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Overwatch 2 – Origin Story Of All Tanks, Part 2

Wrecking Ball

Name: HammondCodename: Specimen 8, Wrecking Ball
Species: HamsterAge: 14
Occupation: Mech Pilot, Mechanic, BodyguardFormer: Test Subject
Affiliation: Junkers, Lucheng Interstellar

Origin Story

In one of the many experiments carried out at Horizon Lunar Colony, animals were given genetic therapy to assess their adaptation to extended periods of habitation on the moon. As an unexpected side effect, several of them exhibited exceptional growth in physical size and brain function. While most of the test subjects were gorillas or other primates, there were some exceptions, including a hamster designated Specimen 8, but whom the staff named “Hammond”.

Like the others, Hammond’s intelligence grew, and his size likewise increased. He demonstrated impressive problem-solving skills and adaptability. Hammond would frequently escape into different parts of the moon base to teach himself mechanical skills. In time, Hammond became good friends with one of the gorillas, Specimen 28.

Before the base’s fall, Hammond escaped from his cage. He escaped into the base’s ventilation system, and prototyped a basic build plan using toys in his room, and then finalized his build onto a blueprint with sticky notes. Ignored in the Lunar Colony uprising, he converted an empty fuel pod into a makeshift escape capsule with a claw arm and tether and secretly hitched it to the bottom of Winston‘s craft as the gorilla blasted off from the base.

As the two entered Earth’s atmosphere, the tether broke; leaving Hammond in the wasteland of the Australian Outback, on the outskirts of Junkertown.

The Junkers

To survive in the wasteland Hammond had to join the battle arena of Junkertown called The Scrapyard. He modified his escape pod to become the cockpit of his own mech. Working his way up the ranks amongst the Junkers, the competitor known as “Wrecking Ball” went from contender to champion and won numerous times. When Junker Queen, eventually became Queen, Hammond became her bodyguard.

As much fun as he had, Hammond never considered himself to be a Junker. Gathering his winnings, Hammond was able to upgrade his mech enough to survive the dangerous trek out of the Junker-controlled Outback. Now free to travel and do as he pleases, Hammond is exploring the world and finding new adventures along the way.



Name: Aleksandra ZaryanovaCodename: Sasha, Zarya
Nationality: RussianAge: 28
Occupation: SoldierFormer:
Affiliation: Overwatch, Russian Defense Forces

Origin Story

Aleksandra was born in Novanskoye; a remote Siberian village that was on the front lines of the Omnic Crisis. Although Russian forces defeated the Omnics and shut down their Omnium, the region was devastated by the conflict. Only a child at the time, Aleksandra was surrounded by the post-war destruction, and as she grew older, she swore that she would gain the strength to help her people recover.

Focusing on weightlifting and bodybuilding, Aleksandra was identified by the national athletics program as a potential star. She trained extensively, moving up the ranks while representing her country, and was expected to shatter longstanding records in the upcoming world championships.

But on the eve of the tournament, an attack came from the long-dormant Siberian omnium, and her village was thrust into war once again. Aleksandra immediately withdrew from the competition and rushed home to enlist in the local defence forces, sacrificing the life of fame and fortune she might have had. 

Now a member of the Russian Defense Forces, Zarya uses her great strength to protect the ones she loved. Eventually achieving the rank of sergeant within the RDF. Over the course of her service, she destroyed hundreds of Omnics.

Searching For Sombra

After Talon agents tried to assassinate Katya Volskaya of Volskaya Industries, Zarya was summoned to track down one of those Talon agents – Sombra.

The search for Sombra ended her up in Numbani to meet an Omnic hacker named Lynx Seventeen. They showed Zarya the data they had gathered on the “Sombra Collective” and Lynx explained that given that Sombra’s calling card was a sugar skull, and had implicated Guillermo Portero for corruption it was most likely that she was in Mexico.

In Dorado, Mexico Zarya and Lynx began knocking on all the doors of Dorado, asking hundreds of people a day whether they’d seen Sombra. No one had until they met Alejandra. She took them to the warehouse Sombra was operating from and Zarya incapacitated Sombra with a graviton surge.

Sombra then revealed that Katya had been receiving technology from Omnics in order to fight against the Siberian omnium. Sombra also explained that she actually wanted Katya in power, as a ‘friend’ to help her peel back a global conspiracy she’d uncovered. Zarya was sceptical, but she decided to let Sombra go.

After parting ways with Lynx, she went back to Russia to speak with Katya. Katya explained that her secret dealings with Omnics had to remain secret for now. One day, Russia would understand, but that day wasn’t here yet.

Joining Overwatch

Back in Russia Zarya returned to the Russian Defence Forces. Reporting for duty, the base commander informed Zarya that the Omnics had broken through the northeastern front. All RDF forces had been ordered to fall back to Krasnoyarsk; to shore up its defences and evacuate the city. Her hometown of Novanskoye had been declared lost.

Needing to save her hometown, Novanskoye she told her commander she needed to go. After some consideration, he told her “do what you have to do.” Heading to the base’s hanger for transport, she found a truck already available for her, driven by ex-Overwatch agent Cole Cassidy. While she didn’t know him personally, she accepted his offer of a ride.

In Novanskoye, she engaged them alone, buying time for the villagers to find safety. She pushed her particle barrier to the limit, but it gave way under the Omnics’ gunfire. At the last moment, however, Cassidy used the truck to smash into the attacking Omnics, destroying them. Accepting his help, the two fought back to back, destroying the rest of the Omnics.

After the battle and ensuring everyone she loved was safe Zarya thanked Cassidy for his help. He responded by inviting Zarya to join Overwatch. The RDF wouldn’t miss one soldier, but with Overwatch, she could make a world of difference. Zarya accepted.



Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, team-based action game that’s out now on the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC – Battle.Net.

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