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I Was a Teenage Exocolonist – How To Get All Endings

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist will take you on an emotional ride again and again. Each playthrough is a unique experience and each life you lead can end differently. It may take you multiple playthroughs to see all the endings the game has to offer. But how exactly do you do that for every lifetime? Here’s a breakdown of what objectives you have to hit to reach each of its 29 endings. Each new ending you unlock that will add new illustrations to the gallery and different outcomes to its narrative in its epilogue.

There are two types of endings: standard career endings when you reach age 20. Then both good and bad special endings, some of which end the game before age 20. Which career ending you’re given is calculated based on times worked in the required job (x 3) + times worked in a secondary job (x1.5) + level of skill (x0.7). There is a minimum threshold of 5 times worked required job and 50 in skill.

Feel free to go for different skill levels across the board but prioritize the specific one(s) that are mentioned for each ending as the one that comes out on top at the end of your life run since they are required to unlock it. It needs to be said but spoiler alert for all the endings.


Quick Links

Career Endings

ExpeditionsLiving Quarters

Special Endings

Negotiated PeaceGreen Vertumna Forever
Tangent’s CureRun Away
Joined The GardenersDisabled The Array
Transcended TimeAll For Naught
Stratospheric DestroyedLife On Earth

Career Endings


Became governor. Succeed in overthrowing Lum while having a high relationship with Marzipan.


Career EndingsNarrative RequirementRequired JobActivitySkill
Xeno HunterDo not negotiate peace with the attacker.Hunt in the SwampDefence TrainingCombat
Sportsball HeroSportsballToughness
Military HeroDo not negotiate peace with the attacker.Guard DutyLookout DutyCombat


Career EndingsNarrative RequirementRequired JobActivitySkill
AstronautRequires a good relationship with Vace.
Agree to accompany him when he talks about wanting to return to space
Survey the RidgeEngineering ClassesBravery
ExplorerSurvey the PlainsExplore NearbyPerception
CollectorDo not negotiate peace with the attacker.Survey the RidgeForage the ValleyOrganization

Living Quarters

Career EndingsNarrative RequirementRequired JobActivitySkill
Prolific ParentMust pick “I want lots of children” whenever asked by – Parents, Tammy, RexBabysittingCookingEmpathy
Pulp NovelistAssisting the GovernorHumanities ClassesCreativity
EntertainerRex must’ve built his bar/cafe.
Perform the Photophonor.
BaristaPractice your PhotophonorBravery


Career EndingsRequired JobActivitySkill
BotanistResearch XebotanyStudy BiologyBiology
Xeno WhispererTend the AnimalsRelax at the ParkAnimals
FarmerWork on the FarmShovel the DirtBiology


Career EndingsNarrative RequirementRequired JobActivitySkill
LawyerAssisting the GovernorHumanities ClassesPersuasion
ArchitectWork at ConstructionEngineering ClassesYoughness
MerchantHas the conversation about society with Marz and pick “I think capitalism is good actually.”Work in the DepotDeliver SuppliesOrganization


Career EndingsRequired JobActivitySkill
DoctorAssist in the MedbayBiology ClassesEmpathy
RoboticistRepair RobotsEngineering ClassesEngineering
ProfessorTutor ChildrenHumanities ClassesReasoning


Career EndingsRequired JobActivitySkill
HobbyistRelax at any location

Special Endings

Negotiated Peace


  1. Meet and befriend Sym outside the colony.
  2. Go with Sym to meet the Overseer.
  3. Bring the Overseer’s offer back to the colony. Must have either Marz or PC as governor.
  4. During Glow season in the 10th year, clear three successive challenges (persuasion, reasoning, animals).

Green Vertumna Forever

The Colony was destroyed.


  1. Befriend Tang
  2. Find out about the plague
  3. Do NOT do anything about it

Tangent’s Cure

The Xenos are no more

Run Away

You never return.


  1. Date Dys.
  2. During the ninth year, do not prevent Dys from planting the bomb.
  3. At the beginning of the tenth year, find Dys, talk to him, and select the option to run away with him.

Joined The Gardeners

When you return to yourself, you are different.


  1. Date Dys.
  2. Find out about Sym
  3. During the ninth year, do not prevent Dys from planting the bomb.
  4. At the beginning of the tenth year, find Dys in the new boss event at the end of the ridge. Select the dialogue option to talk to Sym first, then select the option saying you want to be a gardener too.
  5. Collect the materials and you can transform.
  6. Complete the story event to reach this ending.

Disabled The Array

Vertumna’s protectors are gone.


  1. Unlock hunting in the swamps by talking to Rhett on the ridge.
  2. Explore the swamps with Vace three times over the next years to clear the boss events.
  3. Go to the Expeditions menu and talk to Rhett. He will send you to Engineering to talk to Convergence about designing a virus to disable the Array. Then go back and talk to Rhett again to unlock the final boss event in the swamps.
  4. Explore the swamps again and clear a series of events to gain access to the Array and upload the virus.

Transcended Time

So this is how it all began.

  1. Meet and befriend Sym outside the colony.
  2. After you unlock ‘sneak out during Glow’, explore to the end of the area to find an event with a Faceless standing on the hill under the wormhole. You will need to have low stress and/or multiple stress-reducing perks/gear. Wait.
  3. When the event reaches the two options, select the second option.

All for Naught


  1. Unlock Hunting in the Swamp
  2. Either Save Professor Hal or have 30 Engineering
  3. Clear the event of Survey the Ridge or Get Sym to Bring you to the Overseer
  4. Clear the event in the Swamp. The first will be a unisaur but the second will be the Underground Facility
  5. Work with Rhett
  6. Once this is completed and you have the bomb, you can hunt for Noctilucent for the key. However, stop before the 3rd battle.
  7. Then play the game normally until you reach the end.

Stratospheric Destroyed

The wormhole is closed. Forever.

Life On Earth

This doesn’t feel right.



You have your whole life ahead of you. Will you spend it studying in school, or diving into the intriguing flora and fauna of this new world? Or will it be spent on introducing space-age technology, or live in harmony with nature? Will you battle massive beasts, or nurture future generations? Realized in brilliant watercolor, the world of Vertumna is yours to explore.

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist is out now on the PlayStation 4|5, Nintendo Switch, PC – Steam, Mac

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