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New Tales From The Borderlands – All Endings

Telltale is back and thankfully so is Tales From The Borderlands! The next game in the saga entitled New Tales From The Borderlands follows the same fun, zany, emotional, narrative as the first. If you’re unfamiliar with the Telltale style of gameplay, you essentially make narrative decisions for your characters that will affect how the story progresses. As well as a couple of Quick Time Events sprinkled in.

In New Tales From The Borderlands, we say goodbye to the original 2014 cast of Rhys, Fiona, Sasha and Vaughn. Instead, we’re introduced to three new protagonists – the idealistic genius Dr Anuradha Dhar, her streetwise brother Octavio Wallace-Dhar, and Fran Miscowicz, a small business owner with anger issues.

For fans of the Borderlands series, this is set after the events of the first game, the fall of the Atlas corporation and Borderlands 3. I love this addition to the series because you’re not just an invincible Vault Hunter, or deranged psycho, or weapons CEO, you’re just a downtrodden, intrepid civilian trying to get by.

There are five endings in New Tales from the Borderlands. Though they all are based on the protagonists’ relationships with each other, and/or the Skateboard Score requirement. As mentioned by L0U13 in Episode 2, the Skateboard Score is the overall rating determined by how well the team works together.




The Endings

Bad EndingNeutral EndingGood Ending

Bad Endings

There are three bad endings, each involving terrible relationships between all three protagonists. One character must have both their relationships with the other two far lower than the third relationship.

  • You essentially need to single out that character while improving the relationship between the other two.
  • You’ll need one of those relationships to be below 50% and the other two above that number.

For example, if Anu has terrible relationships with Octavio and Fran, but the latter two are great with each other, you’ll receive the ending where Anu will die. And vice versa for all three, the person with the worst relationship with the other two will die

  1. Sis ‘N Bro (Anu Dies) – Octavio and Fran go back to run Fran’s Froyo.
  2. Brain ‘N Brawn (Fran Dies) – Anu and Octavio open their own consulting company.
  3. Frogurt ‘N Tacos (Octavio Dies) – Fran goes back to her shop while Anu helps. They later visit his and L0U13’s grave.

For these three ratings, it is enough to replay only Episode 5. Depending on how low your score was on your first playthrough it maybe is enough to only replay the last 2 chapters of Episode 5.


Neutral Ending

In this ending, everyone but LOU13 survives. To get this ending You need a Skateboard Rating of 50% or higher at the end of the game, also all friendship relations must be over 50%.

In this ending, our three protagonists go their separate ways.


Good Ending

The best ending in New Tales from the Borderlands has everyone surviving. To get this you’ll need all three friendship relations must be above 50% and a Skateboard Score of at least 75%.

In this ending, not only does everyone survives, but Anu, Octavio, and Fran open up a consulting company.

Depending on how low your Skateboard Rating was at the end of Episode 4 (you can view your rating from the Main Menu under Extras > My Choices), you only need to replay Episode 5. If it was below 60% at the end of Episode 4, it is recommended to replay Episode 4 entirely.


New Tales From The Borderlands

New Tales From the Borderlands is available on PC – Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X.