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Best RuneScape 3 Guide for Beginners

Welcome to Runescape! If you don’t know what RuneScape is, it is a vibrant MMO set in the vast fantasy world of Gielinor. RuneScape is a very diverse game, which is excellent, but the problem is – where to get started. This guide aims to answer that question; whether you want to be the greatest killer or deadliest monster killer ever to play. I highly recommend you play the tutorial within the game itself first, as this will already teach you some of the basics you need to know concerning moving around, levelling up, and earning Gold. However, if you want to move through the game quicker, no worries; everything you need to know is on GamerTotal. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!



Firstly, you should use the minimap at the top right of your interface to find your way around. Various icons will appear on the map so you know where they are; some things you can see include fishing spots, banks, and furnaces. You can find more information here if you want to know how to use these things. You can click on the items within your minimap if your character wants to move toward them. You may also come across a lodestone when travelling to a new area; when this happens, you can click on it to activate it and travel freely between regions by using the lodestone network.

If you want to move somewhere, you must simply click on the area you want to go to. The same applies to any NPCs you want to interact with; click on them. This also works for any item, such as a tree or rock, or when you want to combat a mob like a goblin. At times, some objects will have an option for additional interaction, such as examining. You can view this by right-clicking on them.


The city and its people

You will spawn in the world of Gielinor in Burthorpe once you have completed the tutorial and customized your character. The city can be overwhelming at first as there is so much to do, but don’t worry, it all gets more straightforward as you get used to everything. If you are interested in the game’s storyline, you can explore the history of the world and the “six ages” by doing some quests. If you like more action, there are some rabbits and cows immediately nearby, which you can kill for their items. And if you are more of a survivalist, there are some trees and fishing spots nearby where you can grind some skills and crafts. Finally, if you wish to explore, you can venture out of Burthorpe to travel to the city of Falador.

As you go about in your world, you will notice that other players are going about their own business within the world, and you can talk to them! The in-game chat can be found at the bottom left of your interface. Here you can see all the messages sent by real-life players near you, and you can send your messages that the other players see. In addition, you can make friends with people and then add them to your friend list. You can do this by right-clicking on someone’s message and selecting “add friend.”



Quests are a vital part of RuneScape and are a great starting point for levelling up your skills, as most quests grant a lot of completion experience. In addition, quests tell you about the history of Gielinor, give you access to exclusive and valuable rewards (such as special types of armour and weaponry), or even unlock new areas. Quests are marked on the map by an icon that looks like a blue star inside a compass. By hovering over them on the map, you can look at the requirements for completing them. In addition, you can open a list of all quests by selecting the quest icon on the main ribbon interface in the bottom right corner of your screen.


Closing off

In totality, RuneScape is a very versatile and beautiful game. Playing it is well worth it, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. I hope the tips you read in this guide help you on your journey. There is much more to explore and learn. Enjoy gaming!