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Overwatch 2 – Origin Story Of All Tanks, Part 1

Since the launch of Overwatch 2, Overwatch has had a bit of a resurgence both in a good and bad way. For those that don’t know, the original story behind Overwatch and its 35 heroes was set more than 60 years prior to the game. To find the story you’ll need to watch a smattering of video clips and online webcomics to piece all of it together. So those that have just started playing may not realise how in-depth the story of Overwatch actually is.

Be we at Unpause have got your back and have summarised the story of all the heroes in this nifty piece! But because there are so many heroes we’re dividing up into different pages. First up are the tanks.

D.VaDoomfistJunker Queen


Name: Hana SongCodename: D.Va
Nationality: KoreanAge: 19
Occupation: Mech Pilot, ActressFormer: Professional Gamer
Affiliation: Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA)

Origin Story

Hana Song grew up playing video games with her father, himself a former professional gamer. Like her father she grew up to be a pro gamer, playing Mecha Guardian V in high school. Her skill had her quickly ascending to the #1 player in the world, winning numerous championships. A fierce competitor, Song played to win at any cost and gained a well-earned reputation for showing no mercy to her opponents.

During the Gwishin Omnic attacks on South Korea, the Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA) recruited the country’s professional gamers to polite their mechs. They wanted gamers who possessed quick reflexes and instincts to operate the mechs’ advanced weapons systems. Top stars were drafted, including Hana Song. She saw this new mission as a game and an evolution of her own career. Without fear or hesitation, she abandoned the limelight of her pro-gamer career and got an armoured mech operator’s licence.

As a member of the MEKA Squad under the command of Captain Myung, she could put her reflexes to the ultimate test on a real battlefield, instead of a digital one. Her skills and intense competitive spirit made her an extremely effective pilot.

Joining Overwatch

The attacks on South Korea were hard going and took their toll on Hana. But one-day news reports on Null Sector’s attack on Paris, and the newly-reformed Overwatch team began to surface. Song wanted MEKA to work together with Overwatch to take down the Omnics, but Captain Myung refused.

The higher-ups wanted MEKA in Korea to defend the nation from the Gwishin and were bound by the Petras Act that deemed all Overwatch activity illegal.

Before the debate could progress, an alarm sounded—Null Sector was attacking Busan, with thousands of Omnics being deployed by drop pods from a command ship. MEKA Squad was deployed to repel them, however, the squad was quickly overwhelmed.

Before disaster truly struck Overwatch arrived and turned the tide of the battle, saving Busan. After that Captain Myung gave the go-ahead to Hana Song to join Overwatch to learn more about the Null Sector threat.



Name: Akande OgundimuCodename: Doomfist
Nationality: NigerianAge: 45
Occupation: Mercenary, Talon Council MemberFormer: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Talon

Origin Story

Akande Ogundimu was born into a well-regarded Nigerian family, heir to its prosthetic-technology company. A highly intelligent and charismatic figure, Ogundimu helped to expand his family’s business. While also dedicating his free time to his first love: competitive martial arts. He trained in traditional African fighting styles, as well as wrestling and other modern combat styles. He competed in tournaments all over the continent.

However, during the Omnic Crisis Ogundimu lost his arm and it put an end to his martial arts career. His company’s cybernetic prosthetics allowed him to recover from his injuries, making him even stronger. But these enhancements rendered him ineligible for competition.

Joining Talon

One day Ogundimu meets Akinjide Adeyemi aka the second Doomfist, or to some the Scourge of Numbani. Adeyemi offered Ogundimu the chance to fight with him as a mercenary and join Talon. Talon’s belief that humanity would be made stronger through conflict, resonated with Ogundimu’s personal experiences. And he joined willingly.

After the Venice Incident that exposed Blackwatch to the world, Ogundimu killed his teacher Adeyemi and took for himself the mantle and gauntlet of Doomfist. As the new Doomfist, Ogundimu rose high in Talon and helped to orchestrate a conflict that the organization hoped would someday engulf the world.

As part of that plan, Doomfist met up with an Omnic terrorist, offering to pledge Talon’s considerable resources to their cause. Unbeknownst to Doomfist however he was betrayed by his accountant Maximilien and was ambushed by an Overwatch strike team in Singapore.

Doomfist lost that fight and was imprisoned in maximum security where he was left to wait. After the disbandment of Overwatch, he was broken out of jail by Talon and Reaper.


After he breaks out from prison Doomfist retakes Talon from Vialli another Talon council member, and steals back his gauntlet from Numbani’s Heritage Museum. With that, he was ready to take revenge on Overwatch and resurrect his prior plan of spreading discord between humans and Omnics. Starting with Numbani.

His plan was to spread chaos in Numbani, then Africa, and eventually the world. He attacked during the Unity Day celebration, however, he and his Talon army were stopped by Orisa and Lúcio, forcing him to retreat.

He hasn’t been seen since.


Junker Queen

Name: Odessa “Dez” StoneCodename: Junker Queen
Nationality: AustralianAge: 35-40
Occupation: Ruler of JunkertownFormer: Gladiator Champion
Affiliation: Wastelanders, Junkers

Origin Story

The Australian outback is a wild place and in Overwatch even more so. After the destruction of the country’s omnium, the Outback was turned into an irradiated wasteland that was uninhabitable to most humans. Those who survived formed the Junkers, who scavenged the husk of the omnium and formed a lawless, cutthroat society.

Odessa Stone hails from the Junker society but she and her family were kicked out by the former King. They ended up joining the Wastelanders another faction formed in the Outback.

For the next 13 years, she became a ferocious warrior eventually returning to join The Reckoning. A gladiator-style combat arena where the ruler of the Junkers is determined.

The old King fought dirty but Odessa wasn’t about to let him win. Eventually, she managed to defeat him with a couple of her new friends and banished him from Junkertown. The crowd cheered and crowned her ‘Junker Queen’.

The Queen’s Rule

Junker Queen took over the running of Junkertown where she ruled fairly, participated in brawls and was protected by her bodyguard Hammond.

One day one of the town’s Junkers – Junkrat was heard talking about a ‘treasure’ he had found in the ruins of the Australian omnium. So she sent some of her enforcers to check it out. Unfortunately, her enforcers were incapacitated by another Junker named Roadhog, who was Junkrat‘s partner in crime.

Roadhog and Junkrat went on to cause the Queen a string of problems, including stealing her gold and blowing up her summer shack. The pair were exiled as a result and she gave orders for them not to be re-admitted to Junkertown, if they were seen again, to shoot them on sight. 

After a worldwide heist spree, Roadhog and Junkrat returned to Junkertown to assassinate Junker Queen but were stopped at the town gates.