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How To Play Overwatch 2’s New Tank Ramattra

Overwatch 2‘s second season is on the horizon and with it comes some much-needed changes, as well as a new hero – Ramattra.

Ramattra is an Omnic hero and leader of the Null Sector. And what makes him exciting is his dual form that allows you to flex being a support or attack tank as the situation requires it. With there being only one tank on the team in Overwatch 2 now and most of them not focusing on shields it’ll be exciting to see how Ramattra changes the meta of the game.

Overwatch 2 launched on the 4th of October and its first season has been rocky, to say the least. It’s been a time of bugs, hero imbalances and community outrage. So we’re hoping that the game’s second season which is launching on December 6th 2022 will help fix most/some of that.

Bugs and battle pass nonsense notwithstanding we’re excited to see the introduction of Ramattra. Like Kiriko in Season 1, you’ll only be able to unlock him at Lvl 55 on the free Battle Pass. But immediately for the premium version, which is currently going for 1,000 Overwatch coins or USD$10.


Who Is Ramattra?

Ramattra while built as a war machine during the Omnic Crisis has only ever wanted peace for his people. After the war, he adopted a life of peace and together with other like-minded Omnics, Zenyatta included, he tried to coexist with humans.

Despite the attempts at peace, most humans were still opposed to accepting the Omnics, and discrimination continued. Forced to watch the already limited number of his people dwindle, Ramattra abandoned the idea of coexistence and developed long-lasting hatred for humanity. 

Along with a small group of allies, he formed and became the leader of the Omnic extremist liberation faction Null Sector and declared war on mankind. 


Ability #1: Ramattra’s Two Forms

Ramattra’s Ability Chatisement allows him to change his form from Omnic to Nemesis. In his Nemesis form, Ramattra becomes a larger and more menacing hero with 150 armour and 450 HP.

Some of Ramattra’s abilities change depending on his form so we’ll list both of them going forward.



Omnic: Void Accelerator

Fires a projectile that advances in a certain shape.

While Ramattra is in Omnic form, his primary fire comes from a staff that can deal long to mid-range poke damage and has 100 shots before reloading.

Nemesis: Punch

Attacks with fists forward, generating a shock wave each time the fist is raised.

After Ramattra takes Nemesis from the power in the staff is transferred to his fist, creating a melee weapon with unlimited strikes potentially capable of piercing through enemy shields.



Omnic: Barrier Shield

Create a barrier at the target location.

Like other shield tank heroes in Overwatch 2one of Ramattra’s abilities in Omnic form is to summon a Barrier Shield to protect his teammates.

Nemesis: Block

Reduces movement speed, but greatly reduces damage from the front.

In Nemesis form, this ability becomes a block move that Ramattra performs with his arms to mitigate damage, similar to Orisa’s hardening ability in Overwatch 2.


Ability #2: Vortex of Gluttony

Launch nano spheres. It explodes on contact with the ground, creating a damaging force field. Enemies within its influence are slowed and pulled to the ground.

While in Omnic form, Ramattra can create an antigravity Vortex.

The vortex is useful for pulling airborne heroes like Pharah and Echo to the ground or for restricting the vertical movement of ground-based enemies and trapping them in the affected area for a short duration.

With Ramattra’s antigravity vortex able to level flying heroes, we may finally be able to counter those pesky Pharah-Mercy pockets.


Ramattra Ultimate: Destruction

Automatically switches to Nemesis form and creates an energy zone around it. Enemies within the zone take damage over time.


How To Play Ramattra

Ramattra is a good indication of where Overwatch 2 devs are looking to go with their heroes. Instead of classes being locked they are instead more versatile and unique. Such as Ramattra you’ll be able to play him as per your play style and how the situation demands it.

In his omnic form, Ramattra is good at ‘poking’ the enemy, whereas his Nemesis form is designed for close combat. Using Nemesis Form well will give Ramattra players several opportunities to smash through enemy backlines and contest objectives effectively, although Blizzard noted to us that his larger size while the ability is in use will make him an easier target for high-damage tank busting abilities and crowd control skills like Ana’s Sleep Dart.

Similar to how Reinhardt players have to correctly judge when to go and when to retreat, knowing when to attack with Nemesis Form and when to play more passively with Omnic Form will be crucial.


Note: New footage of Ramattra will release on the 27th of November. And this guide will be updated then.



Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, team-based action game set in the optimistic future, where every match is the ultimate 5v5 battlefield brawl. Play as a time-jumping freedom fighter, a beat-dropping battlefield DJ, or one of over 30 other unique heroes as you battle it out around the globe.  

Overwatch 2 is available on the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC – Battle.Net.

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