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9 Upcoming Horror Games for 2022 And Onwards

The horror genre has been a long-standing favourite of video games. We’ve been pampered with terrifying horror games like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and FNAF, so our expectations for horror games are naturally sky-high.

Today, we will be taking a look at some of the best horror games lining up for us later this year and the following. Stay tuned, as there are some exciting games that spooked our curiosity a lot!


1. Scorn

Release Date: 14th October 2022

Okay, the first one is a game that just came out a couple of days ago. And if you aren’t in the spooky spirit yet then you will be with this. In Scorn, you enter an atmospheric world the stuff of nightmares. Everything is unsettling, dream-like and connects in a non-linear fashion.

Explore this world to open up new areas, acquire different skill sets, weapons, and various items and try to comprehend the sights presented to you. Every location is set in a maze-like structure with various rooms and paths to discover. Each individual to their own story, puzzles and characters.

We can’t say much more than that but if you’re looking to enter the world of horror then this is a good place to start.

Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, PC – Steam


2. The Chant

Release Date: March 24th 2023

The Chant is a single-player, third-person horror action-adventure game set on a remote spiritual island retreat. Instantly you may think it’s the perfect backdrop of a creepy cult horror story, and you’d be right.

A peaceful weekend soon turns to dread after a group chant opens The Gloom, a psychedelic dimension of terror that feeds off negative energy. As the members of the retreat slowly become consumed by their own negative energy, you’ll need to fight off the creatures and cultists released from The Gloom. Use your supernatural abilities, reason with survivors, and unravel the legacy of a cult from the 1970s to reverse the ritual.

Platforms: PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC – Steam


3. The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

Release Date: November 18th 2022

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about the series, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and how frightening it is. True enough, Dahmer is a genuine sicko but the infamous H.H Holmes isn’t too far off when it comes to serial murders.

This time, you will play with a documentary crew that will take you through the putrid and vile killings of an H.H Holmes copycat killer. In this cinematic horror game, you’re invited to explore the World’s Fair Hotel where nothing is as it seems. Expect traps and unexpected twists as you try to unveil this serial killer—just like how it was back in the 1800s. In this hotel from hell try and survive elaborate kill rooms where your own death is by design. Play with friends and endure terrifying tests of loyalty – will you risk your own life for someone you care for?

The Devil In Me is the fourth instalment in The Dark Pictures: Anthology from the studio behind Until Dawn. Under the helm of Supermassive Games who has a great resume of awesome horror games, we are confident that they can surely pull this classic horror tale off. We expect good things!

Platforms: PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC – Steam


4. Autopsy Simulator

Release Date: November 2022

Currently, there are just so many simulation games on the market. You can be a farmer, a teacher or even a zoo tycoon if you wish. All of them have one thing in common though, they are all relatively kid-friendly. Autopsy Simulator on the other hand is a little bit different.

Role-playing as a pathologist, you are tasked with experimenting with and dissecting corpses to determine their cause of death. Sounds fun right?

Visually, the game is extremely morbid and we love the fact that they also added contextual elements to make the game even more realistic. Of course, we don’t know the entirety of the plot yet, but from what we can infer, the game has a lot of layers to dissect.

It’s creepily entertaining.

Platforms: PC – Steam, Mac


5. Resident Evil 4 Remake

Release Date: March 24th 2023

The Resident Evil franchise needs no introduction. It is arguably the most famous horror video game series out there and its accolades are there for all to see. However, some of its older games are definitely due for a remake!

Fortunately, we will be treated to a Resident Evil 4 remake—a title that is often touted as one of the best games ever. Honestly, Capcom has to be very careful about this remake as they wouldn’t want to ruin something that is a legacy to many gamers.

Even so, we’re sure that they will do us proud, given that the modern RE games have all done pretty well. Coming to almost all platforms as well, the RE4 remake is definitely one to look out for if you are a horror buff.

Platforms: PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, PC


6. Slitterhead

Release Date: 2023

There’s actually very little news about Slitterhead but from what we’ve gathered, the game shares inspiration from the legendary Silent Hill. With comparisons to such a famous title, Slitterhead has a lot of expectations to meet.

No worries though, based on the illustrations from Bokeh Game Studio, the direction of the game seems promising. Set during the early days of Hong Kong, the game has a horror-styled Sleeping Dogs vibe. It’s darker and way scarier.

While we can’t really come to a definite answer as to what the game is about, one can assume Slitterhead to be an offspring of Resident Evil and Ghostwire. A grotesque fest with an oriental touch of the Asiatics.

Platform: PC


7. Layers of Fears

Release Date: 2023

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not talking about the 2016 version of the game because they are apparently releasing the second sequel with the same name. Only this time, they pluralized fears, so perhaps we can expect to see more creeps and jumpscares.

Again, since it’s an upcoming game, we really don’t know much about Layers of Fears. What we do know though is that the game will cross generations. This means that players will get different horror vibes as they will be playing in different eras.

While we all loved the previous Layers of Fear, we do hope that the newest one would have a different approach to the franchise. They already have something really amazing going and here’s their chance to expand on it!

Platforms: PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, PC


8. Unholy

Release Date: 2023

The long wait is over! It is confirmed that Unholy will be coming to our arms next year and it certainly brings a lot of potential with it.

Despite looking like a formulaic horror game, Unholy shows a lot of unrestrained post-apocalyptic design with ghastly creatures and environments. What we have going on with Unholy is that the premise seems to revolve around a missing child.

Plus, there is also what seems to be a villainous masked character that is trying to stop you from finding this child. That might sound a bit cliche, but its sombre and murky atmosphere is able to carry any horror plot.

Still, we would need to first experience the game before dropping the gavel. Hence, whether it’s a hit or miss, we’ll just have to play and see.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC – Steam


9. Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game

Release Date: 2023

Killer clowns are a weakness for many and when they are from outer space, it gets infinitely worse.

Unlike the others, Killer Klowns is multiplayer that puts players either as humans or killer clowns. From this, we can assume that the gameplay is very similar to Secret Neighbour and with its success, we are sure the format is going to work.

Sure, it might not be a full-fledged horror game, but it certainly has a lot of horror and thriller elements to it. It is only more comical than the rest on the list, but sometimes a breath of fresh air is needed for the genre!

Wow! We’ve actually made it to the end of the list! Hopefully, the games that we’ve mentioned will not disappoint us when it releases, as we’re all in need of an adrenaline rush to add more spice to our lives!

Platforms: PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, PC


This article was an original contribution by Sarah from the site OffGamers. Check out the site for all your gaming needs!