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My Time At Sandrock – Bachelor Guide (Updated)


BirthdaySpring 2
OccupationSaloon Owner
LocationAround Sandrock or Blue Moon Saloon

Owen is a local Sandrocker who likes long walks through the desert and the cool taste of Yakmel milk after a hard day of working at his saloon, the Blue Moon. When he’s not on the clock, you can often find him on stage, reciting stories about the Old World in riveting detail to his friends and patrons.

Practically famous in Sandrock, Owen is known to always be there when a helping hand is needed and has been known as one of the most helpful Sandrockers.


Owen has quite the eclectic set of likes and dislikes, but you can be pretty sure that he won’t enjoy anything that’s too trashy.

Loved Gifts
Sandacuda King (+20)
⁠Sandfish King⁠ (+20)
⁠Arm Stretcherr (+18)
⁠Barbell⁠ (+18)
⁠Animal Skin Carpet⁠ (+17)
⁠Frying Pan⁠ (+16)
⁠Stewed Eagle Cistanche⁠ (+16)
Waist Bag (+16)
⁠Cistanche⁠ (+15)
⁠Copper Pot (+15)
⁠Rhino Horn Cactus (+15)
⁠Around the World in However Many Days⁠ (+14)
⁠Pioneer⁠ (+13)
⁠Journey to the East (+11)
Liked Gifts
⁠Explorer Pants (+10)
⁠Explorer Vest⁠ (+10)
⁠Diamond (+9)
⁠Explorer Boots⁠ (+9)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Large Horned Adder⁠ (+8)
⁠Ceramic Bottle⁠ (+7)
⁠Cilantro (+7)
⁠Horned Adder (+7)
⁠Large Sandacuda (+7)
Opal (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Sandrice Sushi⁠ (+7)
⁠Fluorite⁠ (+6)
⁠Popping Oil Fruit⁠ (+6)
⁠Rib Meat⁠ (+6)
⁠Sandberry Egg Soup⁠ (+6)
⁠Tea Leaves⁠ (+6)
⁠Water⁠ (+6)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps⁠ (-5)
⁠Lizard Toothh (-5)
⁠Manure⁠ (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Owen’s Relationship Perks

Buddy: Receive a 10% discount in the store.
Friend: Receive a 20% discount in the store.
Good Friend: Receive a 25% discount in the store.



BirthdaySpring 22
OccupationHairdresser at Pablo’s Parlor
LocationPablo’s Parlor

Often traveling to different towns to find the latest trends, Pablo is an expert in the art of fashion. Pablo runs the local hairdressing salon, Pablo’s Parlor, on Main Street; there, he can stylize the player’s hair and makeup.


Loved Gifts
⁠Diamond (+17)
⁠Four Leaf Clover Necklace⁠ (+17)
⁠Jewelry Showcase (+17)
⁠Elegant Swing⁠ (+16)
⁠Meowses II Statue⁠ (+16)
⁠Golden Bull Head (+15)
⁠Jeweled Egg⁠ (+15)
Orchid Earrings (+15)
⁠Xiaohongshu⁠ (+15)
⁠Beast Head Jade Chalice⁠ (+14)
⁠Golden Candlestick⁠ (+14)
⁠Rainbow Locket⁠ (+13)
⁠Yakboy Large Picture Frame (+13)
Liked Gifts
Curling Iron (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Hair Dryer⁠ (+8)
⁠Full Moon Bracelet⁠ (+7)
⁠Harmonica⁠ (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Rosestone (+7)
Yakmel Horn Bracelet (+7)
⁠Yakmel Horn Comb⁠ (+7)
⁠Amber⁠ (+6)
⁠Bone Necklace⁠ (+6)
⁠Fluorite⁠ (+6)
⁠Fruit Salad⁠ (+6)
⁠Nail File⁠ (+6)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps⁠ (-5)
⁠Lizard Toothh (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Pablo’s Relationship Perks

Buddy: There is a 3% chance to receive a letter from Pablo in the morning with 2 Facial Creams attached.



BirthdaySummer 8
OccupationSandrock’s Enforcer
LocationAround Sandrock

Pen proclaims himself to be the protector of Sandrock, coming off to many as arrogant. Despite his constant references to said titles, it is unknown how and if he earned them. Pen is heavily invested in appearances, and may often make unnecessary remarks about others, however he is diligent in his patrols and efforts to mitigate the monsters around Sandrock.


Loved Gifts
⁠Arm Stretcher (+18)
⁠Barbell⁠ (+18)
⁠Diamond⁠ (+17)
⁠Iron Dagger (+17)
⁠Iron Greatsword (+17)
⁠Iron Spear⁠ (+17)
⁠Iron Sword And Shield⁠ (+17)
⁠Motivational Hammer⁠ (+16)
⁠Premium Wood Desk⁠ (+16)
⁠Explorer Hat⁠ (+15)
⁠Explorer Pants⁠ (+15)
Explorer Vest (+15)
⁠Rescue Team Boots (+15)
⁠Rescue Team Hatt (+15)
⁠Rescue Team Jacket⁠ (+15)
⁠Rescue Team Pants⁠ (+15)
⁠Rustic Wardrobe⁠ (+15)
⁠Yakboy Display Board⁠ (+15)
⁠Explorer Boots (+14)
⁠Yakboy Horn Decoration⁠ (+13)
⁠Yakboy Target⁠ (+13)
Liked Gifts
Bronze Daggers (+9)
⁠Bronze Greatsword⁠ (+9)
⁠Bronze Spear⁠ (+9)
⁠Bronze Sword and Shield⁠ (+9)
⁠Cowprint Sofa⁠ (+9)
⁠Metal Single Bed⁠ (+9)
⁠Rustic Cabinet⁠ (+9)
⁠Rustic Dining Table⁠ (+9)
⁠Simple Cabinet⁠ (+9)
⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant⁠ (+9)
⁠Wooden Bookcase⁠ (+9)
⁠Fang Special X (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Sand Tea Beef⁠ (+8)
⁠Waist Bag⁠ (+8)
⁠Bone Ring⁠ (+7)
⁠Golden Bell Pill⁠ (+7)
⁠Iron Muscle Soup⁠ (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Bone Necklace⁠ (+6)
⁠Fluorite⁠ (+6)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps⁠ (-5)
⁠Lizard Toothh (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Pen’s Relationship Perks

• Buddy: Add an extra 5 Attack Points
• Friend: Add an extra 5 Attack Points
• Good Friend: Add an extra 5% Critical Chance



BirthdaySpring 11
LocationSometimes – Research Centre

Dr Qi is a Sandrock resident and local researcher, he is strongly dedicated to his occupation. He’s not keen on private conversations, instead primarily interested in things pertaining to his work. He prefers to be undisturbed but can over-explain the workings of technology. From Vega 5, Qi came to Sandrock to seek something known as the Olympia.

He is a large fan of robots and old cartoons, though he does his best to hide this fact. He grew up with Mint, a character from My Time at Portia and they maintain a strong friendship despite the distance between them.


Qi is a big nerd, so most of his most highly-prized gifts are related to science in one way or another.

Loved Gifts
Flag Waving Astronaut Model (+16)
⁠Compact Motor⁠ (+15)
⁠Condenser⁠ (+15)
⁠DNA Model⁠ (+15)
⁠Equatorial Mount⁠ (+15)
⁠Golfing Astronaut Model⁠ (+15)
⁠Spaceship Model⁠ (+15)
Spacesuit (+15)
⁠Windmill Weather Vane⁠ (+15)
⁠Techno Locker⁠ (+14)
⁠Techno Table⁠ (+14)
⁠Condensed Power Stone⁠ (+13)
⁠Pro Gamer Chair (+13)
⁠Techno Box⁠ (+13)
Liked Gifts
Diamond (+9)
⁠Armor Display⁠ (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Switchboard⁠ (+8)
⁠Cross Anchor⁠ (+7)
⁠Engine⁠ (+7)
⁠Fish Fossil⁠ (+7)
⁠Meat Stuffed Mushroom⁠ (+7)
⁠Microchip⁠ (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
Sailor’s Horn (+7)
⁠Ship Wheel Model⁠ (+7)
⁠Coffee Beans⁠ (+6)
⁠Fluorite⁠ (+6)
⁠Milk Chestnut⁠ (+6)
⁠Pioneer⁠ (+6)
⁠Power Stones⁠ (+6)
⁠Simple Circuits⁠ (+6)
⁠Sugar Fried Chestnut⁠ (+6)
⁠Tea Leaves⁠ (+6)
⁠Water⁠ (+6)
⁠Data Disc⁠ (+5)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Cloth⁠ (-5)
Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper⁠ (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Qi’s Relationship Perks

None for now.



BirthdayAutumn 13
OccupationCivil Corps Member
LocationMorning – Civil Corps
Day – Around Sandrock

Unsuur is a member of the Sandrock Civil Corps. While initially, he seems quite uninteresting, he simply says he is content and a peaceful individual. Hardworking and understanding, Unsuur goes out of his way to quietly make sure Sandrock is secure. He is usually the first to claim requests on the Civil Corps commission board. He is also friendly with the animals within Sandrock


Unsuur doesn’t say much, but he does like rocks – pretty much the only gifts he likes are precious stones and ores.

Loved Gifts
Diamond (+17)
⁠Gold⁠ (+15)
Rosestone (+14)
⁠Opal⁠ (+13)
Liked Gifts
Condensed Power Stone (+7)
⁠Amber⁠ (+6)
⁠Chromium Ore⁠ (+6)
Fluorite (+6)
⁠Lapis Lazuli⁠ (+6)
Hated Gifts

Unsuur’s Relationship Perks

Buddy: Add an extra 5 Defense Points to your Character’s stats


My Time At Sandrock

My Time At Sandrock is will be out on Steam and Epic Games on May 26th 2022! For more information about gameplay features in My Time At Sandrock check out our early article here!

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