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My Time At Sandrock – Bachelor Guide (Updated)

My Time At Sandrock is the wonderful slice of life RPG sequel to My Time at Portia and its Early Access is coming out next week on May 26th 2022. Considering how much time I’ve clocked into My Time At Portia it’s an understatement to say that I’m excited for this one to come out. And as such, I’ll be coming out with some fun guides for the game.

My Time At Sandrock has Early Access on Steam and Epic Games. (Unfortunately for console players, you’ll need to wait until 2023 for its release). And just like any Early Access version of any game, Pathea will continue to add regular updates from new features, missions, character dialogue etc. So expect this guide to be changing over time.

If you want to read about the female romance characters, tab this link open too!


My Time At Sandrock Bachelors

As of the new My Time At Sandrock updates there has been a number of eligible bachelors. Here’s everything you need to know about where to find them, their favourite gifts and how to befriend/marry one!

Arvio Burgess
Ernest Fang
Justice Miguel
Owen Pablo
Pen Qi

Disclaimer: My Time At Sandrock was released on the 26th of May 2022 in Early Access. As such information in this guide is subject to changes and additions. We’ll be adding more to this guide as the game updates!



BirthdayAutumn 6
OccupationGeneral Store Owner
LocationBy The Stairs. Opens from 8:00 to 22:00.

Arvio is the owner of Sandrock’s general store By the Stairs. He is a salesman by heart and works hard to improve his shop and its sales. Like his older sister, Amirah, he is a native of Barnarock and had a hard start in life. Arvio cares deeply for his sister and would never do anything – including business – that could upset their relationship. He enjoys relaxing under a sunshade looking at the oasis or relaxing in the gaming centre. His sister often joins him for dinner.


Arvio has a variety of items that he likes to take, with no set theme.

Loved Gifts
Four Leaf Clover Necklace (+19)
⁠Large Storage Box⁠ (+19)
⁠Retro Fan (+18)
⁠Diamond⁠ (+17)
⁠Simple Bookcase⁠ (+17)
⁠Cat-on-a-Cact-o’-Lantern (+16)
⁠Cowboy Scarecrow⁠ (+16)
⁠Yakboy Swing (+16)
Golfing Astronaut Model (+15)
⁠Jewelled Egg (+15)
⁠Leisurely Rattan Chair⁠ (+15)
⁠Ozdak Rooster Pose Statue (+15)
⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠ (+15)
⁠Beast Head Jade Chalice⁠ (+14)
⁠Golden Candlestick⁠ (+14)
⁠Pro Gamer Chair⁠ (+13)
Liked Gifts
Iron Axe (+10)
⁠Iron Pickhammer (+10)
⁠Iron Spear (+10)
⁠Bronze Axe (+9)
⁠Bronze Pickhammer⁠ (+9)
⁠Iron Dagger (+9)
⁠Iron Greatsword (+9)
⁠Iron Sword And Shield (+9)
⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant⁠ (+9)
⁠Amber Earrings⁠ (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Stewed Eagle Cistanche (+8)
Waist Bag (+8)
⁠Wooden Storage⁠ (+8)
⁠Ceramic Bottle⁠ (+7)
⁠Golden Ear Bone Ring⁠ (+7)
⁠Mushroom Forest Cake (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Picnic Basket⁠ (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Fluorite⁠ (+6)
⁠Sand Tea Noodles⁠ (+6)
⁠Water⁠ (+6)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps (-5)
⁠Lizard Tooth⁠ (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Arvio’s Relationship Perks

Buddy: Receive a 10% discount when buying items at By The Stairs
Friend: Receive a 20% discount when buying items at By The Stairs
Good Friend: Receive a 25% discount when buying items at By The Stairs



BirthdaySpring 20
OccupationWater Shop
LocationPatrols Around Sandrock

Burgess appears to be an honest, conscientious, loyal, but uptight individual and a member of the Church of the Light. However, he is shown to be very anxious to always do the right thing. While good hearted and peaceful by nature, Burgess is strongly encouraged by both his job and Pen to face the threats of Sandrock. He is also a amateur cook, and displays a love for fish.


Loved Gifts
Elegant Sun Umbrella (+16)
⁠Cistanche⁠ (+15)
⁠Rhino Horn Cactus (+15)
⁠Yakboy Display Board⁠ (+15)
Yakboy Mirror (+15)
⁠Steamed Sandfish⁠ (+14)
⁠Rib Meat⁠ (+12)
Liked Gifts
Dew Collector (+9)
⁠Diamond⁠ (+9)
⁠Shiny Scorpion⁠ (+9)
⁠Copper Pot⁠t (+8)
⁠Dried Sandacuda⁠ (+8)
⁠Frying Pan⁠ (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Chestnut Pork⁠ (+7)
⁠Mountain Rose⁠ (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Rosestone (+7)
⁠Soup Pot⁠ (+7)
Tomato Beef Brisket (+7)
⁠Biocrust⁠ (+6)
⁠Five Spice Powder (+6)
⁠Fluorite⁠ (+6)
⁠Mush⁠ (+6)
⁠Sand Tea Noodles⁠ (+6)
⁠Scorpster⁠ (+6)
⁠Water⁠ (+6)
⁠Fertilizer⁠ (+5)
⁠Soy Sauce⁠ (+5)
⁠Vinegar⁠ (+5)
⁠Yakmel Milk (+5)
Hated Gifts
Gunpowder (-5)
⁠Lizard Tooth⁠ (-5)
Niter (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Burgess’ Relationship Perks

Buddy: There is a 3% chance to receive a letter from Burgess in the morning with 2 Water attached.



BirthdaySpring 25
LocationAround Sandrock

Ernest is a reporter from Atara sent to Sandrock to write an article on ‘Ernie’s World’, only for his train to be accosted by Logan and Haru. Eager for a more interesting headline, Ernest does his best to interview the residents of Sandrock to learn more about these local criminals.

Ernest is also an aspiring writer and is known for writing books for preteens. However his books were criticized harshly for a lack of character depth, which was also noted by Jasmine. Despite this, he still maintains a love for books.


Ernest loves a lot of the items available during the Day of Memories, Sandrock’s Halloween-themed event.

Loved Gifts
Cact-o’-Lantern (+16)
⁠Cact-o’-Lantern Scarecrow⁠ (+16)
⁠Cat-on-a-Cact-o’-Lantern (+16)
⁠Meowses II Statue⁠ (+16)
⁠Ozdak Rooster Pose Statue⁠ (+15)
⁠Ozdak Sun Worship Statue (+15)
⁠Beast Head Jade Chalice (+14)
⁠Elegant Sun Umbrella (+14)
⁠Four Leaf Clover Necklace⁠ (+14)
Golden Candlestick (+14)
⁠Rustic Lounging Chair (+14)
⁠Rustic Tea Table (+14)
⁠Yakboy Swing⁠ (+14)
⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant⁠ (+13)
⁠Yakboy Bookshelf (+13)
⁠Hemp Carpet (+12)
⁠Orchid Earrings⁠ (+12)
Liked Gifts
⁠Diamond (+9)
⁠Cistanche⁠ (+8)
⁠Fine Mushroom Forest Cake⁠ (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Rhino Horn Cactus⁠ (+8)
⁠Stewed Eagle Cistanche (+8)
⁠Around the World in However Many Days⁠ (+7)
⁠Cantaloupe (+7)
⁠Crafted Pencilholder (+7)
⁠Fish Porridge (+7)
Mushroom Forest Cake (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Yakmel Doll⁠ (+7)
⁠Desert Mushroom (+6)
⁠Fluorite⁠ (+6)
⁠Journey to the East (+6)
⁠Pioneer⁠ (+6)
⁠Popping Oil Fruit⁠ (+6)
⁠Tomato⁠ (+6)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps⁠ (-5)
⁠Gunpowder (-5)
⁠Lizard Tooth⁠ (-5)
⁠Niter⁠ (-5)
Old Jeans (-5)
⁠Ruined Cloth⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper⁠ (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Ernest’s Relationship Perks

None for now.



BirthdayWinter 22
LocationFang and X Clinic. Opens from 7:00 to 19:00.
Sometimes – Outskirts of Sandrock

The Fang and X Clinic is a shop located at the top right corner of Sandrock and above High Noon Arena. You won’t be able to woo this mysterious young doctor until you’ve completed the Taste of Your Own Medicine quest. Only after completing the missions can you begin to accumulate relationship points with Fang.

He is the only doctor currently within Sandrock, with a fascination for gifting experimental medicine to unknowing tourists and builders. For unspecified reasons, Fang does not talk much, relying on X for the majority of conversations with others.


Fang is unique compared to My Time at Sandrock‘s other NPCs. Most of his loved items are ones that other characters hate, and he’ll also refuse most other items.

Loved Gifts
Horned Adder King (+20)
⁠Sand Snake King⁠ (+20)
⁠Sandacuda King⁠ (+20)
Anti-cold Medicine (+14)
⁠Mapo Tofu⁠ (+14)
⁠Spicy Bean Paste (+13)
Liked Gifts
Diamond (+9)
⁠Large Storage Box⁠ (+9)
⁠Shiny Scorpion⁠ (+9)
⁠Bird Swing⁠ (+8)
⁠Cistanche⁠ (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Large Horned Adder (+8)
⁠Wooden Storage (+8)
⁠Cantaloupe (+7)
⁠Horned Adder (+7)
Jute Cantaloupe Seeds (+7)
⁠Large Sandacuda⁠ (+7)
⁠Mushroom Forest Cake⁠ (+7)
⁠Opal⁠ (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Alfalfa Salad⁠ (+6)
⁠Fruit Salad⁠ (+6)
⁠Large Sand Snake⁠ (+6)
⁠Pomato Seeds⁠ (+6)
⁠Sweet Potato Pepper Seeds⁠ (+6)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps⁠ (-5)
⁠Old Jeans (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper⁠ (-5)

Fang’s Relationship Perks

Friend: Receive a 10% discount when shopping at Fang & X
Good Friend: Receive a 20% discount when shopping at Fang & X



BirthdaySummer 16
LocationAround Sandrock and in Civil Corps

Justice is the sheriff and leading member of the My Time At Sandrock‘s Civil Corps. As the head of the Civil Corps, Justice claims to be the most righteous man in Sandrock, strong and energetic. Justice is always responsible for patrolling around, enthusiastically providing help to the people as he can.


Justice loves good quality weapons and items that can be used to help to adventure but dislikes anything ruined or dilapidated.

Loved Gifts
Comfortable Chair (+19)
⁠Barbell⁠ (+18)
⁠Motivational Hammer⁠ (+18)
⁠Arm Stretcher (+17)
⁠Mad Doctor Potion⁠ (+17)
⁠Iron Dagger (+16)
⁠Iron Greatsword⁠ (+16)
⁠Iron Spear⁠ (+16)
Iron Sword and Shield (+16)
⁠Fang Special X (+15)
⁠Vintage Pistol⁠ (+15)
⁠Working Desk⁠ (+15)
⁠Golden Bell Pill⁠ (+14)
⁠Office Chair⁠ (+14)
⁠Iron Muscle Soup⁠ (+13)
⁠Pro Gamer Chair⁠ (+11)
Liked Gifts
Bronze Daggers (+9)
⁠Bronze Greatsword⁠ (+9)
⁠Bronze Spear⁠ (+9)
⁠Bronze Sword and Shield (+9)
⁠Explorer Boots (+9)
⁠Explorer Pants⁠ (+9)
⁠Explorer Vest⁠ (+9)
⁠Leather Gloves⁠ (+9)
⁠Wolf Tooth Pendant⁠ (+9)
⁠Braised BBQ Ribs (+8)
⁠Diamond⁠ (+8)
⁠Iron Elbow Pads (+8)
⁠Iron Knee Pads⁠ (+8)
⁠Bassia Potion⁠ (+7)
⁠Fang Special⁠ (+7)
⁠Gold⁠ (+7)
Orchid Extract (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Strong Medicine⁠ (+7)
⁠Thunderweed Extract⁠ (+7)
⁠Beef Noodles⁠ (+6)
⁠Fluorite⁠ (+6)
⁠Fried Meat with Chili⁠ (+6)
⁠Hemostat⁠ (+6)
⁠Lavender Gem⁠ (+6)
⁠Opal⁠ (+6)
⁠Seared Green Chili Pepper⁠ (+6)
⁠Spicy and Sour Potato⁠ (+6)
⁠Kudingcha⁠ (+5)
⁠Tartary Buckwheat Tea⁠ (+5)
⁠Water⁠ (+5)
Hated Gifts
Abandoned doll (-5)
⁠Asphalt road fragments (-5)
⁠Burnt coffee table⁠ (-5)
⁠Exhausted fitness equipment⁠ (-5)
⁠Feces Shell Eggs⁠ (-5)
⁠Food Scraps⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Cloth⁠ (-5)
Ruined Glass (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper⁠ (-5)
⁠Snake Saliva⁠ (-5)
⁠Snake Tooth⁠ (-5)
⁠Strange Stone⁠ (-5)
⁠Textile Scrap⁠ (-5)
⁠TV with broken screen⁠ (-5)
⁠Unlabelled Medicine (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Justice’s Relationship Perks

Buddy: Add an extra 5 Attack Points



BirthdayWinter 9
OccupationPastor at the Church of the Light

Miguel is the pastor for the Church of the Light, and second in command to Matilda. He is quite flexible compared to other members of his church given the challenges of living in a location such as Sandrock. He is admired by Burgess for his clever management and work ethic.


Loved Gifts
Concentrated Algae Apparatus (+20)
⁠Diamond⁠ (+17)
⁠Rustic Chair⁠ (+17)
⁠Elegant Flower Box⁠ (+16)
⁠Yakboy Bookshelf⁠ (+16)
Yakboy Small Round Stool (+15)
⁠Yakboy Small Square Stool⁠ (+15)
⁠Elegant Bench⁠ (+14)
⁠Elegant Square Table⁠ (+14)
Liked Gifts
Cistanche (+8)
⁠Fang Special X⁠ (+8)
⁠Gold⁠ (+8)
⁠Rhino Horn Cactus⁠ (+8)
⁠Around the World in However Many Days (+7)
⁠Chestnut Seed⁠ (+7)
⁠Coffee Tea Tree Seeds⁠ (+7)
⁠Crafted Pencilholder⁠ (+7)
⁠Golden Bell Pill⁠ (+7)
⁠Iron Muscle Soup (+7)
⁠Jute Cantaloupe Seeds (+7)
Opal (+7)
⁠Rosestone⁠ (+7)
⁠Sandrice Sushi⁠ (+7)
⁠Yakmel Horn Comb⁠ (+7)
⁠Alfalfa Salad⁠ (+6)
⁠Fluorite⁠ (+6)
⁠Growing Guide⁠ (+6)
⁠Journey to the East⁠ (+6)
⁠Pioneer⁠ (+6)
⁠Popping Oil Fruit (+6)
⁠Rhino Horn Seeds⁠ (+6)
Hated Gifts
Dregs (-5)
⁠Food Scraps⁠ (-5)
⁠Lizard Tooth (-5)
⁠Old Jeans⁠ (-5)
Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Ruined Glass⁠ (-5)
⁠Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Venom⁠ (-5)

Miguel’s Relationship Perks

None for now

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