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Ooblets – Wintertime Event Guide

Ooblets is the squishy dancy farming and creature collecting game of your dreams. In this utterly adorable fantasy land, you’re the caretaker of small dancing minions. And together you’re here to revitalise the town, make friends and most importantly participate in dance battles. Just like all amazing life sim games aka Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ooblets has some wonderful seasonal events in store for you.

From the 1st to 31st of December things get festive in Badgetown with the Ooblets Wintertime Event! In this event we’ll run through all the new cozy apparels and accessories up for grabs. As well as how and where to get all those festive baubles. So let’s get into it!


Ooblets Wintertime Event

To start your festive adventure in Ooblets head on over to the Town Square in Badgetown. There you’ll see a few vending machines called “Gotsapon“s. These machines can spit out a variety of wonderful prizes specific to this Wintertime Event. There are a number of Ooblet accessories, winter sweaters, outfits, as well as festive decorations and more! We’ll get into all the prizes later on here.


How To Use the Gotsapon

Gotsapon machines work like gachapons or lottery machines, where they will spit out their prizes randomly. But you’ll need to feed them a few Festive Bobbles first. It takes 5 Festive Bobbles to crank the Wintertime Event Gotsapon.

Festive Bobbles look like little Christmas tree ornaments and you can find them spread out all throughout Badgetown. Find them randomly spawned on the grounds outside, they won’t be inside any homes/shops. They’ll spawn every few minutes even after you’ve collected them on the same day. So theoretically you can get all the items in a day if you want!

Note: Unlike the Ooblets Halloween event, you can’t get any Festive Bobbles by talking to the townsfolk, you’ll have to find them on the ground yourself.


Wintertime Event Prizes

You’ll find three Gotsapon machines at the Town Square, each holding seven different items. The Green Gotsapon (Right), Red Gotsapon (Center) and Orange Gotsapon (Left).

Clothing items can only be redeemed once on each Gotsapon, while all other items (accessories, furniture, and treabies) can be redeemed an infinite amount of times.

Green Gotsapon (Right)

Clothing – ShirtPantsabrrr Sweater
Clothing – ShirtDance Party Sweater
Clothing – OutfitHoliday Special Starring Sweater I
Clothing – OutfitHoliday Special Starring Sweater II
Ooblet Accessory – HatFluffy Hat II
Ooblet Accessory – HatAntlers I
Treabie (Food)Jinglebread Oob Cookie

Red Gotsapon (Center)

Clothing – ShirtRad Boy Winter Sweater
Clothing – ShirtBeanjuice Jumper
Clothing – ShoesMidnight Treabie-Fetching Slippers
Ooblet Accessory – HatFluffy Hat I
Ooblet Accessory – HatAntlers II
Ooblet Accessory – WandCamby Cane
FurnitureTwinkle Lads

Orange Gotsapon (Left)

Clothing – AccessoryStriped Red Scarf
Clothing – AccessoryWhite Scarf
Ooblet Accessory – HatBaby Present Costume
Ooblet Accessory – HatBaby Snowplop Costume
Ooblet Accessory – HatBaby Warm Hat
WallpaperSnowflake Wallpaper
ToolIncredible Cocoa


New friends are plentiful in Ooblets! Spend your days renovating your farm, raising weird little pals, participating in dance-offs, designing your house, and helping the mayor save Badgetown!

Ooblets is out now for the Nintendo SwitchXbox and PC – Epic Games Store.