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Raft – Complete Resource Guide

If you’re looking for a great survival crafting game to play with your friends, that’s not Minecraft, then look no further than Raft. Play by yourself or with your friends on an oceanic survival voyage. Trapped on a small raft with nothing but a hook made of old plastic, you’ll need to use your wiles and perseverance to make your own paradise at sea.

In Raft you and your friends are on an epic adventure to stay alive, gather resources and build yourself a floating home worthy of survival. Resources are tough to come by at sea. Grab some whenever floats by with your hook, or scavenge the reefs beneath the waves and the islands above. In this guide we’ll go through all the resources you’ll need in Raft to thrive at sea.


Raft Resource Guide

Palm LeafPlanks


Tool: Hook

The best way to get Clay in Raft is to dig it up in the shallow waters surrounding an island.

Simply travel to an island, anchor your Raft, and dig the greyish clumps of Clay that you can find underwater. Left-click over a Clay deposit with your Hook and you’ll gather it. Just watch out for Sharks while digging!

Used For: Wet Bricks, Beehive, Healing Salve

Combine Clay with Sand to make Wet Bricks. Then dry your Wet Bricks on the surface of your Raft to make Dry Bricks. You can then use these Dry Bricks to make important crafting stations such as the Smelter and Electric Smelter.



Tool: Hook

You can find Copper Ore in the yellowish stones from the underwater cliffs in the shallow water. Copper Ore is typically attached to the side of hills and cliffs, so carefully look around any vertical surfaces for this metal.

Used For: Circuit Board, Simple Battery

You won’t need Copper for much but it is important to advance the story. The Simple Battery, for example, is used to power the Receiver — a key device for discovering more story islands. It’s also used to power other electronic devices like the Juicer.



Tool: Shovel (1x Metal Ingot, 1x Bolt, 6x Planks)

You can get Dirt by finding Dirt deposits on Large Islands or Story Islands and digging it up with your Shovel.

Most Large Islands will have a handful of Dirt deposits that you can dig up. If you’ve unlocked the Receiver, it will be a little easier to find new Large Islands. Simply watch for green blips on the Receiver and those will lead you to Islands, although they won’t always be Large Islands.

Used For: Grass Plots (2x Dirt, 6x Planks, 4x Plastic)

Grass Plots are used to feed your Animals so that they can produce materials such as Wool, Eggs, or Milk. Your Animals won’t die if you don’t have enough Grass Plots, but they also won’t produce anything if they’re not regularly fed with Grass.



Tool: Bow

Feathers can be obtained from a Birds Nest after being occupied by a Seagull, or from collecting a slain bird.

A Seagull can be killed for six feathers; a Screecher can be killed for twelve feathers, a White Screecher can be killed for 7 feathers.

Used For: Hammock, Bed, Arrow



Tool: Weapon

Leather is gained through killing Warthogs, Bears, Hyenas, Alpha and collecting it from them.

Used For: Backpack, Big Backpack, Leather Body Armor, Empty Canteen, Leather Greaves, Leather Helmet



Tool: Hook

You’ll dig up Metal in the same way you do Copper, from the underwater cliffs in the shallow water. But this time the stones you’re looking for are light green. Just the same as before use your Hook to pick them up.

Used For: Metal Ingots

Metal in Raft is one of the most versatile materials in the game; Metal Ingots are used in the second tier of tools and a lot of other useful stuff.


Palm Leaf

Tool: Axe

Palm Leaves can be found floating in the ocean or collected by chopping Palm Trees with an Axe. When gathered as Flotsam, either a single leaf or a bundle of three may be collected.

Used For: Simple Purifier, Scarecrow



Tool: Axe
Trading Post: 10 planks sold for 1x Trash Cube

Planks appear in the ocean as Flotsam or as a random drop in Loot Boxes. But the most consistent way of gathering Planks will be to cut them down from trees.

Used For: Research Table, Recyler, Trash Cubes, Source of Heat

Use Planks as a sourche of heat for the Purifier, Grill, Engine and anything that needs it for Energy. One Plank will provide approximately 50seconds of Burn Time.



Tool: Hook

Much like Clay, you’ll dig up Sand deposits in the shallow waters around an island.

Used For: Wet Bricks, Glass

Wet Bricks when combined with Clay and Sand can be turned into Dry Bricks when on the deck of your Raft. While Glass can be used for advanced resources like Honey or to make Binoculars. You’ll need a Smelter to turn Sand into Glass.



Tool: None

You can get Seaweed in Raft by exploring the reefs around islands. Seaweed is the tall vines shown in our header image; it’s pretty hard to miss. You don’t need any special tools to get it, either — simply walk up to a glowing leaf and pick it up.

Used For: Vine Goo, Flippers

While it’s easy to get Seaweed, it isn’t used for very much on its own; you’ll need a Smelter to make it into the much more useful item – Vine Goo. Vine Goo is one of the most important components for advancing to the mid-game of Raft.



Tool: Hook
Trading Post: 5x Scrap for 1x Trash Cube and 1x Trade Coin

You can get Scrap as random loot from Barrels and Crates floating in the ocean. Or by digging up pieces of Scrap in the shallow waters surrounding an island. Simply anchor your Raft on the coast, dive in, and dig up a piece of Scrap by equipping a Hook and holding down left-click.

There is a lot of scrap on Vasagatan – the island’s Scrap respawns if the Raft has moved about 2500 units away and then returned.

Used For: Research Table, Trach Cubes, Recycler, Smelter, Storage, Sail, Workbenches, Nails etc.

Scrap is one of the most versatile (and most important) resources in the early game of Raft. Additionally, Scrap is used for some of the second tier of tools. The Scrap Hook, Metal Axe, and Metal Fishing Rod all require Scrap as a component.



Tool: Hook

Similar to Scrap, you can get Stone as random loot from Barrels and Crates floating in the ocean. Or by digging up Stone in the shallow waters surrounding an island. Use your Hook to dig them up. Or if you’re too lazy for that you can purchase Stone at a Trading Post.

Used For: Stone Axe, Throwable Anchor

Throwable Anchors are highly important for the early game — if you don’t anchor your Raft, it will drift away and effectively end your game right there. You should make sure to always have a spare Throwable Anchor on hand so you can immediately anchor your Raft when you approach a new island.