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8 Videogame Couples That Will Give You The Feels

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a day of love but whatever #couplegoals you’re going to see today on your feed are not going to match the intensity of what we have here today. Really unless you’re saving the world together can your love even get that intense? Whether it’s magic, chemistry, hormones or a bond with your artificial intelligent handler. These couples have been through it all and their romance story is guaranteed to make you go awww.


Ellie And Riley From The Last Of Us

The Last of Us games really pulls no punches when it comes to gut-wrenching tales of love and loss. While other relationships exist in series lore, the love that never was is possibly the game’s most heartbreaking side story. Riley Abel was Ellie’s first love interest and I won’t spoil the ending for those of you that haven’t played it.

Riley and Ellie were both orphaned during the outbreak and became best friends after Riley protected Ellie against a band of bullies in the quarantine zone. At 16, Riley became fascinated with a group called the Fireflies and wanted to leave the quarantine zone to join them. It was at that moment when Riley turned to leave to join the Fireflies that Ellie stood in her way and made Riley stay with a kiss.

Their kiss scene is probably one of the most adorable kisses in video game history. The two girls share their hopes and dreams with each other and it’s one that’s full of unadulterated hope for the future. It’s young love in the face of a hopeless post-apocalyptic situation and it’s that whole situation that will tug at your heartstrings.


Master Chief And Cortana From Halo

It’s a tale as old as time – a man and woman are forced to work together only to end up slowly falling in love. The only difference is Master Chief is a spartan soldier and Cortana, is an advanced Artificial Intelligence. Even still, this pair is shown to care for each other, even with their very apparent differences throughout the Halo series.

Cortana is always at Master Chief’s side. At first, she’s just the smoky-voiced, computerized guide telling him where and what to gun down. But over the course of the Halo games, they manage to showcase the live-or-die trust that defines the strongest relationships. Their exchanges get increasingly flirty up and in Halo 4 Cortana manages to project a physical version of herself so that they can touch her for the first time.

The relationship between stoic soldier and sweet support is a cliche one, but this take on it in the Halo series makes us smile.


Parvati and Junlei From The Outer Worlds

Parvati Holcomb is absolutely adorable. She is enthusiastic, clever and incredibly talented, but also humble, naive, and shy. You can’t help but root for her when she reveals growing feelings for another engineer – Junlei Tennyson. The way Parvati talks about her crush on Junlei is some of the sweetest dialogue in the game.

How romantic and loving she is towards Junlei definitely dispels common myths about asexuality. When you hear her talk about Junlei, it’s hard not to get excited with her. The best part is that players can help her set up a date!

It’s a beautiful moment too, as all your hard work culminates with the engineering couple finally having a date, and revealing they both have about the same social skills as a really fancy clicky spanner. But, by the time it’s done, the two are a couple and Parvati’s so elated she leaves you to “happy-scream into my pillow for like an hour”.



There is a litany of romantic options in the Mass Effect games, but Garrus still stands out as one of the best. In the first title, Shepard shares a sort-of mentor-mentee relationship with the Turian. As such, the protagonist’s actions shape who Garrus becomes.

In the second title, though, things can heat up between the pair – as long as Commander Shepard is female. The two share the same banter they always have, only it is a bit more flirty. Garrus has only one friend and that’s Shepard. And for Shepard, well there’s nobody you would trust more than Garrus.

In a world of impending doom, love is hard and seemingly has no place, but Garrus will never be the one to let you down. He’s the beacon of hope that always reminds her that she’s not alone and that they’re in it together. They’re a team.



Are you team Triss or team Yennefer? I know I’m inviting a lot of hate to this video with this relationship but there’s a lesson to be learned here. That sometimes try as you might, you can’t fight fate. And Geralt has always been fated to be with Yennefer.

These two magic monster fighters are the on-and-off couple of the decade. She is the person that is never far from Geralt’s mind and one that he will never hesitate to choose in any situation. They keep annoyingly trying to deny the relationship, but in the end, they keep coming back to each other.

The thing about fate is that it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. You can try and fight it, which they did. But in the end, they always end up together. Is it the easiest relationship in the Witcher? No. They’re both headstrong, proud and strong-willed. But the messed up person that Geralt thinks he is, well Yennefer is messed up in the same way. They understand each other in a way that nobody else can. 


Chloe and Rachel from Life is Strange

Chloe and Rachel’s romance in the Life is Strange prequel, Before the Storm, manages to perfectly capture the rollercoaster of emotions you experience when you first fall in love. The complexity of moving between pure sadness and elation, and everything between, plays out across the episodes, exploring the blooming romance between the young women. You can, of course, choose how far their relationship goes, but there’s no doubt that this love will go down in history as the most intense.

You can’t look away from the love that is between Chloe and Rachel. Both of them are not afraid to live on the wild side, from jumping on trains to playing around in a junkyard. Both dream of leaving their hometown due to having a lot of issues with their families. As you play, it’s hard to not fall in love with their love as the two learn to lean on each other. This is a love and relationship that is beautiful, strong and a wonder to behold.


Undyne And Alphys From Undertale

Undertale is a brilliant game, that looks simple but is surprisingly deep. The characters in this game are all legendary in their own right, with the brash Undyne and the shy Alphys making for an unlikely yet adorable pairing.

Before the events of Undertale, Undyne meets Alphys in the Garbage Dump and they become friends. In one of the playthroughs, you deliver Undyne’s Letter to Alphys and accidentally go on a date with them to the Garbage Dump. It’s there that you can help Alphys open up to Undyne about her feelings. The manner in which both characters declare their feelings for each other is some solid writing and will give you all of the feels.

And one of the Undertale endings sees Undyne kiss Alphys briefly, causing the latter to absolutely explode with the feelings that are bursting in her chest. Awwwwww.


Zagreus And Thanatos From Hades

Hades is a gorgeous roguelike title that has it all. Excellent gameplay, stellar graphics and a soundtrack to die for. But what the game also has is romance. In Hades, you play as Zagreus, son of Hades and you want to escape the Underworld to meet Persephone, your mother. Throughout your playthrough, you’ll get to meet with several gods and other beings. Including three you can romance and one being Thantos.

Zagreus and Thanatos are childhood friends, and share a strong bond, despite having opposite personalities. This is possible because of his status as a god of death, and Zagreus’ role as a god of life, blood, and rebirth. Thanatos was initially visibly hurt when Zagreus decided to leave the Underworld, as he had neglected to inform the god of death.

If you’ve heard of the saying ‘two sides of the same coin’ then you’ll be happy to know it applies to Thanatos and his relationship with Zagreus. Thanatos is death – cold, calculated, and silent. Zagreus, however, is reckless and warm. Though as different as they are, the two of them share a deep bond with each other.