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Potion Permit – Friendship Guide

Potion Permit is for those who love traditional life-farming sims like Stardew Valley but want to shake up the genre a little. In Potion Permit you play a chemist who has come from the big city to the small town of Moonbury. You’re here to heal the sick but the local townspeople are more than unwelcoming of your presence in the village. Life here is going to stay pretty rocky until you make some friends. So here’s our friendship guide for everyone in Potion Permit!

Note: The other characters that are romanceable are listed in our romance guide here.


Potion Permit – Character Index


How To Make Friends

So at the beginning of Potion Permit, you can’t actually make friends. Everyone in the town is fairly hostile towards you and you won’t be able to introduce yourself or build up friendship points straight away. When you can start to is when the trust indicator at the top left corner of your screen, turns to a green thumbs up. Have no fear because this will naturally happen as you progress through the story.

After you get through that sticky bit making friends is simply about talking to everyone at least once a day. Do this often enough and complete their friendship quests to become better and better friends. It’s a good idea to deliberately seek people out every day. You can use your Dog’s NPC-tracking ability to make it easier to find people.

If you’d like to speed things up you can even give your friends Moon Cloves. They’re a rare commodity but you’ll come across them by healing patients or as quest rewards. Give it to your friends to boost their Friendship meter. But given the rarity of Moon Cloves you might just want to save them for your romanceable partners instead.

Note: If the villagers come into your clinic sick it doesn’t count as talking to them while you’re treating them. In order to continue building your friendship points with them, you’ll need to cure them first.



Bubble is an assistant town ranger. She has natural instincts when it comes to the local flora and fauna.

Find her at the Ranger Post near the Entrance to Meadow Range. She’ll sell any item you’ve found in the Meadow Range. If she’s not there it’s probably because it’s very early or late in the day, she may be at Forrest’s House then.

ResidenceForrest’s House
OccupationRanger Station


Location: Go to Forrest’s House Monday-Sunday, 08:00-17:00
Tasks: Watch Cutscene

QUEST #2 – Seed Collection

Location: Go to Forrest’s House Monday-Sunday, 08:00-17:00
Tasks: Give Bubble: 3x Desert Datura, 3x Marigold, 3x Sunflower



Cassandra is a diligent and hardworking woman who spends her days assisting at Moonbury’s Bathhouse. She’s married to Osman, Moonbury’s Chief of Police.

Cassandra is Osman’s wife and therefore lives at Osman’s House where you can sometimes catch her exiting in the morning. At other times of the day, she is in the Willow Waters Bathhouse.

ResidenceOsman’s House
OccupationWillow Waters Bathhouse

QUEST #1 – Anxiety Attack

Location: Go to Osman’s House 09:00-18:00
Tasks: Craft and give ‘Relaxing Soother Potion’ to Cassandra

QUEST #2 – Internal Conflict

Location: Go to Willow Waters Bathhouse Monday-Sunday, 09:00-18:00
Tasks: Talk to Osman and Diagnose Cassandra



Dan is a hyperactive, childish man who believes he is a pirate and wishes to sail the high seas looking for treasure. He has split personality disorder and thinks that his other personality, Dev, is a dullard. Dan comes out at night and Dev during the day.

Dan is often found at night at the small part to the west of the town hall – usually shouting that he is looking for treasure. At other times, you may find him at Dev’s house.

ResidenceDev’s House

QUEST #1 – The Wandering Pirate

Location: Go to the Beach Monday-Sunday, 18:30-23:00
Tasks: None

QUEST #2 – The Legendary Cutlass

Location: Go to Primerose Sail Monday-Sunday, 09:00-18:00
Tasks: Give Ottmar: 5x Golden Shell, 5x Yggdrasil, 5x Ominous Tongue. Then give the Azure Cutlass to Dan.



Dean is Derrek‘s older twin brother. Both brothers work for the Moonbury Police Department. A bit of a slacker, with a big appetite. He’s trying his best to get fit for his job as a police officer.

Dean lives at Derrek’s house, which is due north of the tailor’s shop and works as a police officer. If he isn’t on patrol (particularly around the town hall and pub), he is in the station or at home.

ResidenceDerrek’s House
OccupationPolice Department

QUEST #1 – Classified Information

Location: Go to Police Department Monday-Sunday, 08:00-22:00
Tasks: Craft Appetite Suppressor Potion

QUEST #2 – Self-Esteem Officer

Location: Go to Police Department Monday-Sunday, 11:00-19:00
Tasks: None



Derrek is Dean‘s younger twin brother, both of whom work as police officers. He is however the opposite of his brother who is a bit of slacker. Derrek is a young man with a great sense of justice and always tries to keep himself fit for the job.

Derrek lives at his house, which is north of the tailor’s shop. You may be able to catch him and his brother both leaving the house first thing in the morning, or talking to residents on patrol.

ResidenceDerrek’s House
OccupationPolice Department

QUEST #1 – Ferocious Animals

Location: Go to Town Hall Monday-Sunday, 08:00-22:00
Tasks: Defeat 5x Blackpaw at Meadow Range. Return to Town Hall between 10:00-18:00.

QUEST #2 – Excessive Exercise

Location: Go to the Police Department Monday-Sunday 10:00-17:00
Tasks: None




Dev is the other half of Dan‘s personality. Dev is a well-mannered quiet man who greatly enjoys his work as a postman. His personality dominates the daytime while Dan comes out at night.

Dev lives at Dev’s house, and works at the town hall in the post-office section. You can find him there most days.

ResidenceDev’s House
OccupationTown Hall


Location: Go to Town Hall Monday-Sunday 08:00-15:00
Tasks: None

QUEST #2 – The Lost Briefcase

Location: Go to Dev’s House Monday-Sunday 12:00-20:00
Tasks: Find Dev’s Briefcase at Moonbury Cliffs by the tree. Return it to him
Reward: 250 Gold



Forrest is a lover of nature who knows every trail on Moonbury Island. He prefers a solitary life away from the noise of society, making him the perfect person to be Moonbury’s Head Ranger. He lives and works with Bubble.

Forrest can be found standing next to the sign to Meadow Range. When he isn’t there, he’s most likely in his house to the south.

ResidenceForrest’s House
OccupationRanger Station

QUEST #1 – The Mysterious Thief

Location: Go to the Ranger Station Monday-Sunday 07:00-15:00
Tasks: None

QUEST #2 – The Missing Horse

Location: Go to the Coach House Monday-Sunday 07:00-18:00
Tasks: Deliver 5x Winter Carrot from the Glaze Iceberg to Forrest



Garret owns the Farmhouse. He’s a family man who suffered from an accident a few years ago, forcing him to use a wheelchair. He is always in a bad mood. He lives with his wife Mercy and his children Lucke and Laura.

Garret lives in the farmhouse north of the village and does not have a set schedule. The best find him is in the morning as he’s waking up.


QUEST #1 – A General Checkup

Location: Go to the Farmhouse Monday-Sunday 10:00-18:00
Tasks: Diagnose Garret
Reward: 175 Gold

QUEST #2 – Turning Back Time

Location: Go to the Coach House Monday-Sunday 07:00-18:00
Tasks: Craft and give the Fortified Bone Broth potion to Mercy




Hannah is Nova‘s assistant at the Moonbury Tailor Shop. She has a keen eye for fashion and has a big vision when it comes to fastion. She hopes to be as good as her mentor one day.

Hannah lives in a house to the very west of the village, near Xiao’s and the Carpenters. During the daytime, she works at the tailors behind Town Hall. She can also be found in the inn in the evening.

ResidenceHannah’s House
OccupationSilky Stitch Tailor’s


Location: Go to Hannah’s House Monday-Sunday 15:00-21:30
Tasks: Craft and give the Sweet Slumber potion to Hannah

QUEST #2 – Imposter Syndrome

Location: Go to the Lazy Bowl Tavern Tuesday-Sunday 11:00-18:00
Tasks: Gather: 5x Black Lotus, 5x Hibiscus, 5x Majestic Horn and deliver it to Nova. The next day go to Nova’s House between 08:00-20:00.



Helene is a newcomer to Moonbury. She is the proprietor of the Arcade Center in the basement of the Lazy Bowl Tavern. She has an obsession with artifacts and she enjoys teasing the Chemist and Dean.

You can find Helene behind the counter in the basement of the inn, at the Arcade.

ResidenceLazy Bowl Tavern
OccupationArcade Center (Basement of Tavern)

QUEST #1 – Curious Information

Location: Go to the Police Department Tuesday-Sunday 13:00-20:00
Tasks: Go to the Arcade Center between 18:00-23:00

QUEST #2 – An Unknown Artefact

Location: Go to the Lazy Bowl Tavern 1F (upstairs) Monday-Sunday 13:00-21:00
Tasks: Find and deliver the Tiny Crystal in the Barren Wasteland to Helene. You can find it by the large digging machine. Then deliver the Tiny Crystal to Myer.



Kipps is Zeke‘s black cat and is known as the harbringer of misfortune when it’s seen. But in reality this cat has brought nothing but joy to the residents of Moonbury. Everyone loves this little fur ball.

Kipps can be quite difficult to find, but more often they can be found at the small stretch of path between the tailors and the town park. If you struggle to catch Kipps, they will eventually appear around this area.

ResidenceZeke’s Tent

QUEST #1 – Special Treats

Location: Go to Zeke’s Tent Monday-Friday 09:00-15:00
Tasks: Talk to Ottmar and give him 5x White Meat (Fishing). Then deliver 1 Special Grilled Fish to Zeke. (Here’s our cooking guide if you don’t know how to make recipes yet).
Rewards: Grilled Fish Recipe

QUEST #2 – The Cat’s Favorite

Location: Go outside your home in the morning
Tasks: Talk to Laura and go to Silky Stitch Tailor between 12:00-18:00.



Laura is Garret and Mercy‘s daughter. She’s a cheerful girl who loves playing games with  Russo, the only other child in Moonbury. She has an older brother named Lucke and loves her family very much.

Laura lives at the farmhouse to the north of town. As she’s a child, she has no set schedule, and your best bet is to find her as she’s waking up at the Farmhouse. She can also be seen sitting near Town Hall with Russo or playing at the beach to the north-west occasionally.


QUEST #1 – Hide and Seek

Location: Go to Moonbury Park Monday-Saturday 09:00-14:00
Tasks: Watch the cutscene and wait until the next day

QUEST #2 – Family Issues

Location: Go to the park near Willow waters Bathhouse Monday-Sunday 08:00-15:00
Tasks: Take the Broken Vase to Reyner at Bulk and Build. Gather and deliver 3x Sweet-Tasting Sap and 10x Sour-Tasting Sap to Reyner. Give the Repaired Vase to Laura.



Lucke is Garret and Mercy‘s son. He is a diligent, hard-working man with a gentle demeanour, capable of any kind of manual labour. He secretly has a deep passion for books.

Lucke can be tricky to find, due to the fact he goes on walks often. He lives at the farmhouse to the very north of the village, and tends the farmhouse shop. If he isn’t at the till, you can find him outside with the cows or crops, usually. If he isn’t there, he may be walking near the park at town hall, or at the inn drinking.


QUEST #1 – The Bookworm

Location: Go to Moonbury Cliff Monday-Saturday 16:00-22:00
Tasks: Collect and give Lucke the book The Principle of Life from your home.

QUEST #2 – A Sense of Responsibility

Location: Go to the Farmhouse Monday-Saturday 15:00-20:00
Tasks: None



Mariele is Myer the Mayor’s wife and Rue‘s mother. She’s a classy lady whose pampered upbringing has left her exceptionally clumsy.

You can find Mariele at Myer’s house in the very south of the village, next to Dev’s house and Opalheart’s shop. Otherwise, she can be found drinking inside and outside of the inn.

ResidenceMyer’s House


Location: Go to Myer’s House Monday-Saturday 15:00-20:00
Tasks: Craft and deliver Sweet Crystals to Mariele
Reward: Ginger Cookie Recipe

QUEST #2 – Haywire Taste Buds

Location: Go to Myer’s House Monday-Saturday 15:00-20:00
Tasks: Craft and deliver the Tongue Cooler potion to Mariele



Mercy is Garret‘s wife, the owner of the Farmhouse. They have two children Lucke and Laura. Find her at the Farmhouse or if she’s not there she can occasionally be found at the Tailors.


QUEST #1 – A Thoughtful Mum

Location: Go to the Farmhouse Tuesday-Sunday 11:00-19:00
Tasks: Craft Bone Enhancer and Weight Enhancer for Mercy
Reward: Meat Stew Recipe

QUEST #2 – A Creative Mum

Location: Go to the Farmhouse Tuesday-Saturday 12:00-18:00
Tasks: Gather and give 5x Snow Berry to Mercy
Reward: Fruit Pie Recipe



Myer is the well-respected Mayor of Moonbury. His excpetional leadership and helpful personality make him the ideal leader. He’s married to Marielle and has a daughter Rue who is a potential marriage candidate.

If Myer is not in town hall, he’ll be at his house or drinking at the inn with Mariele. The easiest thing to do is just catch him at the end of a cutscene before he walks off too much.

ResidenceMyer’s House
OccupationTown Hall

QUEST #1 – A Tough Job

Location: Go to the Ranger Station Tuesday-Sunday 09:00-17:00
Tasks: Go to the Police Department 10:00-18:00. Gather 10x Iron Ore and 10x Bitter-Tasting Sap.

QUEST #2 – The Pocket Watch

Location: Go to Myer’s House Monday-Sunday 15:00-21:00
Tasks: Talk to Matheo and Olive. Give the Pocket Watch to Myer.



Nova was once a famous fashion designer in the capital but returned to her hometown of Moonbury to open her own Tailor Shop after her husband passed away.

Nova can be found at the Tailor’s Shop during opening hours working alongside Hannah. Otherwise, she’ll be wandering around town and spending a lot of her time in the park to the left of the town hall.

ResidenceNova’s House
OccupationSilky Stitch Tailor’s

QUEST #1 – A Thoughtful Mum

Location: Go to the Church Monday-Sunday 06:30-12:00
Tasks: None

QUEST #2 – A Creative Mum

Location: Go to Nova’s House Monday-Saturday 16:00-21:00
Tasks: Gather 5x Premium Pelt, 5x Orchid, 5x Marigold for Nova. The next day head to the Silky Stitch Tailor’s between 11:00-17:00.
Reward: 350 Gold



Olive has spent her entire life within the borders of Moonbury, never having left town. She owns and runs the only Bathouse in Moonbury.

Olive runs the bathhouse with Cassandra, and this is where she can be found most of the time. The bathhouse is north-east of the village in the very top-most corner. She can also be found at her house, which is parallel to your own home – only across the bridge.

ResidenceOlive’s House
OccupationWillow Waters Bathhouse


Location: Go to Ottmar’s Beach Cafe Monday-Sunday 16:00-22:00
Tasks: None

QUEST #2 – Moonbury’s Heritage

Location: Go to Willow Waters Bathhouse Monday-Sunday 16:00-22:00
Tasks: Research the Moss Removal Potion. Craft a Moss Crusher and give it to Olive.



Opalheart is a legendary blacksmith with extraordinary skill. She stays in town with her daughter Runeheart who is also her apprentice. Nobody can beat her craftsmanship and she has many customers who adore her masterpieces.

She can be found in her house due south of the town hall, over the bridge leading to Myer and Dev‘s house. Or at her shop “Hearts and Sparks” – She’s generally always there. If she isn’t, she’ll be at the inn downstairs in the arcade.

ResidenceOpalheart’s House
OccupationHearts and Sparks

QUEST #1 – An Unusual Request

Location: Go to Hearts and Sparks Monday-Saturday 10:00-17:00
Tasks: Go to Town Hall – GF 09:00-15:00. Gather 5x Silver Nugget and 10x Lavender for Opalheart.

QUEST #2 – A Special Bond

Location: Go to Silky Stitch Tailor’s Monday-Sunday 10:00-17:00
Tasks: Gather and Deliver 5x Drake Aloe and 10x Hard Shell for Nova. Wait until the next day and pick up the Blacksmith Apron at Silky Stitch Tailor’s. Give the Blacksmith Apron to Runeheart.



Osman is the Chief of the Moonbury’s Police Deparment. He is extremely dedicated to his strict work ethic and shoulders many burdens. He’s married to CassandraDean and Derrek are his junior officers.

If Osman isn’t house at his house directly south of your own, he’s at the police station conveniently south of his own home. On rare occasions, he’s outside the town hall or the inn.

ResidenceOsman’s House
OccupationPolice Department

QUEST #1 – Midnight Snacks

Location: Go to the Lazy Bowl Tavern Tuesday-Sunday 18:00-23:00
Tasks: None

QUEST #2 – Taking a Break

Location: Go to the Police Department Monday-Sunday 08:00-21:00
Tasks: Talk to Myer and Osman



Ottmar works as an assistant at Leano‘s fishing shop – Primrose Sail. He is a simple-minded dullard but despite that he always tries his best to help Leano. He also occasionally operates his own small cafe on the beach for his unbridled passion for corn.

Ottmar is often found working in the Primrose Sail, the boat moored at the beach in the very north-west of the village. Or drinking/playing in the arcade with Leano in the inn on an evening.

ResidencePrimerose Sail
OccupationPrimerose Sail, Ottmar’s Cafe


Location: Go to Primerose Sail Monday-Sunday 10:00-18:00
Tasks: Collect and deliver Ottmar’s Corn from the Farmhouse

QUEST #2 – One Devoted Crew

Location: Go to Bulk and Build Monday-Sunday 08:00-15:00
Tasks: Gather and deliver 15x Savoury-Tasting Sap and 10x Sweet-Tasting Sap for Reyner



Runeheart is the daughter and apprentice of Opalheart, the legendary blacksmith. She is a tough, resilient lady but has a short temper and a stubborn attitude. Her blacksmithing talent is excellent but still needs some polish.

Runeheart can be found either at Opalheart’s house, or the “Hearts and Sparks” shop. If she isn’t there, she is on rare occasion in the inn drinking, or hanging around the park.

ResidenceOpalheart’s House
OccupationHearts and Sparks

QUEST #1 – An Angry Apprentice

Location: Go to Hearts and Sparks Monday-Saturday 10:00-18:00
Tasks: Go to Lazy Bowl Tavern – GF between 19:00-23:00

QUEST #2 – A Promising Successor

Location: Go to Hearts and Sparks Monday-Saturday 10:00-18:00
Tasks: Gather and Deliver 10x Razor Fin, 5x Gold Nugget, 5x Moonite for Runeheart
Reward: 275 Gold



Russo is an orphan boy who lives at the Monastery under the guardianship of Sister Socellia. He likes making mischief to get people’s attention. The Monastery has been his home since he was born, so he often feels lonely. His only playmate is Laura.

Russo lives at the Monastery, but is almost never there. You can find him at the outlook behind the monastery, the beach near Primrose Sail, the park near the townhall, or in front of the town hall itself with Laura.


QUEST #1 – Tummy Trouble

Location: Go to the Church
Tasks: Craft Stomach Cleanser for Russo. After a few days go to the Church between 08:00-12:00.

QUEST #2 – Family Matters

Location: Go to the Police Department Monday-Sunday 08:00-21:00
Tasks: Talk to Socellia and Marielle. Gather and deliver for Marielle: 5x Snow Berry, 5x Egg, 10x Milk. Deliver the Special Pancake to Socellia. (Here’s our cooking guide if you don’t know how to make recipes yet).
Reward: Berry Pancakes Recipe



Sister Socellia is Moonbury’s vicar and oversees all religious activities in the town. She is Russo‘s guardian and takes her duties seriously. But she makes a lot of clumsy and awkward decisions.

If Socellia isn’t in the Monastery, she’s at the church or the outlook behind it, singing. (Very rarely, she is on the benches to the right of the “Moonbury Town Square” teleport spot.)


QUEST #1 – A Mysterious Voice

Location: Go to the Church Monday-Sunday 07:00-12:00
Tasks: Go to the Beach between 19:00-23:00

QUEST #2 – A Performance Boost

Location: Go to the Church Monday-Sunday 06:30-13:00
Tasks: Craft and deliver Clear Potion for Socellia



Victor is an eccentric, rather creepy man who works as Moonbury’s graveyard keeper. He has a fixation with the macabre and claims to have many invisible best friends who follow him everywhere.

Victor is the graveyard undertaker so you’ll often find him at the monastery. You can sometimes see him on the benches on the right next to the “Moonbury Town Square” teleport spot.


QUEST #1 – An Unknown Ritual

Location: Go to the Farmhouse Monday-Saturday 09:00-16:00
Tasks: Deliver 5x Savage Mane and 5x Black Fur to Victor. Go to the Monastery between 19:00-23:00.
Reward: 150 Gold

QUEST #2 – The Last Farewell

Location: Go to Moonbury Park Tuesday-Sunday 15:00-21:00
Tasks: Research Victor’s Candle and craft Herbal Wax. Deliver the Herbal Wax to Victor.



Yorn is the owner of Moonbury’s Tavern. Running his business keeps him very busy. His intimidating appearance tends to make people feel uneasy in his presence. There are many rumours about his past, but no one dares to ask him about it.

Yorn is often found behind the counter at the inn 90% of the time.

ResidenceLazy Bowl Tavern
OccupationLazy Bowl Tavern

QUEST #1 – Package Delivery

Location: Go to the Post Office in Town Hall Monday-Saturday 08:00-15:00
Tasks: Deliver the package to Yorn

QUEST #2 – A New Frame

Location: Go to Moonbury Park Tuesday-Sunday 15:00-21:00
Tasks: Deliver 10x Majestic Horn and 5x Giant Pincer to Reyner



Zeke is a carefree homeless man with a happy-go-luck outlook who knows how to live for the day. He is usually found napping on a park bench. His most precious posession and only family member is his black cap, Kipps.

Zeke’s schedule is extensively varied. He can be at his hut to the south of “The Bulk and Build” or at the beach, or the outlook behind the church, or outside the police station, or sitting on a bench next to the “moonbury town square” teleport spot, or even in the town park.

ResidenceZeke’s Tent

QUEST #1 – Some Fresh Air

Location: Go to the bridge near Silk and Stitch Tailor’s Monday-Sunday 14:30-21:30
Tasks: None

QUEST #2 – A Trade Secret

Location: Go to Town Hall Monday-Saturday 08:00-15:00
Tasks: Craft and deliver Scalp Tonic to Zeke. The next day Zeke will meet you outside your home.



The town of Moonbury has always been wary of the advances of the outside world, preferring to rely on their traditional methods of healing. One day, when the mayor’s daughter falls ill, and the local witch doctor can do nothing to help her, they are forced to look outside their small community for help.

Potion Permit was released on the 22nd of September 2022 on the PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam.

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