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High On Life – How To Unlock Secret Ending

High On Life is the alien invasion action-adventure game from the mind of Justin Roiland, creator of Rick and Morty. Watch out for spoilers if you haven’t finished the game!

Humanity is being threatened by G3 an alien cartel that wants to humans use them as drugs. So technically the game should end after defeating Garmantuous and the cartel right? Well, there’s a little more to the end of High On Life than that. Don’t worry it’s not too complicated to unlock and it’s well worth it to find. Because damn that’s some wild shizz.

Note, that you’ll need to have beaten the Nipulon Bounty (the second-last bounty of the game) in order to view the secret ending. So if you’re already there then follow us to unlock it!


1. Acquire Clugg’s Keycard

The first step is to go to your home and warp to Clugg’s Office in Nova Sanctus using the portal. Once you arrive at Clugg’s Office, walk over to the desk and pick up the purple keycard.


2. Jump The Platforms

After obtaining the keycard, head to the Human Haven in the Unknown Sector. From the portal, you’ll spawn in a cylindrical room.

Look up and to the left and you’ll see a platform by a vent that you can actually jump up to with your jetpack. Look up and you’ll see several more platforms, and continue manoeuvring up to them until you reach the very top.

In total, there are three main platforms, and then one final ledge with a blinking red light. Use your Jetpack to fly toward that light and you’ll see a door with a “No Trespassing” sign. Unlock the door with Clugg’s keycard.


3. Uncover Clugg’s Secret

Make your way inside the secret room and you’ll come across a hidden area. Then, follow the linear path, you’ll need to use Sweezys ultimate to get past the vents and spinning fan ahead. Go past the fan, then drop down and shoot the next fan to stop it from shredding you to bits. You’ll then end up in a disgusting room.

Exit the room through the door, make a left down the hall and you’ll come to another room where you’ll find Clugg. At this point, chase Clugg and you’ll come to the final sequence that hints at a sequel to High On Life.

You’ll see Cluggs workers waiting for you outside when you leave the room. They’ll explain how they’ll do everything they can to help you and the human race. Once they’re done talking, you’ll be able to leave the Human Haven and return home.


High On Life – Secret Ending Explained

Who is this mysterious alien Dr. Gurgula? And what is he even saying?

So it turns out Dr. Gurgula is the one who initiated the attack that nearly wiped out all the Gatlians. And now he has his sights set on Earth which could somehow hold the secrets of the universe. But before you can confront him, he teleports away to an unknown location.

Depending on the Gatlian you have equipped at the time, they will also comment on the situation and will even directly mention in some way that their fight against Dr. Gurgula will have to wait until a sequel.

High on Life is now available on Xbox consoles and PC – Steam.