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Overwatch 2 – Origin Story Of All Tanks, Part 1


Name: OrisaCodename: Orisa
Nationality: Numbanian OmnicAge: 1 Month
Occupation: Guardian RobotFormer: OR15
Affiliation: Efi Oladele

Origin Story

Orisa is an Omnic created by the genius Numbanian inventor Efi Oladele. In her childhood, Efi and her family had to deal with Doomfist‘s attacks on Numbani. And from there, she’s always yearned for the feeling of safety.

By the age of eleven, Efi had put together an impressive resume in robotics and artificial intelligence. During that time Doomfist had re-launched his attack on Numbani and destroyed their OR15 defence robots. Looking to make a change and inspired by Overwatch she purchased one of the destroyed OR15 units to remake.

This was the beginning of Orisa (named after Orisha a type of guardian spirit of humanity from the Yoruba religion).

Learning About The World

It was important to Efi that Orisa has both heart and personality. So she began from scratch, teaching Orisa the rights and wrongs of the world and everything she would need to become a hero. There were a couple of issues in town such as scaring the people and accidentally crushing a car to help someone cross the street. Still, things were progressing slowly but surely.

Then one-day Doomfist and his Talon forces attacked and Orisa set off by herself to confront him, ignoring Efi’s pleas to stand down.

Orisa engaged the Talon forces, however, her shield was quickly brought down, and its deployment drained Orisa of her power reserves. Like before, Doomfist used his strength against her, striking Orisa and sending her flying against a wall. Unlike last time, Orisa wasn’t incapacitated (thanks to her auxiliary power) but was very close to it.

Before Doomfist could deliver the final blow, Efi interjected trying to protect Orisa with her body. Doomfist rose her arm to strike her down, but Orisa fired a graviton pulse and managed to redeploy her shield. With the sound of sirens approaching, Doomfist and his lieutenants were forced to retreat.

The next day Orisa attacked a student dressed up as Doomfist and opened fire on him. Efi had to sorrowfully shut Orisa down, despite her pleas that she was still learning.

The Hero Of Numbani

Efi reactivated Orisa to attend a Unity Day concert hosted by Lúcio but during the concert, Doomfist and Talon attacked once again.

Lúcio told Orisa that he’d protect the crowd with his sound barrier if she could distract Doomfist. Affirming, Orisa engaged the terrorist. With all her upgrades, this time, the two were evenly matched, his attacks unable to dent her barrier. However, he ordered the Talon troopers to open fire on her forcing Orisa to redirect the barrier, giving Doomfist an opening.

Things looked grim until Efi managed to use Lúcio’s sonic amplifier to unleash a wave of sound, incapacitating the agents, and causing them to flee. Doomfist was cornered and he used his Talon Agent Bisi as a human shield. While logic dictated that Orisa engage Doomfist, her heart won out, and when Doomfist dropped Bisi she instead used a graviton surge to draw Bisi back up over the ledge, instead of chasing him.

Doomfist escaped, but Lúcio said that it didn’t matter, Orisa and Efi were heroes.



Name: Reinhardt WilhelmCodename: Reinhardt
Nationality: GermanAge: 61
Occupation: AdventurerFormer: Crusader, Overwatch
Affiliation: German Armed Forces, Crusaders, Overwatch

Origin Story

Already a highly decorated soldier, Reinhardt joined the German Armed Forces at a young age, seeking glory. He later became a lieutenant in the Crusaders, a military order of modern knights active during the Omnic Crisis. He was stationed at Eichenwalde alongside his mentor General Balderich von Adler, leader of the Crusaders.

Balderich was chosen to join the strike force that would later become known as Overwatch. However, the night before he was set to leave and join his new team, Eichenwalde came under direct attack by Omnic forces.

Young and reckless, Reinhardt disobeyed orders to stay with his unit in favour of charging headlong into battle on his own determined to destroy as many Omnics as he could in the name of glory. Though he destroyed every Bastion unit Balderich caught up to him and angrily ordered him back to his unit.

Insistent that they were fine Reinhardt continued to carve a path through the Omnic forces until a then-unknown OR14 unit dropped onto the field. Reinhardt rocketed towards the new adversary only for his opponent to stop his charge and slash Reinhardt’s left eye with its heat blade.

Ordering their forces to fall back, Balderich was forced to intervene to save his student. Though he succeeded, Balderich’s shield emitter was destroyed and he was mortally wounded by the OR14’s heat blade. With the German forces in full retreat, the pair fell back to the great hall of Eichenwalde castle.


Barricading the door, Balderich ordered Reinhardt back to the rest of the Crusaders. At first, Reinhardt refused to leave Balderich, until he saw the gravity of his wound. Unable to simply leave Balderich to die Reinhardt still refused. Instead of ordering him away, Balderich gently reminded him that the team needed him to be their shield, which at last caused Reinhardt to relent and he took his master’s hand one final time.

When their grip broke Reinhardt found Balderich’s Overwatch acceptance medal in his hand. Exchanging the Crusader’s oath one final time Reinhardt left Balderich his hammer and left him to his fate.

Reinhardt successfully rejoined his unit, shielding them with his body when his barrier gave out. The German forces ultimately pushed the Omnics back enough to give the rest of the armed forces time to counterattack, but Eichenwalde and Balderich were lost. And with the exception of Reinhardt himself, no other crusaders escaped the battle alive.

Balderich’s death changed Reinhardt forever and his mentor’s sacrifice would weigh on him for decades.


Taking Balderich’s medal Reinhardt was inducted as part of the original Overwatch strike team that would put an end to the Omnic Crisis.

Overwatch would grow into a global institution, keeping peace in a war-torn world. Reinhardt proved himself to be one of its most stalwart champions. His unique ethics and larger-than-life persona earned the admiration of his peers and superiors alike. Never afraid to speak his mind, he was Overwatch‘s most vocal supporter and, when necessary, its harshest critic.

Towards the end of the Omnic Crisis, Reinhardt took part in Operation White Dome, led by Captain Ana Amari in Istanbul. Here Torbjörn was seriously injured, losing his arm, but Reinhardt was able to save his life in the battle. As Torbjörn recovered in the hospital, Reinhardt spent a great deal of time with him. Half in jest, Torbjörn stated that if Reinhardt shut up, he would be allowed to name his newest daughter and that he would the baby’s godfather.

Reinhardt agreed, and when Torbjörn’s daughter was born he named her Brigitte. Reinhardt was close with Brigitte as she grew up, telling her tales of valour and chivalry.

Retirement From Overwatch

In his late fifties, Reinhardt was faced with mandatory retirement from combat operations. Despondent about being removed from active duty, Reinhardt feared that his days of purpose and glory had ended. As times grew darker and Overwatch came under suspicion of corruption and sedition, Reinhardt could only watch as the cause he had dedicated his life to defending surrendered in disgrace.

Though Overwatch was eventually disbanded, Reinhardt was not content to sit idly by while the world fell to disorder. Once again donning his Crusader armour, he vowed to fight for justice across Europe. In this he was now accompanied by an adult Brigitte, who helped maintain his armour just as her father did, acting as his squire. 

Answering The Overwatch Recall

When Winston initiated the Overwatch recall from Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Reinhardt and Brigitte both agreed not to respond, however, he felt himself returning to Eichenwalde to see his old mentor.

There he visited Balderich’s remains and Reinhardt placed the medal on the arm of the throne, returning it to the man who made him what he was. And remembering that terrible day of his death. Echoing his master’s words to him, he quietly declared to Brigitte that he had been called and that he would always answer.

Donning his armour once more, Reinhardt and Brigitte travelled to Paris, where they aided the newly-refounded Overwatch in repelling Null Sector’s forces.

Both of them held off the terrorist organization’s Titan while Mei and Winston devised a strategy; ultimately granting them enough time for Tracer to deal the final blow from the inside. After the Omnics fell, Reinhardt joyously rejoined Overwatch alongside Genji, Echo, Mercy, and Brigitte, as well as newcomer Mei.



Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, team-based action game that’s out now on the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC – Battle.Net.

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