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Redfall – Everything We Know

Redfall is an open-world co-op FPS from developers Arkane, the award-winning team behind Deathloop, Prey and Dishonored. As with the rest of Arkane’s games, expect carefully crafted worlds and immersive sims, in this story-driven action shooter.

Redfall was initially revealed during E3 2021 but as of yesterday we finally have a release date – May 2nd 2023. For the PC, Xbox and on Day One with Xbox Game Pass.

The game takes place in the island town of Redfall, Massachusetts. The town is under siege by a legion of vampires who have blocked out the sun and cut the citizens off from the outside world. Trapped with a handful of survivors, squad up to create the perfect team of vampire slayers in open-world action.

Explore the open world and immerse yourself in a deep story campaign as you unravel the mystery behind the vampires’ appearance. As of now here’s everything you need to know about Redfall.


Redfall Gameplay

If you’re a fan of Left 4 Dead or Back For Blood then you’ll understand the gameplay concept of Redfall.

Redfall has everything you could want from a cooperative, story-driven FPS experience. Plus everything Arkane fans have come to expect from the studio. An open-world packed with mystery, a diverse roster of heroes to choose from, strategic combat that will keep you on your toes, painstakingly crafted environments, a rich narrative driving you through the world, a wide array of weapons… and vampires. A lot of vampires. Sneaky vampires that grab you and separate you from your team. Hulking vampires capable of tearing you and your team to pieces. Godlike vampires powerful enough to eclipse the sun. Arkane vampires.

Armed with a wide array of customizable gear, specialized vampire-hunting weaponry, and unique character abilities. You’ll take on the bloodthirsty threat and uncover the mystery behind the vamps’ appearance.

The game will have a main story campaign which can be played in single-player, or co-op, along with side missions. These are optional and can be found across the map of Redfall


The Four Heroes

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In Redfall you’ll be able to play alone or with up to three friends. You’ll be able to pick your own hero with their own unique playstyle. There are four heroes for you to choose from with different abilities.


Cryptozoologist – Devinder Crousley

Dev has travelled the world trying to prove the existence of the weird and supernatural. An author, brilliant inventor and self-styled “cryptid-hunter,” Dev has found some measure of internet fame through his expeditions and learnings. He’s in Redfall to promote his latest book when the vampires cut the island off from the outside world. Now he’s going to have to put all of his expertise to the test as he fights to survive.

Thankfully, his studies have granted him the knowledge he needs to craft his own anti-vampire weaponry. And if he just so happens to make it off the island with proof that his gadgets work. Well, that’s just a nice bonus.


Telekinetic Student – Layla Ellison

Layla came to Redfall to study biomedical engineering at Redfall Technical University. To alleviate some of her student debt, she volunteered for a medical trial at a local tech company, Aevum Therapeutics. But a strange sequence of events during her trial granted her actual f&$%ing superpowers. But she made a little money and can create things with her mind now, so maybe it’s a win-win.


Combat Engineer – Remi de la Rosa

A brilliant engineer and robotics specialist, Remi’s fierce determination to protect the people around her led her to join the Coast Guard, where she served on the frontlines of disasters. During her time in the Coast Guard, she developed Bribón, a highly advanced robot. It’s designed to be a decoy, and is a cover and attack drone all in one.

Because of her experience as a robotics expert, she often travelled to different Coast Guard bases training them in remote-operated search-and-rescue technology, which is how she ended up in Redfall. Now she’s faced with a disaster unlike any she’s ever encountered before. Good thing she has Bribón watching her back.


Supernatural Sharpshooter – Jacob Boyer

Jacob entered the military as soon as he was old enough. Rising through the ranks he eventually became part of a covert Special Forces unit. There, he undertook a series of recon and combat assignments. Upon his discharge, Jacob joined up with Bellweather, a private military company. It was one such mission that brought his unit to Redfall under mysterious orders known only to his superiors.

Once on the island, the expert sniper was separated from his team and a chance encounter left Jacob with a new, rather unique eye and the psychic raven that now haunts his side.


Vampires and Cultists

Redfall’s vampires aren’t your typical bloodsuckers. They were created by science – a longevity experiment that gave them their particular version of immortality – and they’re continuing to evolve. After their transformation, some of them develop powerful abilities and become specialized vampires.

As you move up the hierarchy from the standard “minions,” you’ll find hulking vampires with the physical strength to rip your squad to shreds. Watchful vampires that serve as a sort of alarm system for their cohorts, and other bloodsuckers like the Angler. This devious vampire will single you out and drag you away from your teammates if you’re not careful. (Don’t worry, if you’re playing alone, you can still free yourself from the Angler’s spear with a little effort.)

A big feature that was mentioned in the Xbox Developer Direct, was a massive enemy that the vampire gods can summon on a whim if you kill too many of the undead. This giant beast is incredibly hard to take down and is another encounter that players can choose their own solution for. 



Redfall is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2, 2023, and will be playable on day one on Game Pass.