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Ooblets – Farming Basics And Crop Profit Guide

Ooblets has been fully launched for a month now and if you love farming and creature collection games then don’t sleep on this one. As important as collecting Ooblets are in this one farming comes up as a close second. Just having all those gummies and resources at your fingertips is going to make life a lot easier for you. So in this guide, we’ll run through all the basics including farming tools, planting crops, seed profits and all that good stuff! So let’s get dancing!


How To Start Farming

Clear The Land

The plot of land outside your house in Ooblets is all potential farmland. You’ll have all the necessary tools ready right at the beginning so your farm journey can start off without a hitch. It has been a while however since anyone has been farming here so start off with first clearing the land. The land will have weeds which you can pull, twigs, which use an axe to destroy and rocks which you can beat down with a hammer.

It may burn a lot of energy at first but you’ll also be gathering resources from this as well. Cleaning up your farm should net you a bunch of planets, nurnies, clothlets and even some seeds.

Plant Crops

Now that your farm is all cleared you can start planting your crops. Till the land using your hoe aka “dirt scraper” to have soil that you can plant seeds in. If you accidentally tilled the wrong place you can also un-till that square if you get it wrong by running your hoe over it.

I’d recommend planting things in squares of 3×3 or 5×5 etc. This will make it easier to put in sprinklers, Oobcoops and more later on.

Then next plant the seed by selecting it in your menu and highlighting a tilled square. The seed will then be popped into the ground. It’ll need some water which you can use your watering “dribbly” can. Do this every day until a crop pops out! Then you can pick it up.

Note: Crops that are left unwatered or unweeded for too long will wilt. Once they’ve been watered or weeded, they will enter a “recovering” state and will take some time before they resume growing.



Ooblets has dynamic weather that changes every day. There aren’t really seasons instead you’ll either get a sunny day, rainy day or snowy day.

On rainy days, including rainbow rain days, the rain will water all tilled soil on the farm. Meaning you get a day off from watering, yay!

Snowy days however will freeze crops. While frozen crops completely stop growing and do not resume until it stops snowing. If crops are left unwatered throughout the snowfall, they will be wilting by the time they thaw. You won’t know how long snowy weather lasts so it’s best to be prepared for it.

You can mitigate snowy weather by investing in some heaters for your farm, which we’ll discuss in the Farming Equipment section. These range from Spaceheaters to Spinklehots. An Oobcoop as well will keep everyone warm. If you’re unable to get a heater in time you can always thaw a crop with a Meltizer.


Farming Equipment

Sprinklers & Heaters

Sprinklers keep all tiled soil within their range watered. Heaters prevent crops in their range from freezing during snowy weather. The Sprinklehot and Sprinklehot XL perform both functions.

ItemCrafting RecipeBlueprint
Basic Sprinkler Waters plants (3×1)5 nurnies
1 clothlet
1 rainplop
75 Wishies
Medium SprinklerWaters plants (3×3)10 nurnies
2 clothlets
1 rainplop
100 Wishies
Good SprinklerWaters plants (5×5)15 nurnies
2 clothlets
1 rainplop
1 sprockut
100 Wishies
Spaceheater A heater and sprinkler all-in-one (3×3)10 nurnies
3 spicyspear
3 sprockuts
1 oobsidian
150 Wishies
Sprinklehot A heater and sprinkler all-in-one (3×3)10 nurnies
5 sprockuts
5 spicyspear
1 medium sprinkler
200 Wishies
Sprinklehot XL A heater and sprinkler all-in-one (5×5)10 nurnies
10 spicyspear
10 sprockuts
1 good sprinkler
300 Wishies

Hint: We’d advise you to skip making sprinklers and instead focus on the Spinklehots that can take care of both heating and watering. Either that or make more Oobcoops. As Oobcoops have a lot of functions, the best being that they allow you to keep more Ooblets.


At the highest upgrade, Ooblets in Oobcoops will essentially automate your entire farming process. They will plant seeds, till land, water crops, harvest, and get rid of any debris in a 3×3 area. Crops planted around Oobcoops will also grow faster, which is a nice perk when it comes to crops that require many in-game days to grow.

OobcoopGrowth+CapacityActivityCrafting RecipeBlueprint
Lvl 15%1Weeds3 clothlets
15 nurnies
10 planklets
1 oobsidian
Lvl 210%2Weeds, Waters4 clothlets
20 nurnies
12 planklets
1 oobsidian
100 Wishies
Lvl 320%3Weeds, Waters,
4 clothlets
25 nurnies
14 planklets
1 oobsidian
100 Wishies
Lvl 440%4Weeds, Waters,
Harvest, Plants
5 clothlets
30 nurnies
16 planklets
1 oobsidian
100 Wishies
Lvl 545%5Weeds, Waters,
Harves, Plants,
5 spicyspears
150 nurnies
1 oobsidian
100 Wishies

Wooden Path

Wooden Path pieces can be laid out on your farm to create pathways and block off sections of crops. Walking speed is increased on the paths, and weeds, twigs, and rocks cannot spawn on tiles occupied by a path piece.

Your character can run as fast on paths as when s/he is Sprinting (holding Shift), however running on paths costs zero energy.

Note: It’s best not to cover all of your farm with crops and walking paths. Leave a few patches of empty space for rocks, branches and weeds to appear. By clearing them you’ll get a bunch of useful resources such as Nurney, Plankets, Seeds and sometimes even Oobsidian.



There are a variety of crops in Ooblets and you’re most likely going to need to grow a little bit of everything to complete all the quests/recipes etc. But if you’d like to make some cold hard gummies here are the crops you should focus on. Listed from the top by order of profit

The crops vary per region so the seeds you buy in Badgetown will be different from Nullwhere and Port Forward etc. We’ll list down where to get all of them.

CropSeed PriceSell PriceProfitGrow DaysLocation
Bubblesprout2007005007Pantsabear Hill
Thimbi502201707Port Forward
Cellulettuce455051Port Forward


Ooblets is a farming, town life, and creature collection game. Manage your farm, grow and train your Ooblets, explore strange lands, and have dance-offs! Out now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC – Epic Games.

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