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Overwatch 2 – Heroes That Might Come In 2023

Overwatch 2 has launched with a fair amount of criticism, especially from the original Overwatch community. The team have slowly been trying to rectify the situation and in Season 3 we’ll apparently get a few fixes for the problem.

In a post by Jared Neuss, Executive Producer of Overwatch 2, it looks like we might be getting more rewards coming next season. I’m not sure whether this is in the form of coins, sprays or even skins but I’m sure more information will be provided as Season 3 draws nearer on February 7th 2023.

That being said not much else is known in Season 3, including whether or not there will be a new hero. The rumour is that the next two new Heroes after Ramattra will be Support. But we don’t know that for sure. In the meantime here are some of the most likely heroes that can come to Overwatch 2, based on everything we’ve seen and read in the archives.



Most Likely Role: Damage

Maximilien debuted in Overwatch‘s Storm Rising event where he was captured in order to give information about Doomfist. He is a wealthy omnic that sits on Talon’s inner council and he runs Casino Monaco, one of the new maps in Overwatch 2.

Maximilien started as an accountant but found his true talent in money laundering. He rose to prominence in Talon by aligning himself with Doomfist and despite his betrayal of Doomfist in Storm Rising, he appears to still remain loyal to him and Talon.

Based on his character model it’s likely that Maximilien will be an attack hero in Overwatch 2. However, it’s unclear what his combat style would look like, as we’ve never seen him fight. His sophisticated character design and attributes give him a kind of 007 vibe. So expect some Sombra vibes with guns, lasers or smoke bomb-type things.



Most Likely Role: Tank

This Talon heavy assault tank was originally intended to be Hero 31, but Blizzard decided that Sigma better fit the role at that time. But that doesn’t mean Mauga isn’t coming back, in fact, he’s the most likely hero on this list to be confirmed for Overwatch 2.

An original member of Talon and friend/ex-friend of Baptiste. Baptiste regards Mauga as “a demon”; a sociopath and a sadist. During their time in Talon Baptiste got sick of all the mass collateral damage and civilian casualties that they caused. Before he left Mauga told him that there were no good people. All they could do was have fun while they had the chance. Mauga let him go but told Baptiste that he now he owed him a favour and that he should call him when he was “ready to come home.

Mauga would likely play similarly to the Heavy Assault Troopers from the Overwatch PvE missions. Wielding a sizable shield for teammates to hide behind, equipped with two large chain guns. His destructive nature has been well-documented so expect to play into his abilities.


Overlord (Seung-hwa Shi)

Most Likely Role: Support

Any of D.va‘s team from the Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA) is likely to be a new hero in Overwatch 2. Of the MEKA team, there are four other heroes: Casino, D.Mon, King, and Overlord. Every member of MEKA comes with their own custom mech, but the reason we chose Overlord is that he plays a support role. As we mentioned before the next two characters coming to Overwatch 2 are going to be support heroes.

Overlord is the youngest member of the MEKA Squad and plays as a support mechanic for the team. He’s assigned to repair the other mechs of the squad. And D.Va regards him as the best pilot she knows. Seung-hwa helped to defend Busan from the Gwishin Omnic attack but was injured in the battle.

It would be pretty cool to have a flying mech support that could fly around the battlefield helping out the team. Based on the mech’s flight capabilities he could be a very flanky and versatile support. Dropping shots from above as well as heals.



Most Likely Role: Tank

Wildebeest is confirmed to be one of the agents Winston summoned for Overwatch in Recall.

A Numbani resident, Wildebeest would fit perfectly into the brawl theme to which Tanks in Overwatch 2 have been moulded. However, his kit’s ideas are limited as most of his original ideas have been incorporated into characters like Reinhardt and Brigitte. Another melee-focused Tank would make for an interesting dynamic, with perhaps higher mobility helping his viability.



Most Likely Role: Support

Helio is another character summoned by Winston, in Overwatch‘s recall. He was pitches as an original hero for the game but was later unused. His abilities include: Electro Maces, Healing Light and Protection.

Based on his initial abilities, Helio would be a Support with offensive capabilities. Which is very much in line with how Support characters are played in Overwatch 2. Electro Maces if it’s a short hand weapon might feel a bit strange but keeping his ability to fly would make him an appealing mobile Support. Something akin to Echo’s flying would work well.


Overwatch 2 Road Map

Right now the content roadmap is to have a new season every nine weeks. We’ve currently got new heroes coming every season as well as new maps and cosmetics. The last big thing to launch for Overwatch 2 will be its Story Mode which will be their PvE mode.