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Pokemon Scarlet – Version Exclusive Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is now out in the wild on the Nintendo Switch. Each new generation of Pokémon gets better and better and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is no exception. We kick off the ninth generation of Pokémon games, with some of the biggest changes to date. Set in the Paldea region with vast open spaces dotted with lakes, towering peaks, wastelands, and mountain ranges.

Just like the past games before it there are two versions of this 9th generation pokemon game, with a fair amount of differences in both. The most notable being the type of Pokemon you can get, as well as the different professors that will guide you.

In this guide, we’ll go through all the version exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet.


Amarouge – Fire/Psychic

Evolve: Charcadet evolves into Armarouge when given Auspicious Armor
Abilities: Flash Fire, Weak Armor, Armor Cannon

Armarouge’s armour is said to have belonged to a distinguished warrior and is the source of its psychic power. The armour allows Armarouge to control its inner fire energy and use attacks.

Armarouge is loyal and believes in fighting fair, willing to fight head-on no matter how strong the foe is. It focuses on first using its sturdy armour for defence before using high firepower in order to take down opponents. When attacking, Armarouge moves its pauldrons to its hands and puts them together to form a cannon, which it uses to shoot projectiles.


Deino – Dark/Dragon

Location: Alfornada, North Province (Area One, Two, Three), South Province (Area Six), West Province (Area Three), Zapapico
Abilities: Hustle

As Deino is blind, it figures out its surroundings by ramming and biting. It will eat anything that moves and memorizes the scents of its favourite things that it has tasted.

Deino has the vigour and energy to bite constantly, making it dangerous to approach without taking precautions. It primarily lives in caves with abundant water sources.


Zweilous – Dark/Dragon

Evolve: From Deino at Level 50
Location: Glaseado Mountain, North Province (Area One, Two)
Abilities: Hustle

Zweilous has the vigour and energy to eat and bite constantly without stopping. Its heads dislike each other and are very hostile. As a result, the heads often turn eating into a competition, each head trying to claim leadership by eating more than the other.

Because of this, Zweilous always eats far too much and is covered in scars, even without opponents to fight. It is a nomadic Pokémon; it migrates once it has eaten all the prey in an area.


Hydreigon – Dark/Dragon

Evolve: From Zweilous at Level 64
Abilities: Levitate

Hydreigon is a violent, destructive Pokémon. It will attack anything that moves, determining it a foe. The three heads take turns when attacking, not stopping until their target is defeated. Hydreigon can also use its three mouths to rapidly eat through anything.

Despite its three heads, it is a singular entity, unlike its pre-evolved form Zweilous; its secondary heads lack brains and do not move or think of their own accord. Hydreigon lives high up in the air and has been known to ambush opponents from above. Many stories described Hydreigon destroying entire villages.


Drifloon – Ghost/Flying

Location: East Province (Area One, Two, Three), Glaseado Mountain, South Province (Area Four & Five), West Province (Area One, Two, Three)
Abilities: Aftermath, Unburden, Flare Boost

This Pokémon is known as a “Signpost for Wandering Spirits” due to its aimless drifting. Desiring company, Drifloon often seeks out children and grabs their hands. However, due to its weight, it can be resisted easily and is often pulled around.

There are rumours that Drifloon steals children that hold onto it, guiding them to the afterlife. Despite this reputation, Drifloon can be friendly and helpful. It prefers to reside in damp, humid locations and can expand or shrink to express its feelings.


Drifblim – Ghost/Flying

Evolve: From Drifloom at Level 28
Location: East Province (Area Three), Glaseado Mountain, North Province (Area One), South Province (Area Four & Six), West Province (Area Two & Three)
Abilities: Aftermath, Unburden, Flare Boost

Drifblim is strong enough to lift Pokémon or people but has no control over its flight. This causes it to drift with the wind and end up anywhere. It can, however, inflate and deflate itself with gas to control its altitude.

It is rarely active during the day but usually gathers in groups during the evenings. When noticed, the groups will suddenly vanish to unknown locations.


Great Tusk – Ground/Fighting

Abilities: Protosynthesis

Great Tusk is a large grey proboscid Pokémon. Its trunk, topside, and tail are covered in dark purple plates, with three rows of pinkish-red spikes on top.Its face has a jagged mouth and two large tusks that curl inward. Its dark purple ears are long, thin, and serrated, with red on the inside.

Great Tusk has a savage nature. The Scarlet Book, which named the creature, describes how it attacked an expedition team with its large body and tusks, fatally injuring one of the explorers in the process. It has apparently lived since ancient times.


Larvitar – Rock/Ground

Location: East Province (Area Three), Glaseado Mountain, South Province (Area Three, Five, Six), Tagtree Thicket, West Province (Area One)
Abilities: Guts, Sand Veil

Larvitar is a small, green reptilian Pokémon with rocky skin. It has a blunt spike on top of its head, a short, rounded snout, and triangular, black markings below and on the upper corners of its red eyes.

Larvitar is born deep underground, far from its parents. It grows by consuming soil and will enter its pupal stage upon eating an entire mountain’s worth of earth. Larvitar usually lives in mountains, hills, and caves.


Pupitar – Rock/Ground

Evolve: From Larvitar at Level 30
Location: South Province (Area Six)
Abilities: Shed Skin

Pupitar is a Pokémon encased inside a thick greyish-blue shell, sporting a hardness that is comparable to bedrock. While its arms and legs are developing inside the shell, Pupitar uses compressed gas to propel itself around and can generate enough force to knock down mountains. Pupitar lives and moves freely around harsh mountain ranges.


Tyranitar – Rock/Dark

Evolve: From Pupitar at Level 55
Location: South Province (Area Six)
Abilities: Shed Skin

Tyranitar is a powerful Pokémon with an insolent nature, uncaring of others. It is extremely strong, and its thick, rocky hide gives it good resistance to all forms of attack. Because of this, it is always looking for a battle and will not flinch at anything, though it ignores opponents that it thinks are not worth its time.

Tryanitar is so extremely powerful, a single fist can affect anything it hits drastically, If enraged, Tyranitar sets off outstanding earthquakes that can completely change the entire landscape, destroying houses and mountains, often forcing cartographers to draw up new maps. It lives in nests made from demolished mountains.


Oranguru – Normal/Psychic

Location: Casseroya Lake, North Province (Area Two), Tagtree Thicket
Abilities: Inner Focus, Telepathy, Symbiosis

This solitary Pokémon spends its time deep in the forest, meditating high up in the trees. While it is not normally active, it will provide food to hungry Pokémon and give medicine to injured ones. It has even been known to use human tools or items, including Poké Balls.

It has a lofty attitude and will give other Pokémon orders. This can make them difficult Pokémon for Trainers to handle. Ancient people actually thought Oranguru were people and called them the “people of the forests.” Oranguru does not get along with others of its kind, often battling out their wits for superiority.


Skrelp – Poison/Water

Location: East Paldean Sea, North Paldean Sea, South Paldean Sea, West Paldean Sea
Abilities: Poison Point, Poison Touch, Adaptability

Skrelp is a poor swimmer, so it camouflages itself as seaweed to hide from enemies while storing power for evolution. Skrelp rides the seaweed as a form of travelling the ocean. It also uses this technique to hide from prey, which it sprays with liquid poison when approached. However, its main source of food is rotten seaweed, which it uses to create its poison.


Dragalge – Poison/Dragon

Evolve: From Skrelp at Level 48
Location: North Paldean Sea
Abilities: Poison Point, Poison Touch, Adaptability

Dragalge is a territorial Pokémon that will spit poison at whatever trespasses on its territory. Its poison is strong enough to melt the hulls of metal tankers. As a result, it is said that ships sailing through the seas where it lives never return. It hunts by hiding in seaweed and then ambushing prey, such as Finizen, with a spray of poisonous liquid. However, it is known to coexist well with Dhelmise. Dragalge can create Dragon energy by absorbing the sunlight through the plume on its head.


Stonjourner – Rock

Location: Asado Desert
Abilities: Power Spot

Stonjourner is a tall Pokémon made of rock, resembling Stonehenge. It has a grey, rectangular body with white eyes and mouth, and is adorned with dark grey spots. Occasionally, Stonjourner will unleash a burst of speed to perform dynamic feats with its legs. Most of the time, it stands in a field watching the sun’s progress, preferring a quiet life.

Curiously, once every year on a certain day, groups of Stonjourner gather from all over to form an evenly spaced ring or circle. No one knows the reason why they assemble in this formation, leading to many theories involving the position of the sun, the earth’s energy, and other factors.


Stunky – Poison/Dark

Location: West Province (Area Two), South Province (Area Five)
Abilities: Stench, Aftermath, Keen Eye

Stunky can spray a foul-smelling liquid from its rear in order to drive attackers away, which is able to reach up to 16 feet away. It prefers to aim for its target’s face. The stench can be smelled from over a mile away, and will linger for around 24 hours. The stench can cause memory loss.


Skuntank – Poison/Dark

Evolve: From Stunky at Level 34
Location: Casseroya Lake
Abilities: Stench, Aftermath, Keen Eye

Skuntank is known for its noxious fluid which smells dreadful. It can spray this fluid over 160 feet, and the longer it allows the liquid to ferment within its belly, the more powerful the smell. Unlike its pre-evolution and real-life skunks, Skuntank sprays this from its tail tip, which can open, instead of its rear.

The stench of Skuntank’s fluid varies depending on its diet. Skuntank prefers to nest in large, prickly bushes in heavily wooded areas and digs holes in the ground to make their nest. While Skuntank can use its poisonous fluids to take down prey, ironically it cannot handle the smell of its own stench, abandoning potentially defeated meals as a result.


Tauros (Combat Breed) – Fighting

Location: West Province (Area Two), East Province (Area One & Two), Levincia (North)
Abilities: Anger Point, Intimidate, Cud Chew

This kind of Tauros, known as the Combat Breed, is distinguished by its thick, powerful muscles and its fierce disposition. This Pokemon has a muscular body and excels at close-quarters combat. It uses its short horns to strike the opponent’s weak spots.


Tauros (Blaze Breed) – Fighting/Fire

Location: West Province (Area Two), East Province (Area Two), Levincia (North)
Abilities: Anger Point, Intimidate, Cud Chew

People call this kind of Tauros the Blaze Breed due to the hot air it snorts from its nostrils. Its three tails are intertwined. When heated by fire energy, its horns can get hotter than 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Those gored by them will suffer both wounds and burns.


Koraidon – Fighting/Dragon

Abilities: Orichalcum Pulse

Koraidon was brought to the current era through a time machine created by Professor Sada but different from the other Paradox Pokémon. She was capable of only bringing two of them. Koraidon is known as the Winged King and is said to be a burlier and more ferocious ancestor than Cyclizar. It is powerful enough to break the land with just its bare fists.

They are the exclusive legendary to Pokemon Scarlet.