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Harvestella – All Locations, Fishing Guide

Harvestella tries to mix the best of farming and life sims with an epic JRPG adventure. And it succeeds for the most part. It’s not quite the sim fans of Stardew Valley or Coral Island may be hoping for, but the game does try and blend your activities with the storyline. You’ll need to actually play through the main storyline to unlock new crafts, recipes, and even fish.

In this guide we’ll start you off with the basics of fishing, how to fish and most importantly where all the fish you want to find are located and how much they cost.


How To Fish in Harvestella

Luckily, Harvestella doesn’t make players jump through hoops in order to acquire a fishing pole or to be able to fish. Instead all you’ll need to get it is 800 Grilla. Once you have your money head on over to the Lethe General Store and purchase the Fishing Knowledge Book.

Armed with this book, look for the fish icons around bodies of water on the minmap. . This signifies fishable water, and you can cast your line out to begin fishing there.

Fishing itself is fairly easy, as all you need to do is cast your line and wait for a very large splash to occur around your bobber. Once you see the splash, simply reel in the fish by clicking or pressing your respective button once, and you’re done! The fish is automatically added to your backpack, where you can sell it for profit or save it in your storage containers for recipes later on.


Fish Locations

FishLocationSeasonSale Price
ArgentianLethe, Bird’s Eye BraeSummer120
Azure SpratLethe, Bird’s Eye BraeSpring, Fall,
Cherry SalmonNemea TownSpring, Fall,
Chilly PollockArgeneSummer, Fall
EversweetfishLethe, Bird’s Eye Brae,
Higan Canyon, Nemea Town
Spring, Fall,
Spring, Winter
Firefly SquidPanthalassa JunctionSpring, Fall,
Frosty HerringArgeneSummer
Gazing CarpLethe, Bird’s Eye Brae,
Higan Canyon, Nemea Town
Spring, Fall,
Golden Egg SalmonHigan CanyonSpring, Fall,
Great King TunaShatollaFall660
MarigoldfishNemea TownFall90
MemoriamShatollaSpring, Fall60
Octopus TravellerShatollaSpring, Fall90
QuotidicrabLethe, Bird’s Eye Brae,
Higan Canyon, Nemea Town,
Spring, Fall,
Roly Poly PrawnShatollaSpring65
Rosy SeabreamShatollaSummer, Fall70
Super GrouperShatollaFall120
Venin ClamThe WellFall40

Rare Fish Quest

Once you have completed a decent chunk of the main storyline in Harvestella, you will be able to travel to the lands of Shatolla, which is a waterside port town that uses fishing as its main source of income.

From there, you will need to complete the storyline that brings you to the Coral Shrine, where you will defeat the siren known as Lorelei. Once she has been defeated, you will unlock the Great Water Faerie, who will then build you a water biome on your farm that allows you to grow crops that don’t need to be watered.

From there, you will need to complete various tasks that the Water Faerie gives you, up until she unlocks the Level 2 water biome for you. Once that has been completed, you will need to travel to the North of the water biome plot of land, where there will be a Sahagin waiting nearby a pond. He will greet you and will teach you Fishing Level 2 in order for you to help him fish up some “speshul” fish that live all around the different areas. There are nine rare fish that you will need to catch for him, which are as follows:


Rare Fish Locations

AurelianBird’s Eye BraeAutumn Chill
Cardinal Goldfish Inside the Well on the Farm
(south of your farm plots)
Only found during Quietus
Giant SalamanderLetheFall
Ice FaerieArgeneWinter, Fall
Jejune TroutHigan CanyonAfter one day of Rain
MonotaimenBird’s Eye BraeSummer, Fall
Rainbow HarpPanthalassa junctionFall
Siren’s ServantShatollaWhile Raining
Twilight Cherry SalmonNemea TownFall at Night


Our protagonist awakens during the height of Quietus, a disaster that visits with the changing of each season – and a threat to all life. Lead a life of self-sufficiency with your vibrant house as a base and cooperate with allies to overcome various threats, all as you draw ever closer to the truth behind the disasters and the very world’s creation!

Harvestella is out now on PC and the Nintendo Switch.