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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Get Buzz And Woody

Disney Dreamlight Valley launched its next free major content update, focused on Toy Story. The update is called Missions in Uncharted Space and came out last week on December the 6th, 2022.

Missions in Uncharted Space will introduce the Toy Story Realm, new characters Buzz and Woody as well as new Story Quests from the Toy Story universe. In this guide, we’ll run through how to complete the quests that will have Buzz and Woody joining the Valley!


Toy Story Realm

Requirements: 7,000 Dreamlight

The Toy Story Realm, like the other Realms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, is located behind a door in the Dream Castle. The castle is located North of the valley and its door is on the second floor on the right. It has the three-eyed alien as its logo.

In the beginning, the door will be covered in Night Thorns and will need you to spend 7,000 Dreamlight to unlock it.


How To Unlock Buzz

Enter the Toy Story realm of Bonnie’s bedroom and go up the ramp to speak to Buzz Lightyear. There are a couple of things you’ll need to do for him in order to get him to join you in the Valley. The first is to grab a couple of batteries because he’s low on energy.

Battery locations:

  • Next to night stand, to the left of the bed
  • Next to the play oven by the wall

Woody Rescue Mission

Next, you and Buzz need to set up a rescue mission for Woody. For this you’ll need to:

  • Find and collect 10x race car track pieces. The race track pieces come in two sizes — big, and small.
    • Next to nightstand (big)
    • In the closet (big)
    • At the foot of the bed, near the closet (small)
    • Near the exit (big)
    • Next to the play oven (big)
    • In the corner of the room behind the play oven (1 big, 1 small)
    • Under the flower table where Buzz is standing (1 big, 1 small)
    • In the corner behind the flower table (small)
  • Retrieve 5x Magic Growing Cactuses
    • Near the ramp up to Buzz (red)
    • Corner of the room next to the night stand, near the closet (yellow)
    • In the closet (green)
    • Near play oven, beneath ramp (blue)
    • Corner of the room behind flower table (green)
  • Place the Magical Growing Cactuses under the race car track.
  • Water them with your Watering Can.

Talk to Woody

After rescuing Woody with your ingenious car flying high jinks, he’ll ask you to find and take pictures of Bonnie’s drawings that have stars on them. They’re located in:

  • At the bottom of the nightstand
  • In the closet, on the left-hand wall
  • The wall to the left of the play oven (look up!)
  • The shelf next to the flower table

Build Buzz’s RV

Requirements: 10,000 Star Coins

Lastly, head out of the Toy Story Realm to Dreamlight Valley and build Buzz’s RV.


How To Unlock Woody

Congratulations! Buzz Lightyear is now in the Valley, but why hasn’t his buddy Woody come back with him? To get him to come you’ll need to return to the Toy Story realm and help him out.

He’ll want you to help him build a corral, and to do it you’ll need a couple of items:

  •  Ice Pop Sticks – Destroy Trash with Shovel
    • Next to night stand x2
    • Closet
    • Next to the play oven
    • Under flower table
    • Corner to left of the play oven
    • Other side of the flower table, next to the shelf
    • Next to door
  • Pipe Cleaners – Destroy Trash with Pickaxe
  • Yellow Daisies
    • Found in the Peaceful Meadow
  • Glue
    • Speak to Buzz
  • Origami Animals
    • Near the ladder by the play oven (elephant)
    • To the left of the play oven behind the boxes (penguin)
    • Near the door (elephant)
    • Closet behind the door (turtle)
    • Behind the shelf, near the farm (butterfly)

Build Woody’s Carousel

Requirements: 10,000 Star Coins

Lastly, head out of the Toy Story Realm to Dreamlight Valley and build Woody’s Carousel.


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