Undercroft is the eighteenth main quest in Hogwarts Legacy; where you find a new secret area of the castle thanks to Sebastian, as he teaches you a forbidden spell that you can practice there.

Whether you choose to tell Sebastian the truth or lie doesn’t seem to matter at all. And it’s not like you lie to him outright anyway; you just kinda tell him that you are not ready to tell him everything. The choice really only affects the length of your conversation with Sebastian.

If you want to talk a bit about Ancient Magic, then tell Sebastian the truth. If you want the conversation to end, then give Sebastian a vague answer.

Option 1: “I’ll tell you the truth”

Extended conversation about Ancient Magic

Option 2: “I’m not ready to tell you everything”

The conversation will quickly end and the quest will continue.

Result: No consequences just dialogue difference.


Follow The Butterflies

Lie Or Tell The Truth To Clementine

Follow the Butterflies becomes available once players have completed their first Potions class, which takes place during the fourth act of Hogwarts Legacy. After your debrief with Professor Sharp, you’ll be able to talk to a woman named Clementine Willardsey at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. She’ll mention something about a swarm of butterflies and point you in the direction of the Forbidden Forest.

After opening the chest, travel back to Hogsmeade and talk to Clementine. Here you’ll be given a choice of whether to tell her what really happened.

Option 1: “Yes. And I was well rewarded” (Truth)

If you select the truth Clementine will be very happy that the butterflies are real and that you’ll get the Flower Box collection item, which can be used to decorate the walls of the Room of Requirement.

Option 2: “Yes. Nothing exciting I’m afraid” (Lie)

 If you lie Clementine will be sad, but will thank you for going there to check it out anyway. She’ll still give you the Flower Box collection item in the end though.


Venemous Revenge 

Give The Plant Or Not

Supply businessman Ackley Barnes in Hogwarts Legacy seeks to get “Venomous Revenge” on his ex-partner Alfred Lawley, who allegedly kicked Ackley out of their contract for being too “volatile.” Barnes is not confident in his capabilities to unleash his retaliation on his own, so he seeks the help of someone uninvolved, such as a student of Hogwarts.

Ackley asks that you enter Alfred’s cellar and steal his most prized possession, a Venomous Tentacula. Once you get back to Ackley Barnes with the Venemous Tentacula in your possession, you will be presented with two choices.

Option 1: Happy to be rid of it” 

If you select this option, you will promptly hand over the plant to Ackley Barnes. Naturally, he is going to be very, very pleased. For doing this for him, he will give you a reward, and you will also earn some XP for completing the quest itself.

Option 2: “I’d like to be paid” 

If you decide not to give him the plant before he pays you – the result will be much the same. He will agree that you deserve a little something for your efforts, and will give you the same reward as in the first option.


In the Shadow of the Study

Learn Crucio?

In The Shadow Of The Study is an side mission that is affected by your relationship with Sebastian Sallow. In order to unlock this, you’ll have to follow Sebastian Sallow’s quest line, which will eventually lead you to this point. Namely whether you want to learn the Cruciatus Curse or not.

When you next speak to Sebastian, he’ll reveal that he knows the Cruciatus Curse and can teach it to you. One of you needs to use the curse on the other in order for the door to open. No matter what you choose Ominis will not use the unforgivable curse.

Option 1: “Very well. I don’t want to learn the Cruciatus Curse”

You can decide to not learn the unforgivable curse and avoid ever using the dark arts. If you choose this answer, you won’t learn the curse and Sebastian will use “Crucio” on you.

Option 2: “I want to learn the Cruciatus Curse. But you must cast it on me”

You’ll learn “Crucio” but you won’t use it on Sebastian – instead he’ll use it on you. He will be grateful to you for doing this.

Option 3: “Teach me the Cruciatus Curse and I’ll cast it on you”

You’ll learn the Cruciatus Curse and you’ll use it on Sebastian. It will be hard to watch your friend be in excruciating pain but it opens the door. There’s no punishment for using the curse.

Result: This is your only chance to learn the Cruciatus Curse, should you wish to.


In the Shadow of Time

Take the Relic?

In the Shadow of Time is another relationship side quest with Sebastian Sallow. Sebastian learns that the relic he’s looking for has been hidden inside the catacombs and he needs some help recovering it. In the end you can choose to say something to Sebastian. But the end result will be that Sebastian will take the relic.

The only difference is how he perceives you in that moment, and that doesn’t seem to have any lasting consequences whatsoever.

Option 1: “We should leave the relic alone”

Sebastian will explain that it’s all for Anne’s sake and a part of a grander prophecy and whatnot. Afterwards, he’ll help himself to the relic, and the quest will continue from there. 

Option 2: “We need that relic”

Sebastian will take the relic and be happy as a clam that you and him are on the same wavelength. And that’s about it.

Side with Ominis or Sebastian?

While working through In The Shadow of Time quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to make a choice of siding with Sebastian or Ominis. Although Sebastian has good intentions, he’s attempting to use a dark relic to give his sister health, and Ominis wants him to stop walking down this path and followed you here.

You can choose to aid Sebastian, or you can help Ominis.

Option 1: “Very well. Let’s talk with Sebastian”

You and Ominis agree that Sebastian has gone too far with the Dark Arts, and wants to leave with the relic. Ominis will agree that Sebastian is only allowed to leave so long as he cannot pursue other Dark avenues.

Option 2: “I cannot side with you. Sebastian’s right”

When speaking with Ominis, you can choose to say you agree with Sebastian, and that you cannot side with Ominis. Upon doing so, Ominis will say that his mind has been made up, and he’s willing to sacrifice his friendship for this.

You then have two more options:

Option 2a: “Never Mind”

If you choose to go with never mind, Ominis agrees to let you and Sebastian leave so long as he does not pursue the dark arts any further.

Option 2b: “Yes, that’s precisely what I’m suggesting”

Ominis does not agree with this, and believes it to be insanity. However, he agrees, and your character learns the Imperio curse, saving Ominis’ friendship with Sebastian.


Birds of a Feather

Give, Keep Or Ask For Money

Birds of a Feather is a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy that requires players to rescue a rare white-feathered Diricawl named Gwyneira from poachers. In the small town of Marunweem, in the southeastern part of the world map you’ll find a woman named Marianne Moffett. Speak with Marianne and agree to help rescue Gwyneira from the poachers.

After rescuing Gwyneira, speak with Marianne. She’ll ask them to hand Gwyneira over as it was her idea to “rescue” the bird from the poachers, at which point, players will be given three options to choose from.

Option 1: “I’m keeping her

If you decide to keep Gwyneria Marianne will show her true colours and begin to curse you out. You won’t get any money from this option but you will be able to keep Gwyneira and take her back to the Room of Requirement. You’ll also recieve 180 XP and the Debonair Socialite Ensemble.

Option 2: “Yes”

“Yes” means that you will hand Gwyneira over without any trouble. For this choice, you’ll get the same amount of XP and the cosmetics, as well as three hundred Galleons.

Option 3: “It’ll Cost You”

You will give Gwyneria to Marianne but instead of three hundred Galleons, you will recieve five hundred. You’ll still also get the same XP and the cosmetic.


Take the Biscuit

Give, Keep or Ask for Money

After the main quest Astronomy Class you’ll be able to talk to a Goblin named Garnuff in Hogsmeade. One of his pet mooncalfs ‘Biscuit” has been calf-napped by poachers and he wants your help to recuse them. After rescuing Biscuit you can choose to return her to Garnuff or not.

Option 1: “I’m sure she’ll be glad to be home”

Garnuff is happy if you give Biscuit back to him because he loves her so. In return you’ll receive the Beast Rescuer robe. A cosmetic outfit for your collection. As well as 180 XP and 300 Gold.

Option 2: “I’d like to be compensated for my efforts”

Choosing this option will give you the same rewards as giving her back. You’ll get the Beast Rescuer Robe, 180XP and 300 Gold.

Option 3: “She’s safer with me”

You can choose to keep Biscuit but it will make the Goblin angry and disappointed in wizardkind. But after that you will find Biscuit the Mooncalf in your Vivarium.


San Bakar’s Trial

Kneel or Attack?

San Bakar’s Trial is the thirty-eighth main quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Complete the fourth and final Keeper Trial, learn the truth of what happened to Isidora, and encounter a powerful beast unlike any you’ve met before. Go through the trail and meet the Lord of the Shore – a Graphorn, which you’ll need to defeat in combat.

After the fight you can choose to Kneel or Attack. Either way you will get a Graphorn mount but will just choose between two different cutscenes.

Option 1: Kneel

Show the creature that you’re not a threat

Option 2: Attack

Subjugate the creature with your might.


In The Shadow Of Friendship

Turn In Sebastian or Not

Over the course of your year at Hogwarts, you become friends with a Slytherin named Sebastian Sallow. After completing all of his companion side quests, and seeing all of the things he is doing to protect his sister Anne, you are given the option by Ominis to either turn Sebastian in or stay loyal and forgive him. Whatever choice you make here will impact the ending HEAVILY. 

After Sebastian kills his uncle with Avada Kedavra, he returns to the undercroft. Here he will argue with Ominis for a bit, claiming he did it all for Anne. Anne is incredibly confused, wanting Sebastian to face the consequences for what he did but not wanting to turn in her brother.

You will then be given the option to speak to Ominis. He will say that he doesn’t want to lose Sebastian, but you don’t have a choice. This is where you choose Sebastian Sallow’s fate.’

Option 1: “We should turn Sebastian in”

If you turn Sebastian in and betray him, he will be expelled from Hogwarts and sent to Azkaban after a trial at the Ministry of Magic. Even worse, Ominis says that once he revealed that Rockwood was the one who cursed Anne and not a goblin, his hatred only grew for goblins and dark wizards.

Not only that, but if you turn Sebastian in, you will never see him again. He will not show up for the final quest, and you will only hear of what happened to him from Ominis.

Option 2: “I’ve Changed My Mind” OR “We Must Not Turn Sebastian In”

If you don’t turn Sebastian in, you will reason with Ominis and tell him that for everyone’s sake, mostly Anne’s, you shouldn’t turn in Sebastian. You will say he is remorseful for his actions and won’t repeat the same mistakes. Obviously, Ominis is weary, considering everything, but reluctantly agrees to speak with Anne and convince her this is the correct thing to do.

By staying loyal to Sebastian and not turning him in, you will see him in the final quest and be able to speak with him after. You will have a quest called “In The Shadow of Friendship,” where he will talk to you about all that’s happened. Sebastian will say that Anne refuses to see him, and he might have lost her forever.

But here is where the good news is. After saying that, Sebastian will admit that he did the wrong thing, and he regrets it all. He will try every day to make up for it and that he owes you and Ominis everything.

This ending also allows him to teach you the curses after the main quest is done. The other ending does not allow this.



Hogwarts Legacy will take place in the late 19th century a world apart from the famous Harry Potter books. The older era offers a lot more creative freedom, without being burdened by the existing meta.

You’ll play as a student attending Hogwarts in late 1890, attending classes and learning magic alongside other students. “You have received a late acceptance to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and soon discover that you are no ordinary student: you possess an unusual ability to perceive and master Ancient Magic. Only you can decide if you will protect this secret for the good of all, or yield to the temptation of more sinister magic.”

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. A PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch version is set for release later this year.