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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Get Olaf

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s first 2023 update is called a Festival of Friendship and brings to the valley some great new items, upgrades and new characters. One of the two characters to join us this February 2023 is Olaf, the snowman from Frozen.

Olaf arrives at the Valley rather dramatically with a big blizzard and is almost impossible to miss. He will however need a couple of things done before he’ll be able to properly join. In this guide, we’ll go through how to calm the big Blizzard and get Olaf into the Valley!




Once you’ve met the prerequisites the next time you enter your Dreamlight Valley you’ll notice a giant blizzard blowing down on you. The origin of the blizzard? Somewhere in the Frosted Heights.

Upon entering the game head straight away to Merlin to see whether he knows what’s going on. He suspects dark magic is afoot and the way to stop it is to restore the Pillar in the Frosted Heights. But unfortunately, the orb for said Pillar went missing even before The Forgetting occurred, so Merlin suggests you search the blizzard for the source of the disturbance.


The Great Blizzard

At Frosted Heights head towards the black smoking pillar and look at the wall somewhere to the North of it. You’ll see a stone door cut into the wall, interact with it and head inside.

It’s here you’ll find Olaf getting attacked by some scary squirrels. They’ve stolen his nose and his buttons and you’ll need to hunt them down around Frosted Heights to get them back. These black squirrels are running around Frosted Heights and are pretty easy to spot due to the black smoke trail they leave after them.

Chase all four of the scary squirrels to reclaim Olaf’s missing parts. You won’t automatically catch them however once you run to them. You’ll need to chase the squirrel until the ‘Check’ interaction appears. At which point you can grab the stolen part.


Finding The Orb

Return Olaf’s missing body parts to try and figure out what happened to the Orb. He still can’t remember however and his solution is to use water, which he says contains memories. He suggests talking to Elsa as she might know how to access the memories of water.

Elsa reveals that the Royal Watering Can has the ability to draw out the memories held by water. This means you can water pools of sparkling water to attain memories. Using your Watering Can on the sparkling pool at the Pillar will create a vision of The Forgotten stealing the orb.

After watching the memory, return to Elsa and tell her what you saw before returning to Olaf in the secret chamber.

There you will need to use the Watering Can on both the sparkling water particles found near the table and the dark portal at the far end of the room. After watching these visions, talk to Olaf again to start work on fixing the portal.


Fix The Portal

To fix the portal first grab the book Olaf needs in the cave. The book will tell players that they need to construct a Dreamlight Prism.

Materials Needed For Dreamlight Prism

  • 10 Glass (50 Sand + 10 Coal Ore)
  • 5 Purified Night Shard (25 Night Shards + 5 Dream Shards)
  • 3 Shattered Prism (Found in the secret chamber you’re in)

Now that you’ve created the prism, it’s time to return to the secret chamber and place it on the pedestal in the centre of the room.

With the Dreamlight Prism in place, your next task is to figure out which gems are missing from the other pedestals and replace them. The gems go in the order of the rainbow starting at the red pillar and wrapping around to what players will make the purple pillar. 

Gems For The Pedestals

  • Right of Red Pedestal – Amethyst (Frosted Heights, Forgotten Lands)
  • Left of Blue Pedestal – Citrine (Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau)
  • Right of Yellow Pedestal – Emerald (Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust)

Once all three gems have been placed correctly approach the portal and whisper one of your deepest fears. Do this and successfully obtain Olaf’s arms and an Orb from within the glowing portal.


Activate The Orb

After a cutscene, you can finally replace the Orb in the Frosted Heights Pillar. Doing so will calm the blizzard and allow Olaf to return to the Valley! Return to Olaf in the secret chamber one last time and you’ll immediately level up your friendship with him to level two.

The other character introduced in a Festival of Friendship is Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto, her guide is over here!


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