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Little Witch In The Woods – Complete Plant Guide

Little Witch In The Woods is a cozy fantasy life sim game where you play as Ellie, an apprentice witch. Much like other adorable life-sim games like Potion Permit and Ooblets, you’ll be helping revive the village. Make potions to help the people of the town and listen to their stories and make friends. You’ll need to gather the ingredients from plants and animals in the magical forest. Learn all you can as an apprentice Witch and one day you’ll get to be a full one!

Today we’re going to be looking at all the plants in Little Witch In The Woods. Where to find them, how to extract them and what potions and items can be crafted from them.

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Disclaimer: Little Witch In The Woods was released on the 17th of May 2022 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!


Plant Index

Maple HerbMoonflowerLittle Mandrake
Silver Starbell PollenWetland GrassWitchflower

Maple Herb

A red herb that roots itself in cliffs. Also called coward’s grass, because children pick the herb as a show of bravery.

LocationGreen Forest Plateau, Green Forest Waterfall
TimeAll Day
Harvest WithGloves
Potions Used InNutrition Potion, Pink Star Juice, Sunlight Potion, Curse Lifting Candy, Healing Candy


The flower of a Bitter Grape Tea Tree. It contains the power of the moon.

LocationMountain Summit on Bitter Grape Tea Tree
HowThrow a Sunlight Potion to scare the Blue Moon Butterflies that cover the Bitter Grape Tea Tree
Potions Used InLunar’s Oil, Tears of the Moon

Little Mandrake

The mandrake in the Green Forest does not mature due to its environment. The Little Mandrake will scream when it feels threatened. Though not as deadly as an adult’s, it still puts a strain on the body if heard continuously.

LocationGreen Forest Depths
TimeAll Day
Harvest WithGloves
HowDrink Earmuff Potion

The shrieks of the mandrake will knock down the player for a little while. But after hearing two or more screams in a short period of time, the fatigue will last longer making it impossible to capture the mandrake.
Potions Used InFirecracker Potion, Soft Candy

Silver Starbell Pollen

This silver, bell-shaped flower also produces a mellow sound like that of a bell. The echoes of the flower evokes a melancholy feeling from within.

LocationGreen Forest Plains
Harvest WithNet
HowOpen the Silver Starbell by walking on or using a tool on it. Once the bud spreads its pollen, catch it with a net
Potions Used InNutrition Potion, Silver Star Juice

Wetland Grass

Grows in wetlands. It shares the appearance of underwater plants.

LocationGreen Forest Waterfall
TimeAll Day
Harvest WithGloves
Potions Used InEarmuff Potion


Witches often use this flower when making things, hence the name Witchflower.

LocationGreen Forest Plains, Green Forest Plateau, Green Forest Waterfall, Green Forest Depths
TimeAll Day
Harvest WithGloves
Potions Used InWeed Terminator Potion, Sunlight Potion, Healing Candy

Little Witch In The Woods

Little Witch In The Woods is full of charm and cosiness, if you love wholesome games then this is one for you. The core gameplay of Little Witch in the Woods is exploring, compiling your encyclopedia, gathering resources, processing them, and brewing potions.

You can tell that Little Witch in the Woods is all about a lovely message of happiness and helpfulness, from the cheerfully smiling cloud of steam that rises after making a potion, to the work you do to aid the characters of the world with their troubles. Meet all the kindly characters, such as a dragon chef, an otter train guard, and a tiny mischievous fox. It’s a relaxed, low-key game about bettering the world around you.

You can get Little Witch In The Woods now on early access on Steam.


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