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My Time At Sandrock – Bachelorette Guide (Updated)



Jane is a resident of Sandrock. She is a schoolteacher that left the town but returned home.



BirthdayAutumn 20
LocationsMorning – Commerce Guild
Day – Around Sandrock Town or In The Desert

Mi-an is one of the two newest builders of Sandrock. Having moved from Tallsky, she came to Sandrock due to its declining state and desires to return Sandrock to its glory days. Mi-an is a very enthusiastic and determined person, with a mischievous side to her. She is very observant of others, as shown during multiple quests throughout the game.


Mi-an loves good quality building materials and anything that will help her adventure, but she’s not a fan of scraps and ruined items.

Loved Gifts
Rescue Team Boots (+17)
⁠Rescue Team Hat⁠ (+17)
⁠Rescue Team Jacket⁠ (+17)
⁠Rescue Team Pants⁠ (+17)
⁠Working Desk⁠ (+16)
⁠Drool With Joy Noodles⁠ (+15)
⁠Iron Axe⁠ (+15)
Iron Pickhammer (+15)
⁠Steel Frame (+15)
⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠ (+15)
⁠Techno Locker⁠ (+14)
⁠Techno Table⁠ (+14)
⁠Iron Plate (+13)
⁠Chromium Steel Bar⁠ (+11)
Liked Gifts
Horned Adder King (+10)
⁠Sand Snake King (+10)
⁠Sandacuda King (+10)
⁠Sandfish King⁠ (+10)
⁠Diamond⁠ (+9)
⁠Large Storage Box⁠ (+9)
⁠Bronze Plate⁠ (+8)
⁠Cast Iron Pipe (+8)
⁠Cast Iron Rod⁠ (+8)
⁠Compact Motor⁠ (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Marble Slab⁠ (+8)
Miner’s Hat (+8)
⁠Sandgear⁠ (+8)
⁠Waist Bag⁠ (+8)
⁠Bloodstone Saws⁠ (+7)
⁠Condensed Power Stone (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Bronze Axe⁠ (+6)
⁠Bronze Pickhammer⁠ (+6)
⁠Coffee Tea Tree Seeds⁠ (+6)
⁠Spicy and Sour Potato⁠ (+6)
⁠Rhino Horn Seeds⁠ (+5)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps (-5)
Lizard Tooth (-5)
Manure (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Mi-An’s Relationship Perks

Friend: Add an extra 20 stamina points.



BirthdayAutumn 1

Nia is the player’s friend currently residing in Highwind. At the beginning of the game, all communication with Nia is done via letters the player receives from her in their mailbox. After Logan’s attack on the water tower, she will visit Sandrock for three days and then go back to Highwind.

She currently studies botanic in Highwind under Professor Luo, with, after her visit to Sandrock, at least one semester before being able to graduate.


Loved Gifts
⁠Concentrated Algae Apparatus (+20)⁠Sand Jujube Cake (+13)
Liked Gifts
⁠Rhino Horn Cactus (+8)
⁠Cantaloupe⁠ (+7)
⁠Chestnut Seed (+7)
⁠Coffee Tea Tree Seeds⁠ (+7)
⁠Jute Cantaloupe Seeds (+7)
Mountain Rose (+7)
⁠Biocrust⁠ (+6)
⁠Coffee Beans⁠ (+6)
⁠Mountain Rose Seeds⁠ (+6)
⁠Rhino Horn Seeds⁠ (+6)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps (-5)
Lizard Tooth (-5)
Manure (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Nia’s Relationship Perks

None for now.



BirthdaySummer 12
LocationsAround the Eufaula Salvage

Venti is the youngest member of the Eufaula Salvage team, and the invisible lubricant that keeps it running smoothly. She is cheery and optimistic and maintains a peaceful relationship with her colleagues. She originally grew up in an Old World junkyard, fighting for scraps to eat. Even through this hardship, she maintained a strong smile.


Loved Gifts
Chromium Axe (+19)
⁠Chromium Pickhammer (+19)
⁠Elegant Flower Box⁠ (+18)
⁠Leisurely Rattan Tea Table⁠ (+18)
⁠Rustic Sofa⁠ (+18)
⁠Diamond⁠ (+17)
⁠Hemp Carpet⁠ (+17)
⁠Gold⁠ (+15)
Ozdak Dancing Statue (+15)
⁠Ozdak Rooster Pose Statue (+15)
⁠Ozdak Step Dancing Statue⁠ (+15)
⁠Ozdak Sun Worship Statue (+15)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+14)
Liked Gifts
Iron Axe (+9)
⁠Iron Pickhammer⁠ (+9)
Bronze Axe (+9)
⁠Bronze Pickhammer⁠ (+9)
⁠⁠Large Storage Box (+9)
⁠Fang Special X (+8)
⁠⁠Strong Medicine (+8)
⁠Wooden Storage (+8)
⁠⁠Fang Special (+7)
Golden Bell Pill (+7)
⁠⁠Iron Muscle Soup (+7)
⁠Mountain Rose (+7)
⁠⁠Orchid Extract (+7)
⁠⁠Thunderweed Extract (+7)
⁠Hemostat (+6)
⁠Lavender Extract (+6)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps (-5)
Lizard Tooth (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Venti’s Relationship Perks

None for now.


My Time At Sandrock

My Time At Sandrock is will be out on Steam and Epic Games on May 26th 2022! For more information about gameplay features in My Time At Sandrock check out our early article here!